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Unlocking Mike Tyson in UFC 4: Step-by-Step Guide

by Lucas Grayson
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how to unlock mike tyson ufc 4

In UFC 4, getting to fight as Mike Tyson is both thrilling and challenging. We’ve created a detailed guide for you. This guide will assist in getting Tyson’s power and skill into your gameplay.

To unlock Tyson, dive into the game’s career mode. You must meet certain goals as you progress through your career. While not officially confirmed, achieving an undefeated record might be crucial. So, do your best inside the octagon.

After unlocking Tyson, you can use his famous moves and special skills. His Bob And Weave move lets him dodge punches and strike back hard. Plus, his Unbreakable Guard makes him tough to hit.

Use our detailed guide to face the challenge of unlocking Mike Tyson in UFC 4. Feel his power and boxing brilliance as you aim for victory. With our help, you’ll make memories and enjoy the excitement of playing as a legendary boxer.

How to Unlock Mike Tyson in UFC 4

To get Mike Tyson in UFC 4, you must up your game and tackle certain feats. One method involves shining in career mode. A few players say they’ve picked up old and young Tyson after crushing career mode. It is debated if you must win every fight to snag him. For a better shot at Mike, keep at the career mode and work on a killer record.

Have a go at special events or tackle specific challenges for another shot at Mike Tyson. The game might drop you a hint on how to snag him, so stay alert for tips in-game. Also, don’t miss a beat on news from the makers. They could release fresh unlock avenues for this legend.

Be ready to put in time and effort to get Mike Tyson in UFC 4. Persisting and honing your gaming skills is key. It promises a rewarding playthrough while aiming to bring this boxing great into your roster.

Finishing Career Mode

Going through career mode is a major key to grabbing Mike Tyson in UFC 4. It lets you face many foes, grow your skills, and maybe recruit this boxing icon. Even though the exact way to unlock him remains a mystery, finishing career mode has helped many meet both Tysons.

“Unlocking Mike Tyson in UFC 4 is a thrilling challenge that adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. The journey to unlocking this boxing legend requires dedication, skill, and strategic gameplay. Whether you choose to complete the career mode or explore other avenues, the feeling of finally unlocking Mike Tyson will undoubtedly be a rewarding accomplishment.”

In the end, scoring Mike Tyson in UFC 4 is a high-stakes thrill that celebrates skill and nostalgia. Push through career mode, tackle challenges, and keep an ear out for new unlock tips from the developers. This way, you up your chances of getting Mike Tyson in your corner.

Signature Moves and Unique Abilities of Mike Tyson in UFC 4

Mike Tyson, the legendary boxer, joins the UFC 4 with his amazing skills. He brings his unique moves and abilities to the octagon. Let’s explore some of the powerful moves he brings to the world of mixed martial arts.

Bob And Weave

Tyson’s famous move, the Bob And Weave, is all about dodging punches. It showcases Tyson’s quick thinking and movement. This not only highlights his defence but also his ability to launch strong attacks.

Unbreakable Guard

In UFC 4, Mike Tyson has an Unbreakable Guard. This guard helps him withstand strong hits from his opponents. With this, Tyson can stay strong even under a lot of pressure.

Tyson’s devastating punches, along with his special moves, make him a top fighter in the UFC octagon. His years of boxing have shaped him into a strong MMA competitor for UFC 4.

He is known for his aggressive style, relentless pressure, and not running low on stamina. This makes him a dominant force throughout the fight. He keeps pushing his opponents from start to end.

Adding Mike Tyson to UFC 4 celebrates his legendary boxing and introduces his unique fighting style. Players unlock a fighter with unmatched power and skill. He brings an intense fighting experience, leading to thrilling matches in the octagon.

Mike Tyson UFC 4 Moves

Examining the statistics below reveals what sets Mike Tyson apart in UFC 4. His exceptional power and skills make him a standout in the game.

Moves Power Speed Stamina Defense Chin Overall Rating
Mike Tyson 5/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 5/5 92/100
Other Fighters Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies

The table clearly shows Mike Tyson’s high skill level and rating in UFC 4. It underlines his exceptional qualities as a fighter.

Choosing Mike Tyson in UFC 4 lets you see his signature moves and unique power upfront. You experience the greatness of this boxing legend in the world of mixed martial arts.


To unlock Mike Tyson in UFC 4, you need to excel in career mode and meet certain goals. Though the exact criteria are not crystal clear, striving for a great career and an unbeaten streak helps a lot. This approach boosts your chances of adding the legendary boxer to your roster.

After you unlock Tyson, you’re set to command the octagon with his immense power. You get to use his trademark moves and skills. These include his fierce punches and his expert moves like the Bob And Weave and Unbreakable Guard. All that makes him a powerful choice in UFC 4.

This article guides you through unlocking Tyson in UFC 4. Following these steps lets you compete in the virtual octagon as one of the all-time greats. Let’s join forces to enjoy the excitement of fighting like Mike Tyson in UFC 4.


How can I unlock Mike Tyson in UFC 4?

To unlock Mike Tyson in UFC 4, advance through the game and complete certain tasks. For instance, one way is to finish career mode. Some say they got both old and young Tysons after career mode. It’s not clear if you must not lose to get him.

Keep playing career mode well to up your chance of getting Mike Tyson.

What are Mike Tyson’s signature moves in UFC 4?

Mike Tyson brings special moves and skills to UFC 4. His Bob And Weave lets him dodge hits and hit back hard. The Unbreakable Guard boosts his defence.

With his massive punching power, Tyson is a big challenge in UFC 4.

What are the unique abilities of Mike Tyson in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, Mike Tyson has special skills that make him unique. His Bob And Weave and Unbreakable Guard help him dodge hits and hit back hard. Plus, his strong punches make him a top fighter in the cage.

How do I follow the step-by-step guide to unlock Mike Tyson in UFC 4?

Just follow our guide to unlock Mike Tyson in UFC 4. You can fight with one of history’s best boxers. The guide gives all tips to get Tyson. Keep playing career mode and do well to increase your chance of getting him.

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