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Diablo 4 Beta Finale: Get End Time Info Now.

by Marcin Wieclaw
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diablo 4 beta end time

The Diablo 4 beta is coming to a close, and players are eagerly awaiting the exact end time. The beta has been divided into two weekends, with the second weekend being an open beta available to all players on multiple platforms. The Diablo 4 beta end time is set for March 27 at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET / 7 PM GMT. This will be the end of the open beta, and players will need to wait for the full launch of the game to continue their progress.

Diablo 4 Beta Schedule and Access

In order to cater to the eager anticipation of players, the Diablo 4 beta was cleverly divided into two distinct weekends, each offering unique access opportunities. The first weekend was dedicated to a closed beta phase, exclusively available to players who had pre-ordered the game. This ensured that those who committed to purchasing Diablo 4 in advance received an exclusive opportunity to test out the game before anyone else.

During the second weekend, the doors of the beta were flung wide open, granting access to all players across multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. This inclusive approach allowed a broader player base to experience the game firsthand and provide valuable feedback to the developers.

To gain access to the highly anticipated beta, players needed to sign in with a Battle.net account. This ensured a secure and seamless user experience across all platforms. Additionally, players who pre-ordered the game digitally or received an early access code through other means were granted exclusive access as a token of appreciation for their support and loyalty.

The Diablo 4 team also took the opportunity to collaborate with other brands to provide additional access opportunities. One such example was a partnership with KFC, where players could enter a promotion to secure a spot in the beta. These collaborations not only brought exciting incentives for players but also added a touch of creativity and surprise to the process of beta access.

Diablo 4 Beta Access Options:

Access Option Description
Pre-order Secure early access by pre-ordering the game digitally or through authorized retailers.
Early Access Code Redeem an early access code provided through promotions or events.
KFC Collaboration Participate in special promotions or events in collaboration with KFC for a chance to gain access to the beta.

These various access options ensured that players had multiple avenues to secure their spot in the highly sought-after Diablo 4 beta. It not only rewarded those who showed their enthusiasm through pre-orders but also provided opportunities for others to participate and contribute to the development of the game.

Diablo 4 Beta Details and Content

The Diablo 4 beta offered players a thrilling opportunity to delve into the game ahead of its official release. With early access, players were able to experience the gripping prologue and explore the entirety of the first act set in the captivating region of Fractured Peaks. The beta showcased the diverse gameplay options, allowing players to choose from five distinct classes – Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer, Druid, and Necromancer. Each class offered a unique playstyle and skills, ensuring a dynamic and immersive gaming experience.

One of the highlights of the beta was the inclusion of an epic World Boss called Ashava. Players could engage in intense battles against Ashava during select times, testing their skills and teamwork to emerge victorious. The cooperative gameplay feature added another layer of excitement, with options for both two-player couch co-op and four-player online co-op. This enabled players to team up with their friends and tackle challenges together.

The Diablo 4 beta featured a level cap of 25, providing an opportunity for players to progress and unlock powerful abilities. With the ability to create up to 10 characters per Battle.net account, players could experiment with different classes and playstyles, honing their skills and discovering their preferred approach to combat.

It is important to note that progress made during the beta did not carry over to the full game upon its release. However, the beta served as a tantalizing preview of the rich and immersive world of Diablo 4, showcasing its captivating storyline, engaging gameplay mechanics, and stunning visuals.

To get a better visual overview of the Diablo 4 beta, take a look at the following table:

Features Description
Playthrough Experience the prologue and the entirety of the first act in Fractured Peaks.
Classes Choose from five classes: Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer, Druid, and Necromancer.
World Boss Battle against the formidable Ashava at select times.
Cooperative Gameplay Team up with friends for two-player couch co-op or four-player online co-op.
Level Cap Reach a maximum level of 25 and unlock powerful abilities.
Character Creation Create up to 10 characters per Battle.net account.

Rewards and Conclusion

While the progress you’ve made in the Diablo 4 beta won’t carry over to the full game, you still have the opportunity to earn enticing rewards during your beta journey. These rewards include prestigious titles like “Initial Casualty” and “Early Voyager” that you can proudly display in the full game. Additionally, players can unlock a special cosmetic item known as the Beta Wolf Pack, a unique accessory that will be yours to keep when Diablo 4 officially launches on June 6.

But keep in mind, time is limited. You must act swiftly to earn these exclusive rewards before the beta event concludes. Don’t miss this chance to set yourself apart and showcase your prowess in the world of Diablo.

In summary, while the Diablo 4 beta may just be a taste of what’s to come, it grants you the opportunity to explore the game’s exciting features and gameplay mechanics before its highly anticipated release. And with the added bonus of valuable rewards, your time in the beta is truly a worthwhile experience. So dive into the world of Diablo now, and get ready for an epic adventure when the full game launches!


When does the Diablo 4 beta end?

The Diablo 4 beta is scheduled to end on March 27 at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET / 7 PM GMT.

What was the schedule for the Diablo 4 beta?

The Diablo 4 beta was divided into two weekends. The first weekend was a closed beta limited to pre-orders, while the second weekend was an open beta available to all players.

How could players access the Diablo 4 beta?

Players could access the Diablo 4 beta by signing in with a Battle.net account. Pre-ordering the game digitally or receiving an early access code granted players access to the beta. There were also opportunities to gain access through promotions and partnerships.

What content was available in the Diablo 4 beta?

The Diablo 4 beta provided players with the prologue and the entirety of the first act in a region called Fractured Peaks. Players could choose from five different classes and battle the World Boss, Ashava, during select times. Co-op gameplay options were also available.

What were the rewards for participating in the Diablo 4 beta?

Participating in the Diablo 4 beta allowed players to earn titles such as Initial Casualty and Early Voyager, as well as a cosmetic item called Beta Wolf Pack. These rewards carry over to the full game when it launches on June 6.

Did progress from the beta carry over to the full game?

No, progress from the beta did not carry over to the full game. However, players had the opportunity to explore the game’s features and gameplay before its official release.

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