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How Does the Intranet Help in Effective Document Management?

by Marcin Wieclaw
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How Does the Intranet Help in Effective Document Management?

Every business has to deal with numerous documents, paperwork, and contracts daily. Keeping these documents safe and secure is crucial to maintaining your organisation’s integrity. However, with so much on each employee’s plate, organisations must leverage the benefits of technological advancements to help them save and share each document safely on their respective devices. This is where the intranet plays a crucial role. The intranet helps keep documents safe, restrict their access, and keep track of who has viewed them or made changes.

If you are planning to avail yourself of the tremendous benefits of intranet software in safeguarding the integrity of your documents, you can try an intranet free demo from the top service providers to choose the best. Moreover, if you are new to the concept of intranet document management, the following article will help shed some light on it.

What Is an Intranet?

An intranet is a secured private network that is widely used by businesses and organisations to enhance, streamline, and improve employee engagement and collaboration. If you want to improve productivity among your employees, you need to leverage the benefits of the intranet and streamline work. Among the numerous advantages of intranet software, effective document management is the most crucial one. Now, we will touch upon some of the most critical ways in which the intranet helps in effective document management.

Benefit of Intranet in Effective Document Management:

Transitioning to a paperless office requires effective document management. The following are the ways in which Intranet software helps in this development:

It Makes Documents Easily Accessible to the Employees:

An intranet network comes with features such as a discussion board and staff directory that acts as a centralised location where you can make important documents accessible to all employees. For instance, you want all the employees to fill in an essential form. Now, instead of sending the form to a direct messaging platform, you can share it on the discussion board present on the intranet. This helps in the quick dissemination of information and ensures that every employee is notified about it.

Helps Maintain the Integrity of Documents:

When many employees work on the same document, it is very common that you will have more than one version of the same document. An intranet software acts as a centralised platform where you can track the different versions, the edit history and the current approval status of the document.

A Safe Way to Store Confidential Documents:

The intranet provides a centralised location where you can store your confidential documents. Now, to safeguard the confidentiality of the information, managers can control access to these sensitive files, and only those employees with permission can view them.

Easy Document Archiving and Cleanup:

Many intranet software have easy document archiving and cleanup features that can help store outdated documents that are currently not in use. Archiving documents is very different from permanently deleting documents. You can still view and share these files whenever you need to, but they are removed from folders that have files you need on a regular basis.

 Intranet Help in Effective Document Management

An Intranet Is Safeguarded With Firewalls:

An intranet software comes with firewalls that secure your documents from outside access and hackers. A firewall also acts as an internal block where you can manage which employees can access sensitive information. An intranet also offers end-to-end encryption of data, which acts as a double layer of security for sensitive data.

Streamlines Document Management:

An intranet software streamlines document management where the entire organisation uses one unified method of document sharing and working. It removes any loopholes and helps employees to be on the same page. Moreover, employees can quickly access the documents in one location, and multiple employees can collaborate on multiple projects simultaneously.


The intranet software has become an integral part of an organisation. With workplaces becoming highly digitalised, the need for a safe location to store e-documents has risen. In order to meet this need, intranet software has come with document management features that help employees work and share information in the digital space without any fear.


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