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Explore Call of Duty Season 3 Updates & Tips

by Marcin Wieclaw
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call of duty season 3

Welcome to the thrilling world of Call of Duty Season 3! Get ready to experience a whole new level of gaming excitement as the highly anticipated third season of Call of Duty is finally here. With a plethora of updates, new features, and exciting content, this season is set to redefine the Call of Duty experience.

In Call of Duty Season 3, players can dive into a world of intense multiplayer action with three brand new multiplayer maps, including Meat, Greece, Rio, and Training Facility. Each map offers its own unique gameplay environment, ensuring that every match is a fresh and thrilling experience.

But that’s not all – the season also brings an array of new weapons to the battlefield, allowing you to unleash devastating firepower on your opponents. The SK Sierra and the Renetti pistol are just two of the exciting free base weapons that you can unlock and add to your arsenal. With these new weapons, you’ll have the upper hand in every firefight.

In addition to the new maps and weapons, Call of Duty Season 3 introduces two new operators – Alex and Ronin. These formidable characters bring their unique skills and abilities to the table, allowing you to dominate the battlefield in style.

Customization is taken to a whole new level in Season 3, with the introduction of custom vehicle skins. Now, you can personalize your vehicles to make a statement on the battlefield. Stand out from the crowd with eye-catching designs and show off your style as you wreak havoc on your enemies.

To enhance your gaming experience further, Call of Duty Season 3 offers a reloaded Battle Pass that gives you access to a wealth of legendary and epic gear. Earn up to 1,300 CP back with the Battle Pass, allowing you to unlock even more exclusive content and rewards.

So gear up, soldier! Get ready to immerse yourself in the action-packed world of Call of Duty Season 3. With its exciting updates, new maps, weapons, operators, and customization options, this season is set to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. Don’t miss out on all the amazing content that Season 3 has to offer – dive in today and conquer the battlefield!

New Multiplayer Maps and Modes in Call of Duty Season 3

Call of Duty Season 3 brings an array of new multiplayer maps and game modes that are sure to excite players. Four new multiplayer maps have been introduced, each offering unique environments and playstyles for players to conquer. Take a look at these thrilling new additions:

Map Description
Meat A dynamic map set in an urban setting where players can navigate through tight alleys and fight within the bustling streets.
Greece A visually stunning map with ancient architecture, allowing players to engage in intense battles amidst historical ruins.
Rio A vibrant and fast-paced map set in the lively streets of Rio de Janeiro, offering plenty of opportunities for strategic gameplay.
Training Facility A map that simulates a military training facility, providing players with various scenarios to enhance their combat skills.

Alongside these new maps, Call of Duty Season 3 introduces exciting game modes to keep players on the edge of their seats. Two notable additions are:

  1. All or Nothing: A challenging game mode where players must rely on their precision and skill to eliminate enemies using only throwing knives. It’s a true test of accuracy and strategy.
  2. Vortex: This limited-time mode offers players the opportunity to wield the powerful one-shot Ray Gun, adding an extra layer of excitement and intensity to the gameplay.

With these new multiplayer maps and game modes, Call of Duty Season 3 offers a fresh and captivating gaming experience for fans to enjoy.

New Updates in Call of Duty Zombies for Season 3

Season 3 of Call of Duty brings thrilling updates to the Zombies mode that will keep players entertained and challenged. Embark on a new story act as you venture into the Exclusion Zone, facing fresh and exciting challenges along the way. But that’s not all, as this season introduces the mysterious Dark Aether Rifts, providing players with labyrinth-like experiences and rewarding objectives to conquer.

In your quest to infiltrate the fortress of the Warlord Dokkaebi, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock the V-R11 Wonder Weapon, a powerful tool against the undead. Additionally, you can discover new schematics that will aid you in your mission. With these updates, Call of Duty Season 3 enhances the undead-slaying experience, offering endless thrills and excitement.

New Weapons in Call of Duty Season 3 Zombies

Weapon Description
V-R11 Wonder Weapon A powerful firearm capable of eliminating multiple zombies with a single shot. Unlock this weapon and experience its devastating effects against the undead.
Enhanced Zombie Schematics Discover new schematics that will provide you with an edge in your fight against the undead. These upgrades will help you survive in the face of overwhelming odds.
Ethereal Essence A mystical substance that can be used to enhance your weapons and abilities, giving you an additional advantage against the hordes of zombies.

Warzone 2.0 Updates in Call of Duty Season 3

Call of Duty Season 3 brings exciting updates to the popular Warzone mode, taking the gameplay experience to the next level with Warzone 2.0. This highly anticipated update introduces new features that will thrill both casual and competitive players alike.

One of the standout additions is the introduction of Perk Packages. These packages offer passive benefits for operators who have not yet called in their Loadout Drop. This strategic advantage allows players to enjoy the perks of their choosing even before deploying their personalized loadouts, giving them an edge in battle.

The Deployable Buy Station is another exciting inclusion in Season 3. This innovative feature enables players to resupply without losing their position in the game. No more compromising your tactical advantage when restocking on important resources – simply deploy a Buy Station and keep the momentum going.

For those who find themselves eliminated in the heat of battle, Warzone Season 3 presents the Gulag Entry Kit. This valuable tool provides players with another chance to earn their way back into the match. With the Gulag Entry Kit, you can fight your way out of the Gulag and rejoin the intense action, ensuring that every match remains full of thrilling opportunities for redemption.

Furthermore, players will have the opportunity to explore a brand new underground experience known as the Koschei Complex. This hidden area holds valuable rewards for those brave enough to venture into its depths. Discover the secrets it holds and emerge victorious with exclusive loot.

Finally, Call of Duty Season 3 introduces Warzone Ranked Play. Are you ready to prove your skills and climb the ranks? Get ready for competitive settings, a progressive ranking system, and exciting seasonal rewards. Showcase your talent as you battle against other skilled players and aim for the top spot on the leaderboard.

With the Warzone 2.0 updates in Call of Duty Season 3, players can expect an enhanced gameplay experience, new challenges, and thrilling moments that will keep them coming back for more. Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-pumping journey and compete in the ultimate arena of Warzone.


What updates and new features can I expect in Call of Duty Season 3?

Call of Duty Season 3 brings exciting updates and new features to the game, including three new multiplayer maps, new weapons, new operators, custom vehicle skins, fresh game modes, and a reloaded Battle Pass. Additionally, there are new free base weapons, including the SK Sierra and the Renetti pistol.

What are the new multiplayer maps and game modes in Call of Duty Season 3?

Call of Duty Season 3 introduces four new multiplayer maps, including Meat, Greece, Rio, and Training Facility. The season also brings new game modes such as All or Nothing and Vortex, which offer unique challenges and gameplay experiences.

What updates are there in Call of Duty Zombies for Season 3?

In Call of Duty Season 3, players can expect a new story act in the Zombies mode, Dark Aether Rifts with rewarding objectives, and new weapons such as the V-R11 Wonder Weapon. The season also introduces new schematics and challenges in the quest to infiltrate the fortress of the Warlord Dokkaebi.

What updates can I expect in Warzone 2.0 for Call of Duty Season 3?

Warzone 2.0 in Call of Duty Season 3 introduces new features such as Perk Packages, the Deployable Buy Station, and the Gulag Entry Kit. The season also includes the Koschei Complex, an underground experience where players can earn valuable rewards, and introduces Warzone Ranked Play with competitive settings and a progressive ranking system.


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