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UFC 4 Reviewed: What the Critics Are Saying

by Marcin Wieclaw
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EA Sports’ latest game, UFC 4, has got everyone talking since its release. Critics have shared mixed views about it. This game was highly waited for, especially after a year without a new version in 2019. People looked forward to the new things it might bring.

This time, the game uses Real Player Motion technology, which makes fights look more real. The game is for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It has caught the eye of many with its new gameplay.

But, there are a few let-downs. UFC fan-favourite commentator Joe Rogan isn’t in the game this time. Also, there’s no Ultimate Team feature in UFC 4. These points made some fans sad. Still, expert reviews explain the game’s new elements thoroughly. This includes the changes, the fights, and the career mode.

What the critics say is important. They help gamers decide if the game is right for them. Next, we’ll look at the experts’ thoughts on UFC 4. This includes the fights, career paths, and the game’s feel overall.

Fluid Striking and Improved Clinch

In comparison to UFC 3, UFC 4 gameplay has changed drastically for the better. Critics love its fluid striking and better clinch moves.

UFC 4’s standing fights have improved a lot by making the clinch more important. This has been seen as a big step forward, making the game more exciting.

The game lets fighters move more freely and mix up their attacks. You can quickly switch between punches, knees, and even throws. This makes the fighting more complex and interesting.

“The striking in UFC 4 is a joy to behold. The fluidity of the animations and the responsiveness of the controls create an incredibly satisfying combat experience.” – Gaming Weekly

Still, some have noticed a few issues, especially with the spinning and side kicks. These problems can sometimes make the game less fun, causing frustration.

The ground fighting has gotten better in some ways but not for everyone. Reviewers think that the submissions and ground attacks are not as good as they could be.

Improved Striking:

Compared to UFC 3, UFC 4 offers a much smoother and fun striking system. It blends animations and controls to give players a great fighting experience. This adds realism and makes the game more engaging for everyone.

Revamped Clinch System:

In UFC 4, the clinch fights are now part of the main action. This adds depth to battles as fighters mix strikes with clinch moves. They can do things like knees and throws from the clinch, making fights more exciting.

Challenges and Imperfections:

The game is praised for its striking and clinch moves, but there’s room for improvement. Issues with some hits not landing correctly have been noted. These problems can affect the game’s flow and enjoyment.

Immersive Career Mode and Mixed Reception

The career mode in UFC 4 has won praise for being deep and varied. It gives players an immersive experience. They face injuries and must deal with the lasting effects, making fights seem real and important.

You can train and do promotions, adding to the realness of the mode. Critics, however, are disappointed with its similarity to UFC 3. They feel it lacks new features, especially for players who know the previous game well. Some have issues with the graphics and in-game purchases.

Overall, opinions on UFC 4 are mixed. While some think it’s the best MMA game ever, others want more innovation. Yet, UFC 4’s career mode stands out. It offers something compelling for those who love MMA.


What platforms is UFC 4 available on?

UFC 4 can be played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Does UFC 4 feature the Real Player Motion technology?

Yes, UFC 4 makes use of Real Player Motion technology.

Is the Ultimate Team mode included in UFC 4?

No, UFC 4 doesn’t have the Ultimate Team mode.

How is the gameplay of UFC 4 compared to UFC 3?

Critics love the striking in UFC 4. They say it’s smoother and more fun than in UFC 3.

What is the new approach to the clinch in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, the clinch is linked to the stand-up fight, which critics see as a significant change.

Are there any issues with the collision-detection system in UFC 4?

Some reviewers mention problems with how the game detects collisions, especially with certain moves.

How is the ground game and submissions in UFC 4?

The ground game and submissions have improved in some ways, but they still have difficulties. They are seen as the least polished part of the game.

What is the career mode like in UFC 4?

UFC 4’s career mode stands out for its depth, variety, and how immersive it is.

Can players experience injuries and permanent consequences in the career mode?

Yes, in UFC 4’s career mode, players face injuries and consequences that last. This adds to the game’s realism and depth.

Are there any concerns with graphics and microtransactions in UFC 4?

Some reviews worry about the game’s graphics and the presence of microtransactions.

What is the overall reception of UFC 4?

Opinions on UFC 4 are mixed. Some hail it as the best MMA game ever. Others feel it lacks innovation and new content.

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