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How To Earn Free CS:GO Skins Online

by Marcin Wieclaw
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How To Earn Free CS:GO Skins Online

Skins are trending in CS:GO today, and it’s hard to call yourself a professional player if you don’t own a few. But they can be expensive. If you check a skin market, the prices may demand breaking the bank. However, you can still get impressive CS:GO skins for free. Want to know how to go about it? Check out our top 7 methods below:

1. Participating in Giveaways

This is one of the popular ways to earn free CS:GO skins on the web. How it works is simple — you can win skins through events hosted by many platforms and communities. Here are some top options:

  • Social media: You can get free skins on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when reputable CS:GO accounts organise giveaways.
  • Twitch stream: Some veterans host giveaways through live streams. It’s essential to watch, participate, and follow their guidelines to qualify.
  • Gaming forums: Websites like Reddit — especially /r/GlobalOffensive and /r/CS:GOTrade — post giveaways features from trusted users and communities frequently.

You can increase your chances of landing free skins by following multiple giveaway options and being active with all. Also, set notifications for trusted accounts to ensure you don’t miss any opportunity.

2. Using Reward Websites

With this option, all you need to do is complete various tasks. These range from surveys to watching videos, playing games, and even shopping online. You’ll earn points, which will accumulate as time goes on. Once enough, you can exchange them for CS:GO skins. Notably, choosing reputable sites is essential to avoid scams and stay safe.

3. Engaging in Trading Platforms

This basically involves exchanging items with other players. To trade effectively, you must first understand the value of your skins and those you want to get. Then, engage with the community to build a positive reputation and find trusted trading partners.

Make sure to use secure trading methods to avoid fraud. Popular platforms you can rely on for trading include the Steam community market and Reddit’s /r/GlobalOffensiveTrade. With patience and sound strategy, you’ll gradually build a collection of CS:GO skins through trading.

4. Using Cashback and Affiliate Programs

You can find gaming-related websites and services that offer cashback on purchases. Also, some affiliate programs reward you with skins for referring new users. G2A and Kinguins are platforms that provide such programs where you earn points to subsequently exchange for CS:GO skins.

With the rise of technology today, you can use ChatGPT for affiliate marketing to score more referrals. That way, you can get more free skins in the long run.

5. Playing on Community Servers

These servers offer skins as rewards for completing challenges and participating in games. Usually, you get the reward when you hit high scores. You can use the server browser in CS:GO to find servers with skin rewards on their description. Importantly, join servers with a good reputation to increase your chance of winning skins.

6. Participating in Tournaments and Events

Many online platforms and gaming tournaments offer skins prizes for top performers. Ensure to keep your eyes on such announcements from CS:GO communities. To do that, follow gaming news and join platforms like FACEIT and ESEA that regularly organise competitions.

These tournaments often require a team, so it’s best to join one — or form one. Regular participation in these events will earn you valuable skins, and you will enjoy competitive gameplay at the same time.

7. Utilising In-Game Drops

This is the simplest way to earn CS:GO skins for free. Basically, you receive random skin drops by playing the FPS game. For you not to miss out on potential rewards, going for competitive and Deathmatch mode is best. Also, to maximise the chances of getting drops, you need to play regularly. That’s because the drops are usually awarded weekly.


CS:GO skins vary, and some are pretty rare, making them valuable and expensive. Nevertheless, if you follow the seven tips we provided in this guide, you can land quality skins for free. However, ensure you’re careful in looking for free CS:GO skins. Only choose reputable methods and platforms to avoid falling for scams, which may put your CS:GO account at risk.



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