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Understanding Divisions in UFC 4: Competition and Ranking

by Julia Blackwood
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UFC 4 is a top-notch video game for fans of mixed martial arts. It’s known for its detailed division system, just like the real UFC. This system lets players move up the ranks and show they are the best fighter.

In the game, you fight in different divisions, each based on a weight class. These divisions show how skilled a fighter is and set up matches against similar opponents. As you play more, you face harder challenges against those aiming for the top.

The game keeps fights fair by matching you with opponents from nearby divisions. For example, if you’re in Division 20, you’ll only fight those in Division 15 or higher. This makes each battle a true test of skill without any big gaps.

With each win, you get closer to challenging the best in your division for the title. The thrill of facing off against others, all vying for that top spot, is what makes the game exciting. It pushes you to keep going, always trying to be better.

Even though UFC 4 is a great game, players have some suggestions for making it better. They want improvements on aspects like the clinch system and managing stamina. This feedback helps the developers make the game more real and fun.

UFC Weight Classes and Weigh-Ins: A Breakdown

The UFC has many weight classes. Each one has its own rules about how much a fighter can weigh. This is to make sure fights are fair. The fighters have to show they are the right weight at the official weigh-ins. These happen one day before a fight, usually in the morning.

In fights without a title, fighters can be 1 pound over the set weight. This helps keep fights fair. Yet, for title matches, they must be exactly the right weight, no heavier.

Here’s a look at the weight classes and their limits:

Weight Class Weight Limit (in pounds)
Strawweight 115
Flyweight 125
Bantamweight 135
Featherweight 145
Lightweight 155
Welterweight 170
Middleweight 185
Light Heavyweight 205
Heavyweight 265

Fighters must be the right weight or face penalties. Not making weight can even mean losing the chance for a title. The weigh-ins are important to keep the sport honest and fair.

The Importance of Weight Classes in UFC

“Weight classes in the UFC are essential for fair and competitive fights. They allow fighters of similar sizes and weights to compete against each other, ensuring a level playing field. The strict weight limits enforced during official weigh-ins add another layer of fairness and prevent fighters from gaining unfair advantages.” – UFC Champion

The Evolution of UFC 4: Changes and Features

EA SPORTS UFC 4 brings exciting changes and features to your gaming experience. It removes the Ultimate Team mode to keep the game realistic. But don’t worry, they’ve improved other parts of the game to make it more fun.

The new Connected fighter profile lets you track your progress and tackle challenges. You can earn valuable experience and unlock many rewards. With over 1600 gear options and 120 emotes, you can make your fighter unique.

The career mode also got a big update. It gives players more control and lets them make important choices in their fighter’s journey. There are also improvements to gameplay, making fighting, grappling, and submissions smoother and more dynamic.

There’s no UFC 4 for PC or Switch just yet. But, players can enjoy new game modes and improved online play in the future. You won’t find pay-to-win aspects in UFC 4; microtransactions are just for cosmetic items. Plus, you can earn everything by playing. The developers have listened to the community and worked hard to create a genuine MMA gaming experience.


How do divisions work in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, divisions show different weight classes. They also show a ladder of skill. Fighters try to climb the ladder to be the best.

What are the matchmaking rules in UFC 4?

UFC 4 has rules so fights are fair. If you’re in Division 20, you only face those in Division 15 or higher.

How are points earned in UFC 4?

The point system in UFC 4 isn’t fully known. But, it seems weaker fighters get more points, making matches fairer.

What are the areas that need improvement in UFC 4?

Fans want the clinch system and how stamina is used to be better in UFC 4. These areas could be more fun to play.

How do UFC weight classes and weigh-ins work?

UFC has different weight classes. Each has a highest weight allowed. Weigh-ins happen the day before fights. Fighters must be under the weight limits of their division.

Are there weight allowances for fighters in UFC?

For non-title fights, fighters can be 1 pound over the limit. But for title fights, they must make the weight exactly.

What are some examples of UFC weight classes?

A few UFC weight classes are strawweight (115 pounds), flyweight (125 pounds), bantamweight (135 pounds), and featherweight (145 pounds).

What changes and features are introduced in UFC 4?

UFC 4 has taken out Ultimate Team and added a Connecte fighter mode. There’s improved customisation, and career mode is updated. You’ll see gameplay upgrades like RPM tech, better grappling, and new modes too.

Are there microtransactions in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, microtransactions are only for looks. But, you can earn everything by playing too.

Is there a PC or Switch version of UFC 4?

Right now, there isn’t a plan to release UFC 4 on PC or Switch.

How does the developer of UFC 4 address community feedback?

The UFC 4 developer listens to players’ feedback a lot. They use it to make the game more like real MMA and more engaging.

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