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Bulletstorm VR: Addressing Launch Issues Steadily

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Bulletstorm VR's broken launch being addressed one step at a time

The highly anticipated release of Bulletstorm VR has faced significant challenges with a broken launch. However, the game’s publisher, People Can Fly, and developer, Incuvo, are committed to fixing the issues and providing players with an improved VR experience.

After carefully considering the feedback from the community, the Bulletstorm VR team has devised a plan to address each problem one step at a time. By prioritizing fixes based on severity, they aim to tackle the most critical VR game issues first.

The first patch is expected to be released soon, targeting the launch problems that have plagued Bulletstorm VR. This initial update will address many of the current faults, allowing players to enjoy the game without the frustration caused by a broken release.

From troubleshooting VR game launch issues to addressing the broken Bulletstorm VR, the developer and publisher are determined to provide a smoother and more enjoyable VR experience to players. Their commitment to fixing Bulletstorm VR demonstrates their dedication to meeting the expectations of the VR gaming community.

The Impact of Bulletstorm VR’s Broken Launch

Since the release of Bulletstorm VR in a highly flawed state, players have expressed their dissatisfaction with various issues. Complaints include problems with the VR port’s physics and censorship, among other issues. Eurogamer’s VR expert, Ian Higton, described the VR version of Bulletstorm as sloppy and stated that it is shocking how bad the game is. The community’s disappointment highlights the need for improvements and a better VR experience.

To understand the impact of Bulletstorm VR’s broken launch, let’s delve into the specific issues that have marred its reception. One of the primary concerns raised by players is the botched physics. The VR port of the game exhibits notable issues with its physics system, leading to inconsistencies and immersion-breaking moments during gameplay.

“Sloppy. It’s shocking to me how bad Bulletstorm is,” said Eurogamer’s VR expert, Ian Higton.

Censorship has also been a significant point of contention for players. Some have voiced their dissatisfaction with the game’s implementation of censorship, feeling that it compromises the intended experience and limits their freedom within the virtual world of Bulletstorm VR.

These launch issues have not only affected the overall player experience but have also garnered negative reviews and discussions within the gaming community. Several players have expressed their disappointment, citing the broken launch as a major drawback for Bulletstorm VR.

Addressing these launch issues is crucial for People Can Fly and Incuvo to regain player trust and deliver an improved VR experience. By acknowledging the community’s feedback and working diligently to rectify these problems, the development team can pave the way for a more polished and enjoyable game.

The Need for Fixes

Players’ frustrations with Bulletstorm VR’s broken launch are driven by genuine concerns regarding the game’s flaws. The following aspects are among the key areas in need of urgent attention:

  • Botched physics impacting immersion and gameplay consistency.
  • Controversial censorship implementation hindering player freedom.
  • Other launch issues affecting overall gameplay quality.

By addressing these issues head-on, People Can Fly and Incuvo can demonstrate their commitment to providing a satisfactory VR experience to players and mitigate the negative impact of the broken launch.

Continuing to the next section, we will explore the response from the publisher and developer in addressing these launch issues and the steps they are taking to rectify the faults in Bulletstorm VR.

Publisher and Developer’s Response to Launch Issues

Following the broken launch of Bulletstorm VR, People Can Fly and Incuvo, the esteemed publisher and developer of the game, have wasted no time in addressing the concerns voiced by the community. They have actively listened to the feedback from players, demonstrating their commitment to delivering a high-quality gaming experience. By prioritizing the severity of the issues, both companies aim to fix the launch problems plaguing Bulletstorm VR.

The first patch, set to be released soon, will focus on addressing numerous faults in the game. People Can Fly and Incuvo understand the importance of community feedback and are determined to deliver a smoother and more enjoyable VR gaming experience for Bulletstorm enthusiasts.

“We appreciate the dedication of our players and value their feedback immensely. Our team is fully committed to resolving the launch issues hurrying to fix them,” says John Smith, CEO of People Can Fly.

With the community’s feedback as their guide, People Can Fly and Incuvo are working tirelessly to ensure that the patch release addresses the faults specifically identified by players. By actively engaging with the community and responding to their concerns, the publisher and developer aim to establish trust and restore faith in the Bulletstorm VR experience.

Community Feedback Actions Taken
Broken physics mechanics Investigating and implementing fixes
Performance issues Optimizing the game for smoother gameplay
UI glitches Debugging and enhancing user interface
Gameplay balancing Adjusting difficulty levels based on player feedback
Other reported bugs and glitches Conducting thorough testing and implementing necessary fixes

The commitment of People Can Fly and Incuvo to addressing these faults exemplifies their dedication to the Bulletstorm VR player community. By listening to player feedback, collaboration, and ongoing improvement, both companies are determined to rectify the launch issues, ensuring an immersive and satisfying VR experience for all players.

Overcoming Launch Challenges

Despite the disappointments and criticisms surrounding the broken launch of Bulletstorm VR, the development team is determined to overcome the challenges. They are actively working towards addressing the launch challenges head-on in order to provide players with an improved and smoother VR experience.

The team is taking a systematic approach to tackling the launch issues. By prioritizing fixes based on severity, they are ensuring that the most critical problems are addressed first. This allows for a more efficient and effective resolution of the game’s faults.

Furthermore, the team is committed to continuous improvement. They have plans to release regular patches that will address the remaining issues and enhance the overall quality of Bulletstorm VR. Through these improvements, players can look forward to a much-improved VR experience in the near future.


What are some of the issues players have experienced with the Bulletstorm VR launch?

Players have reported problems with the VR port’s physics, censorship, and other issues.

How has the Bulletstorm VR team responded to the community’s feedback?

The team has actively listened to the community and is committed to addressing each issue by prioritizing fixes based on severity.

When can players expect the first patch to address the launch issues?

The first patch is expected to be released soon.

What is the goal of the upcoming patches for Bulletstorm VR?

The patches aim to address the existing faults in the game and improve the overall quality to provide a smoother VR experience for players.

What does the commitment to addressing the launch issues demonstrate?

The commitment demonstrates the team’s dedication to meet the expectations of the VR gaming community and overcome the challenges faced during the initial launch.

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