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Bastion Overwatch 2: Guide to Gameplay & Tactics

by Lucas Grayson
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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Bastion in Overwatch 2! As one of the iconic heroes from the original game, Bastion has undergone a significant rework in the highly anticipated sequel. In this guide, we will explore Bastion’s story, abilities, and provide you with invaluable tips and tactics to master this beloved character.

Bastion, the versatile hero armed with a powerful automatic gun and a transforming cannon, offers players a unique playstyle with both Recon and Assault modes. Whether you’re a seasoned Bastion player or just starting to explore this hero, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to dominate the battlefield in Overwatch 2.

Join us in the following sections as we dive into the fascinating story of Bastion, his reworked abilities, and breakdown his gameplay so you can develop effective strategies. We will also explore the best combinations and counters for Bastion, ensuring you have all the necessary tools for success in Overwatch 2.

Bastion’s Story and Abilities in Overwatch 2

Bastion, the legendary hero in Overwatch 2, has a captivating backstory that unveils a tale of resilience and redemption. After being left dormant following a cataclysmic battle during the Omnic Crisis, Bastion reawakens to a world transformed by peace. Accompanied by his faithful bird companion, Ganymede, Bastion becomes an ally of Torbjorn Lindholm, partnering to bring about harmony and serenity in this newfound era.

While his story is captivating, it’s Bastion’s array of abilities that truly set him apart. In Recon mode, he wields an automatic gun, allowing him to efficiently dispatch enemies. However, when the situation calls for sheer power, Bastion seamlessly transforms into Assault mode, becoming a slow-moving tank equipped with a formidable cannon capable of devastating enemy defenses.

Bastion is further equipped with a Tactical Grenade, capable of skilfully bouncing off walls to reach adversaries from unexpected angles. Additionally, his passive ability, when in Assault mode, reduces incoming damage, enhancing his survivability on the battlefield. As the ultimate expression of his might, Bastion’s Configuration: Artillery ability allows him to unleash up to three awe-inspiring artillery shells, obliterating anything in their path.

This rework of Bastion’s abilities brings forth a fresh dynamic, presenting players with new strategies and playstyles to master in Overwatch 2. To better understand the full scope of Bastion’s capabilities, refer to the table below:

bastion overwatch 2

Ability Description
Recon Mode (Primary Fire) Utilizes an automatic gun for efficient target elimination.
Assault Mode Transforms into a slow-moving tank with a powerful cannon, ideal for destroying enemy defenses.
Tactical Grenade Bounces off walls, enabling strategic engagements from unexpected angles.
Passive Ability (Assault Mode) Reduces incoming damage while in Assault mode, enhancing survivability.
Ultimate Ability: Configuration: Artillery Unleashes up to three devastating artillery shells, obliterating foes.

With these powerful abilities at your disposal, make the most out of Bastion’s rework in Overwatch 2 to dominate the battlefield and secure victory.

Bastion’s Gameplay Breakdown and Strategies

When it comes to bastion gameplay in Overwatch 2, understanding the hero’s strengths and implementing effective strategies is key to success. Bastion excels as a counter to enemy shields, making him a valuable asset in breaking down the protection of tank heroes such as Reinhardt and Sigma. Knowing how to leverage his abilities and play style is crucial in maximizing his impact on the battlefield.

One of Bastion’s key gameplay mechanics is his ability to transform into Assault mode, granting him increased mobility in turret form. This allows him to be more aggressive in following and eliminating enemies. However, it’s important to note that Bastion no longer has the ability to heal himself, so players must be mindful of their health and positioning. Staying close to healers and utilizing natural cover is essential to surviving engagements.

To effectively utilize Bastion’s abilities, players should prioritize the following strategies:

  1. Positioning: Find advantageous positions on the map that offer sightlines on enemy chokepoints and objectives. This allows you to capitalize on Bastion’s long-range firepower and catch enemies off guard.
  2. Target Priority: Focus on eliminating high-priority targets such as enemy healers and damage-dealing heroes. By removing key threats, you can tilt the balance of team fights in your favor.
  3. Coordination: Communicate with your team to coordinate ultimate abilities and execute synchronized attacks. Bastion’s Configuration: Artillery ultimate can be devastating when combined with crowd control abilities from heroes like Zarya or Mei.

Mastering these bastion strategies will enable you to dominate the battlefield and secure victories for your team. By understanding his strengths, positioning yourself effectively, and working cohesively with your teammates, you can become a force to be reckoned with.

Bastion Gameplay Tips

To further enhance your bastion strategy, here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

  • Map Awareness: Familiarize yourself with the layout of each map to identify optimal turret positions and potential flanking routes.
  • Adaptability: Don’t be afraid to switch between Recon mode and Assault mode depending on the situation. Recon mode offers mobility, while Assault mode provides greater firepower and area denial.
  • Avoid Predictability: Vary your positioning and playstyle to keep your opponents guessing. Staying in one spot for too long makes you vulnerable to enemy strategies and counterplays.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Spend time honing your bastion gameplay skills, experimenting with different strategies, and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the game. With dedication and perseverance, you can become a formidable Bastion player and make a significant impact in Overwatch 2.

Best Combinations and Counters for Bastion in Overwatch 2

When assembling a team composition in Overwatch 2, Bastion synergizes well with certain heroes, maximizing his effectiveness on the battlefield. Heroes like Zarya, Genji, and Mercy can greatly complement Bastion’s abilities and leverage his strengths.

Zarya’s powerful ultimate ability, when combined with Bastion’s Configuration: Artillery, can decimate enemy teams, providing a devastating impact in team fights. Genji, with his agility and flanking abilities, can create chaos from behind enemy lines while Bastion focuses on dealing heavy damage to foes on the frontlines. Mercy, with her damage amplification beam, can significantly boost Bastion’s firepower, turning him into a formidable force to be reckoned with.

However, it’s important for Bastion players to be mindful of certain heroes that can pose challenges and act as counters. Heroes like Reinhardt and Brigitte, who heavily rely on shields, can be a hindrance to Bastion’s damage output. Additionally, snipers such as Widowmaker and Hanzo can easily pick off Bastion from a distance, making it vital for players to position themselves wisely. Roadhog and Junker Queen, with their high damage output, can also be formidable opponents. Furthermore, heroes like Moira, with their high mobility and the ability to deploy damaging orbs, can pose a threat to Bastion.

As you venture into Overwatch 2, experimenting with different hero combinations and adjusting your team composition to counter the enemy’s strengths will be crucial in utilizing Bastion’s full potential. Whether it’s strategically coordinating ultimate abilities or adapting to counter the enemy team, finding the right balance will lead to a victorious outcome.


What is Bastion’s backstory in Overwatch 2?

Bastion was left dormant after a devastating battle during the Omnic Crisis. He awakens to a peaceful world and is now accompanied by his bird friend, Ganymede. He works with Torbjorn Lindholm to help humanity find peace.

What are Bastion’s abilities in Overwatch 2?

Bastion has a primary fire in Recon mode, an automatic gun. He can transform into Assault mode, becoming a slow-moving tank with a powerful cannon. He also has a Tactical Grenade and a passive ability that reduces damage taken in Assault mode. His ultimate ability, Configuration: Artillery, allows him to fire up to three powerful artillery shells.

How should I play Bastion in Overwatch 2?

Bastion excels as a counter to enemy shields, making him valuable in breaking down the protection of tank heroes. Utilize his Recon mode’s automatic gun for mobility and his Assault mode’s turret form for more aggression. Be mindful of health and positioning since Bastion can no longer heal himself. Use his Tactical Grenade and Configuration: Artillery ultimate effectively.

Who pairs well with Bastion in Overwatch 2?

Bastion pairs well with heroes like Zarya, Genji, and Mercy. Zarya’s ultimate combined with Bastion’s Configuration: Artillery can eliminate enemy teams. Genji can create chaos from behind while Bastion focuses on the front. Mercy’s damage amplification can enhance Bastion’s firepower. However, Bastion may struggle against heroes that rely on shields or snipers who can attack from a distance. Roadhog, Junker Queen, and Moira can also pose challenges.

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