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Feast Among the Ruins: The Eat O Tronic in Fallout 76

by Lucas Grayson
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Eat O Tronic Fallout 76

Enter the world of Fallout 76 and find pre-War food still available. In this wasteland, the Eat O Tronic is a special find. It contains the well-known perfectly preserved pie.

This special pie looks like a vanilla tart or cheesecake. It’s rare and free of any dangerous radiation. This means it’s a taste of the luxurious life before the disaster.

Your quest for this unique pie starts at the Port-A-Diners. To get it, you need luck. Your Luck skill affects your chances. Even with perfect Luck, getting the pie first try is a tiny 2%.

But don’t lose hope, there are other ways to find this pie. You can search key locations in the wasteland. These include the Mechanist’s Lair, Cappy’s Cafe, and Fizztop Mountain. Each of these places might contain the delicious treat.

Get ready, brave the dangerous ruins, and search for the rare perfectly preserved pie. The Eat O Tronic will lead you towards a meal anyone in the wasteland would be proud to have.

Obtaining the Perfectly Preserved Pie

Getting the perfect pie in Fallout 76 is no easy feat. Your Luck stat and how many times you’ve tried before affect your chances. Even with Luck at 10, the odds on your first try are just 2%.

So, luck alone won’t help you get this prized dessert. Let’s look closer at the math to understand better.

The Formula: Luck and Attempts

Luck and how many tries you’ve made matter for getting the perfect pie. With each try, your odds get a little better.

Look at the numbers and luck levels, and you’ll see interesting things. For a Luck stat of 5, there’s a 50% shot within 36 tries.

The Elusive 95% Chance

It can take from 75 to 105 tries to be 95% sure of the pie. High Luck helps, but you’ll need patience too.

Pushing the Odds: 99.5% Chance

If you want to nearly guarantee the pie, you must try between 109 to 140 times. Reaching this point, your odds hit 99.5%. Remember, these numbers vary with your Luck score.

Specific Locations

Don’t fancy chancing the Port-A-Diner? There are other places for the perfect pie in Fallout 76.

Some spots include:

  • The Mechanist’s Lair
  • Cappy’s Cafe
  • Fizztop Mountain

However, these places might need some exploring or tough battles. Be careful, and the pie may be yours.

Luck Level Attempts for a 95% Chance Attempts for a 99.5% Chance
1 75 109
5 75 109
10 105 140

Now, armed with the pie formula and locations, you’re set for your search. Whether trying your luck or exploring the world, determination and love for old-world tastes will guide you to the prized pie.

Locations of the Perfectly Preserved Pie

Fallout 76’s wasteland is full of surprises, including the sought-after perfectly preserved pie. You’ll find it in different places waiting to be discovered.

In the Mechanist’s Lair, look for an Eat-o-Tronic on the wall. This is where you might find the pie. Cappy’s Cafe also hides two slices out in the open for the taking.

For a bigger challenge, try dropping from a beam above the entrance at Fizztop Mountain. You could land on yet another perfectly preserved pie. The game also has Port-A-Diner machines scattered around, making the hunt more exciting.

Places like the C.I.T. ruins and the Dugout Inn in Diamond City hide these treasures. Each spot has its own special charm, making your journey enjoyable.

Ready to explore Fallout 76 for these unique finds? Maybe you adore pies or just love searching for hidden gems. These spots will surely make your adventure more fun.


What is the Eat O Tronic in Fallout 76?

The Eat O Tronic is a well-known item in Fallout 76. It features the extremely rare perfectly preserved pie.

What is special about the perfectly preserved pie?

The perfectly preserved pie is a special treat in Fallout 76. It looks like a vanilla tart or cheesecake. This pie is unique as it’s not radioactive unlike other food items in the game.

How can I obtain the perfectly preserved pie?

To get the pie, check Port-A-Diners. Your Luck stat determines your chance. Even with Luck 10, it’s only a 2% chance on the first try. It can also appear in certain places like Mechanist’s Lair and Cappy’s Cafe.

How are the chances of obtaining the pie determined?

A formula decides your chance at the pie in Port-A-Diners. Your Luck and past tries are factors. Even with Luck 10, you only have a 2% chance on your first try. With Luck 5, you have a 50% shot after 36 tries.

Where can I find the perfectly preserved pie in Fallout 76?

The pie is scattered across the Fallout 76 world. Look in places like the Mechanist’s Lair and Cappy’s Cafe. You might also stumble upon it at Fizztop Mountain. Check in Port-A-Diners at spots like C.I.T. ruins, Dugout Inn in Diamond City, and the Super Duper Mart in Lexington.

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