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Who We Are – As an Online Computer Shop

In the evolving industry, we as a computer shop are a competent and fast growing refurbished computer hardware supplier. Our company’s flagship products include Desktops, Gaming PCs & Workstations that will handle most demanding software including Auto CAD, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, 3ds MAX, Autodesk Maya, Modo and much more. At PC Site, we are passionate about giving our valued customers complete freedom to create custom tailored and low cost computer hardware solutions. We are one of the powerhouses (Computer Store) of Dell ex-corporate that lease computers, comprising with a wide and vast stock of Dell computer hardware. We only market hardware inventory held in our computer store inventory exclusively. We are a computer shop that carry testing of our computer hardware on every step to guarantee smooth functionality for a year’s time.


What all we endure to provide the best products at our computer shop

We are the only computer shop to offer high quality refurbished laptops and computer hardware in a cost-effective manner. From serving professionals, executives, home-based users to gamer, we perfectly suffice your computer hardware needs. From high quality graphics using our AutoCAD and 3dMAX to our high-end workstations, we ensure the satisfaction of our customers on all levels. Our computer shop offers once in a lifetime opportunity to save money while enjoying the benefits of the world’s top of the line Computer Store /brand. PC Site is the most reliable option for buying cheap and professionally refurbished desktops and laptops. We have a comprehensive range of refurbishment solutions offered by our top of the line professional experts. Our computer shop is the best place to update your PCs, desktops and laptops meeting all your budget needs. If you want the ultimate gaming, graphics or refurbishment for your computer hardware, PC Site is your one stop solution. We stock computer hardware at our computer shop from the world’s leading brand – Dell, offering safe and reliable solutions.

Our history and growth as a competent computer store

After six years of steady growth as eBay’s top retailers, we decided to acquire an independent status. Our core purpose for making this challenging transition was to give our customers the highest quality and cost-friendly hardware solutions. Leveraging from our success on eBay, selling hardware, we want to do something different now. We want to create top quality computer hardware solutions at our shop in a budget friendly way.


What sets us apart from the other online computer shops?

The success of our company on eBay led us to expand as an independent seller of computer hardware. We have a strong history of going the extra mile to fulfill every need of our valued clients. Our thorough refurbishment process for desktops, laptops and accessories of Dell brand span from the latest to the greatest. Our product catalogue spans from Desktops, Gaming PCs, Workstations and other hardware solutions. Our computer store’s reputation is invincible in offering reliable, cheap and high standards hardware solutions. PC Site offers customer centric solutions from a broad range of Dell Hardware. Our products are shipped to all major European cities within a day in case of urgent delivery.

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