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Collectors’ Guide: Locating Missable Bobbleheads in Fallout 3

by Lucas Grayson
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Missable bobbleheads fallout 3

Welcome to our guide on collecting bobbleheads in Fallout 3. We’ll show you where to find all the bobbleheads you can easily miss. As lovers of the game, we know the thrill of hunting for these treasured items.

There are 20 bobbleheads in Fallout 3, each enhancing a unique aspect or skill of your character. But beware, some are easy to miss. If you don’t grab them when you can, they won’t be available later. But don’t fret, we’ll make sure you don’t overlook any key ones.

Starting with the missable ones, there are bobbleheads for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, and Luck. Finding these in time is essential. They are scattered through the game’s different areas.

The Strength bobblehead is in Megaton, upstairs on Sheriff Lucas’s desk. Be sure to pick it up before deciding the town’s fate.

The Perception bobblehead is in the Republic of Dave, inside the Museum of Dave on a shelf. Enjoy the visit and secure the bobblehead.

Endurance’s bobblehead is at the Deathclaw Sanctuary’s entrance, on a table by a dead Brahmin. Search closely to find it.

The Charisma bobblehead awaits in Vault 108’s Cloning Labs, on the western lab table. It’s a unique find in a strange place.

The Luck bobblehead is in Arlington Cemetery North’s basement, waiting on a shelf. Keep your eyes open to claim it.

If you’re not careful, these bobbleheads might slip by you. Keep this guide handy and get them as soon as chance allows.

Now, onto the non-missable bobbleheads. Unlike the others, these can be found at any point in the game. So, there’s no rush to grab them.

There’s a bobblehead for each important skill, like Agility or Science, scattered across the wasteland. The great news is, they’re always there for the taking.

If you need detailed locations for specific skill bobbleheads, head to our Section 3. It has all the info you need.

Stay with us as we explore Fallout 3’s world more, revealing secrets to help you become the ultimate bobblehead collector. We’re not done yet!

Missable Bobbleheads Locations and How to Find Them

In Fallout 3, bobbleheads are special items that boost your skills. Some are only available at certain points in the game. If you miss these opportunities, you might never find them again. So, it’s vital to know where these special bobbleheads are in Fallout 3:

  1. Strength: You can find this one in Megaton, at Sheriff Lucas’s house. Look upstairs on his desk. Grab it before the town is destroyed.
  2. Perception: Head to the Republic of Dave. It’s in the Museum of Dave, waiting for you on a shelf.
  3. Endurance: At Deathclaw Sanctuary, you’ll see it on a table next to a dead Brahmin.
  4. Charisma: Venture into Vault 108. You’ll find it in the Cloning Labs, on a table.
  5. Luck: In Arlington Cemetery North, check the Arlington House basement. It’s on a shelf there.

Try to find these bobbleheads to make your character as strong as can be. Each one offers a great advantage. Don’t let these opportunities slip through your fingers on your adventure!

These are just a start. Many more bobbleheads are hidden in Fallout 3. Explore everywhere to locate them all. May your journey be filled with good discoveries!

Other Bobbleheads Locations

Fallout 3’s world is rich with hidden gems, including the non-missable bobbleheads. You can find these unique items in different places in the game. They give special bonuses to make your character stronger. Whether you’ve played a lot or you’re new, finding these is important.

Notable Non-Missable Bobbleheads Locations

Here are some cool bobbleheads locations in Fallout 3:

Bobblehead Location
Agility Located in Greener Pastures Disposal, in a radiation-covered small office.
Intelligence Found in Rivet City, sitting on Dr. Li’s table in the lab.
Medicine In Vault 101, it’s on your dad’s desk. Get it before leaving for the first time.
Science Found in Vault 106, in the living quarters, on a shelf.
Small Guns In the National Guard Depot’s armory. You need to hit a switch on the 3rd floor to get it.
Speech In Paradise Falls, it’s in Eulogy’s Pad on a table near a terminal.
Explosives Located in WKML Broadcast Station. It’s in a sealed cistern among rocks.
Barter In Evergreen Mills’ Market Bazaar. It’s on a shelf in Smiling Jack’s Workshop’s upper-right corner.
Lockpick In Bethesda Ruins’ Bethesda Offices East. It’s on a desk in the eastern tower.
Melee Inside the Dunwich Building, in the Virulent Underchambers, near the exit on the floor.
Big Guns In Fort Constantine’s CO House basement. It’s in a hidden safe.
Energy Weapons In Raven Rock, it’s inside Colonel Autumn’s office.
Unarmed Located in Rockopolis. It’s near Argyle’s body, west of Casey Smith’s Garage.
Repair In Arefu, inside Evan King’s House on the kitchen table.

There are many more bobbleheads to find in Fallout 3. Each one boosts a certain skill. Search every corner of the wasteland to claim these powerful items.


Bobbleheads in Fallout 3 are a fun challenge. Players who collect them boost their in-game skills. While some are tricky to find, others pop up all around the game world. This encourages players to explore every nook and cranny.

To get all bobbleheads, focus on the ones that can be easily missed. Pick up vital ones like Strength in Megaton or Luck in Arlington Cemetery North early. This way, you’ll make the most of their perks. But, don’t worry if you miss one. There are still many others to find.

Each bobblehead, like the one for Agility in Greener Pastures Disposal, offers a special skill boost. Finding these enhances your character’s strengths. This keeps the game interesting for those who love a deep dive into content and story.

Fallout 3 has 20 bobbleheads waiting to be discovered. It’s a challenge worth taking on for anyone up for adventure. Each bobblehead found makes you more powerful in the game, bringing you closer to victory.


How many bobbleheads can be collected in Fallout 3?

You can find a total of 20 bobbleheads in Fallout 3.

What does it mean for a bobblehead to be missable?

If a bobblehead is missable, it means you must collect it when you first see it. If not, it will be gone for good.

Which bobbleheads in Fallout 3 are missable?

In Fallout 3, you could miss bobbleheads like Strength in Megaton, Perception in the Republic of Dave, and more.

Missing ones include Endurance in Deathclaw Sanctuary, Charisma in Vault 108, and Luck in Arlington Cemetery North.

Where are the missable bobbleheads located?

The missable bobblehead locations in Fallout 3 are easy to overlook. Here’s a quick guide to each:

– Strength: Inside Sheriff Lucas’s house in Megaton, check his desk upstairs. Remember this before blowing up Megaton.

– Perception: In the Republic of Dave, look on a shelf at the Museum of Dave.

– Endurance: At Deathclaw Sanctuary’s beginning, find it on a table next to a dead Brahmin.

– Charisma: In Vault 108, visit the Cloning Labs. It’s on a table in the west part of the lab.

– Luck: Head to Arlington Cemetery North’s basement. You’ll find it on a shelf in Arlington House.

Are there other bobbleheads that can be collected at any time during the game?

Yes, Fallout 3 has bobbleheads you can collect at any time, even later in the game.

Where can I find the non-missable bobbleheads in Fallout 3?

The game has many non-missable bobbleheads scattered in different places. Here are some:

– Agility: Inside Greener Pastures Disposal, check the small, radiated office.

– Intelligence: Visit Rivet City and find it on Dr. Li’s table in the science lab.

– Medicine: In Vault 101, it’s on your dad’s desk. Remember to pick it up before leaving the vault.

– Science: Look in Vault 106’s living quarters. You’ll find it on a shelf.

– Small Guns: At the National Guard Depot, find it in the armory. But, you need to flip a switch on the 3rd floor to get it.

– Speech: Inside Paradise Falls, it’s on a table in Eulogy’s Pad near a terminal.

– Explosives: At WKML Broadcast Station, you’ll find it in a sealed cistern hidden among rocks.

– Barter: Found in Evergreen Mills, in the Market Bazaar on a shelf in Smiling Jack’s Workshop’s upper-right corner.

– Lockpick: In Bethesda Ruins, look for it in Bethesda Offices East. It’s on a desk in the eastern tower.

– Melee: Inside the Dunwich Building, at the Virulent Underchambers, it’s just before you exit the chambers on the floor.

– Big Guns: At Fort Constantine, it’s in the CO House basement in a safe in the wall.

– Energy Weapons: In Raven Rock, find it inside Colonel Autumn’s office.

– Unarmed: Located in Rockopolis, near Argyle’s body, which is west of Casey Smith’s Garage.

– Repair: Found in Arefu, inside Evan King’s House. It’s on his kitchen table.

Are there more bobbleheads to be found in Fallout 3?

Indeed, many more bobbleheads can be discovered in Fallout 3, apart from the ones mentioned here.

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