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The Main Types of Digital Marketing Strategies And How to Use Them

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Digital Marketing Strategies

There are several digital marketing strategies that can be implemented to achieve your business goals. They are different, but in most cases they intersect, complement each other and even use the same communication channels.

In fact, it now makes sense to use several strategies at the same time to get the most out of it. However, before you start implementing a new strategy, we recommend that you figure out how to apply it. In addition, it is necessary to study your potential customers, analyze the behavior of competitors and set business goals. In this article, we will look at strategies and answer the main questions. So, let’s get started…

Content marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach aimed at creating and disseminating valuable, relevant and permanent content to attract and retain the target audience.

This type of marketing allows you to position yourself in Google and other search engines when your potential client is looking for solutions to meet their needs.How you create your content and when it appears in search engines plays a huge role.

Content marketing can be used in almost any field of activity. Content attracts traffic to your website, application, YouTube channel or social media page. This is a great way: bring people to you, introduce them to your brand, show your work and train them with your content.

Turning these people into customers is another phase of your digital strategy, which may well include inbound marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is considered perhaps the most important digital marketing strategy. To be on the first lines of search results is an important task for any site.

It is important for any business that customers can easily find it. If no one knows about the existence of your company, how will you sell your goods or services?

The search engine is a place where users search for a variety of products and services, and the number of requests continues to grow.

Being on the first page of search results when a client is looking for a service or product that you are selling is a huge advantage over competitors, right?
Here’s what to consider when implementing an SEO strategy:

  1. Fix errors that prevent your promotion in the search engine. It is very important to analyze your site to make corrections. This one step is enough to move up the positions.
  2. Organize your content and structure your website. You need to pay attention to how your blog articles are linked, how product and commercial pages are designed. The very structure of the site pages contributes to the promotion in search results.
  3. History of your domain. A domain that has been online for many years has, if it works, more advantages than a newly created domain. Google and other search engines use the principle of precedence to assess the quality of the website.
  4. On-page optimization. Internal SEO is a very important and often overlooked moment when creating a website. The title of the site, the hierarchy of content, alternative description of images, internal and external links, the content itself (text, images, video, infographics) – all this is very important for ranking in the search engine.
  5. Off-page optimization. Creating external links is important for the search engine algorithm. External links are links from other websites that lead to your company’s website. The higher the authority of the source (i.e. its DA indicator (Domain Authority)), the better for your promotion. You can create backlinks yourself or hire a professional link building service provider to do this job for you.
  6. Don’t forget about landing pages. They can be added to search engines and thereby contribute to more successful SEO optimization.

Digital Marketing Strategies And How to Use Them


You can use your company’s blog as you like. This is your space to communicate with customers. There are no restrictions on the choice of topics, distractions of social networks or competitors. The blog also helps to position your company’s products and services in the search engine.

Using a blog for business is another tool that helps generate potential customers, increase traffic, retain customers and increase loyalty.

Internet advertising

Search engine advertising is search engine advertising, the main purpose of which is to present your products or services in a favorable position whenever a client enters the appropriate search query. Internet advertising can also be carried out on advertisers’ websites, social networks, applications, Youtube, e-mail, that is, in any public online environment.

There are different types of online advertising, different formats, locations or platforms. You can use them to develop your business.

Pay-per-click (CPC) ads

Cost per click (CPC) is the amount of money charged every time someone clicks on your ad. Such advertising is created directly for search engines and is displayed on the search results page.

Media advertising

In display advertising, images of the product, service or the company itself on the network of advertising websites are mainly used. The visual element is accompanied by small text.

The largest display network belongs to the largest search engine on the Internet and displays your ads on Youtube, Gmail or Discover.

Product announcements

Product ads provide the buyer with a more visual experience. They allow you to present your products with an image, name, price, availability information, seller’s name and other information in search results.

Video announcements

Video ads allow you to present your video on Youtube or partner sites and influence your audience. Such ads are extremely popular because of their effectiveness, which is achieved through the rapid transmission of information to the audience.

Advertising in social networks

We are talking about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Like search engines, social networks are also platforms for advertising. Its placement can pursue different purposes (likes, coverage, video views, conversion, etc.). Advertising can be presented in different formats (image, carousel, video) and is aimed at different segments of the target audience (for example, people of the same age or with the same certain interests).

 The Main Types of Digital Marketing Strategies And How to Use Them

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is carried out with the help of other persons to whom you pay a commission for the attracted buyer.

For example, if you have a blog that attracts a lot of traffic on topics that interest a particular company, you can offer this company to become its marketing partner. In your blog, you will promote the products or services of this brand and receive a monetary reward for it.

Influence marketing

Last year, influence marketing rapidly gained popularity. This strategy does work, but brands have begun to use it less for several reasons. The main of which is the inflated prices that influencers or influencers request for their services.

For many companies, micro-influencers have become a way out. That is, people who have extensive knowledge about a product and extensive opportunities for communication, interaction and influence through their channels, but do not, however, have thousands of followers or subscribers. The cost of their services is more acceptable and they have closer contact with the audience.

Email marketing

Email marketing (or email marketing) is one of the most popular strategies that has undergone the greatest changes. It is used in most companies, but not everyone is fully aware of its potential.

E-mail and SMS are necessary to communicate with your target audience, to increase sales, to maintain interest and (which not everyone understands) to create the effect of brand presence and activity on the “territory” of the client – in his mailbox.

The first goal of the email marketing strategy is to get permission from the client. Sending emails, information messages or even SMS to people who do not want to communicate with the brand or are not interested in your products or services is a step towards failure.

Pop-up notifications

Push notifications (pop-up notifications) usually appear on the screens of our smartphones and computers. They carry useful information, but if used incorrectly, they can annoy or frighten users.

You can place such notifications on your website and send them to your customers. The main thing is that they are useful and unintrusive.

Video marketing

This is the use of video to promote your products or services, interact with the target audience or educate your potential customers.

Let’s Sum Up

In essence, digital marketing encompasses various strategies such as content marketing, SEO, internet advertising, affiliate marketing, and more. Each strategy serves a unique purpose in reaching and engaging with your target audience. To leverage these strategies effectively, it’s crucial to understand your audience, analyze competitors, and set clear business goals. High conversions to you!


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