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Artificial Intelligence: Best AI Software in 2024

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Best AI Software

Artificial intelligence has been around for the last decade. However, it achieved significant expansion in the previous year or two. Nowadays, AI is present in different shapes, such as machine learning, natural language processing, edge AI, deep learning, computer vision, and more.

One thing that is sure is that many people benefit from the usage of artificial intelligence. Currently, you can rarely find a business or some online tool that doesn’t rely on AI. Various companies closely follow the latest AI trends.

That said, we decided to present you with the best AI software in 2024 and explain how it works. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you waiting. Let’s start right away!

Artificial Intelligence Software At a Glance

Before we start listing the best AI software, let’s share a word or two about what exactly this software is. Simply said, AI software refers to any computer software that implements artificial intelligence in order to process vast amounts of data and simplify repetitive and dull tasks. Some of those processes include video analytics, text and voice recognition, natural language processing, and image recognition.

Businesses utilize this technology to automate such tasks. Also, they cut costs and time, as individuals can’t process big loads of data in a very short time. As a result, firms minimize errors, improve their productivity, and boost their profitability.

Best AI Software: Our Detailed List

Now that you are aware of what AI software is, we should dive deeper into the extensive range of the best AI software. We’re all aware of the AI-supported signature generator tools, paraphrasers, or document checkers, but today, we’ll see a bit more complex side of the AI world. Before we start, you should remember that not using AI can impact your overall business performance.

Here are the best AI software you can use for various tasks:


We’re opening the list with probably the best-known AI tool – ChatGPT! This tool is a language model that can interact with people and respond in a surprisingly human manner. It got over a million users within a week of its launch, and how wouldn’t it?

ChatGPT is a data-based software, meaning it gets all of its information from the Internet. It uses official sources, as well as forums like Reddit, so it can provide you with the best possible answer. On top of this, ChatGPT was trained with Reinforcement Learning with the Human Feedback method. This enabled it to understand what people expect when they have a particular inquiry.

Viso Suite

Viso Suite is an AI software infrastructure which is currently the only one on the market. Thanks to this AI software, you can get a computer vision that allows you to develop, implement, scale, and secure different AI vision applications.

More precisely, Viso Suite can carry out numerous computer vision tasks, such as image processing, object tracking, image classification, object detection, image segmentation, etc. As these are only part of its capabilities, businesses also use Viso Suite to integrate different AI products that will help them with data collection, model training, application development, configuration, and more.

As a result, there is no need to purchase and implement point solutions for each project and test which one works the best.

Google Cloud AI

If you want to get a whole package of machine learning tools, you should check out Google Cloud AI. This software comes with pre-trained apps for translation, video, computer vision, natural language processing, and more. The best thing is that Google Cloud AI works with numerous open-source frameworks, like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and scikit-learn.

Due to all of this, Google Cloud AI finds usage in companies that have decided to build their platform on Google Cloud and want to save both time and money.


Another conversation tool that comes in handy is Chorus.ai. This platform is suitable for big sales teams. In fact, Chorus.ai is capable of recording, transcribing, and managing long phone calls in real-time. You can even mark essential topics.

Moreover, Chorus.ai assists you by providing valuable insights when analyzing data. As this is an automation AI software, you can be sure that it will streamline your communication with your clients and help you avoid any errors in your future actions.

Jupyter Notebooks

Jupyter Notebooks is an open-source software that helps you write and run computer codes. However, it comes with an extremely straightforward usage. You can just run code cells, and the output will be ready without the need to write additional codes. Therefore, users implement Jupyter Notebooks in prototyping algorithms, data exploring, and developing machine learning models.

Even the most prominent cloud computing providers use this AI software. We’re talking about industry giants like Microsoft Azure Notebook, Google Colab Notebooks, and SageMaker Notebooks. However, data scientist teams mainly use Jupyter Notebooks.


Have you ever heard about the AI-driven avatar industry? Well, now there is a whole company that utilizes AI to deliver avatar videos. Synthesia is the leader in this field, transforming physical videos into an entirely digital process. Therefore, it saves around 80% of the time and costs of creating such videos.

Some of the uses of the Synthesia approach are training videos for marketing, technical training, and consumer service. Currently, they offer numerous AI avatars, with 120+ AI-supported voices and pre-developed video templates.

Azure Machine Learning Studio

Thanks to the Azure Machine Learning Studio, you can now easily create and implement complex machine learning models in the Azure Cloud. More precisely, they have a few tools that help them with this process. You’ll find open-source frameworks and languages, including the most popular Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, R, and a lot more.

This AI software is perfect for different users with various skill levels. Basically, you can be a developer or data scientist and still benefit from Azure. There is even an option to evaluate your machine learning model so you can see whether it is well functioning.


C3 AI is probably one of the most helpful artificial intelligence software companies. This organization offers AI SaaS that enables you to build AI applications and engage in digital transformation. The C3 AI enterprise has two families of software solutions:

  • C3 AI Suite
  • C3 AI applications

Regardless of the families, C3 AI generally comes with apps for different languages and uses. That said, you can use their AI software for predictive maintenance, energy management, predictive CRM, fraud detection, inventory optimization, and anti-money laundering. Due to this, any large enterprise can experience some benefits from C3 AI.

Final Words

It is clear that artificial intelligence is already present in different fields, regardless of whether it is the economy, oil industry, healthcare, retail, or production. Due to its rapid expansion in the last few years, many companies have started implementing AI for different tasks.

Nowadays, we can see numerous AI software, such as ChatGPT, Chorus.ai, Jupyter Notebooks, Google Cloud AI, C3 AI, and more, that help businesses reduce time, costs, and errors on everyday repetitive tasks. Although no one can be sure what will happen in the AI field in the future, one thing is for sure – AI has significantly transformed our lives!


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