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Earn Galleons Fast: Tips for Hogwarts Legacy

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to get money in hogwarts legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, Galleons are essential for unlocking gear, recipes, and ingredients. While looting cash and completing quests are the main sources of money, there are additional ways to farm gold quickly. These methods include farming beasts, selling unwanted gear, searching encampments, and opening Eye Chests. By utilizing these strategies, players can maximize their Galleons and build their wealth efficiently.

Looking for ways to earn money in Hogwarts Legacy? In this guide, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks to make the most of your Galleons. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your magical journey, these money-making strategies will help you build your fortune in no time.

Curious about how to get money in Hogwarts Legacy? We’ve got you covered. From farming beasts to selling unwanted gear, there are various methods to boost your Galleon count. Let’s dive into the details and discover the best ways to earn money in this magical world.

Farming Beasts for Profit

One way to earn Galleons quickly in Hogwarts Legacy is by capturing and selling beasts. The Brood and Peck shop in Hogsmeade offers 120 Galleons for each unwanted rescued beast, regardless of the beast’s type or capture difficulty. This provides players with a profitable opportunity to make money while also promoting the well-being of these creatures.

Players can embark on a farming adventure by exploring various beast locations in Hogwarts Legacy. For example, near the Collector’s Cave Floo Flame, there are two Puffskein dens where players can find and capture these adorable creatures. By venturing west of Hogsmeade, players can utilize these dens to farm Puffskeins and then sell them to the Brood and Peck shop for a handsome sum of Galleons.

Farming beasts not only helps players accumulate wealth but also contributes to the conservation of magical creatures by providing them with a safer environment. By participating in this ethically responsible activity, players can actively engage in the magical ecosystem while reaping the financial rewards it offers.

Beast Type Location
Puffskein Two dens near the Collector’s Cave Floo Flame
Niffler Mooncalf Meadows
Billywig Forbidden Forest
Firenzie Flying over the Great Lake at night

Selling Unwanted Gear for Galleons

Another effective way to earn Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy is by selling unwanted gear. As the game does not offer a dismantling mechanic, selling unneeded equipment to merchants is the best way to clear inventory space and make money. Any shopkeeper in the game will gladly purchase gear from you, providing you with a steady stream of Galleons.

The selling price of gear varies depending on its rarity. Each gear piece is categorized by its color, indicating its rarity level. Green gear, the most common, can be sold for 60 Galleons. Blue gear, which is rarer than green, can fetch you 90 Galleons. If you come across purple gear, a rarity level higher than blue, you can sell it for 150 Galleons. Finally, the most coveted gear, represented by the gold color, can be sold for a whopping 200 Galleons.

It’s important to note that selling unwanted gear does not mean you have to sacrifice your preferred cosmetic styles. In Hogwarts Legacy, players have the option to retain the appearance of sold gear in the Outfit Appearance menu. This way, you can sell gear you no longer need without compromising your unique and desirable outfit choices.

Gear Rarity and Selling Prices

Gear Rarity Selling Price
Green 60 Galleons
Blue 90 Galleons
Purple 150 Galleons
Gold 200 Galleons

Exploring Encampments and Eye Chests

When venturing through the enchanting world of Hogwarts Legacy, don’t forget to seize the opportunity to explore encampments and unlock eye chests for a profitable journey. Make it a priority to visit each encampment and base you come across while travelling. Once you’ve defeated all the enemies, be sure to collect the loot and search for chests or containers that may be hiding in plain sight. While the individual amounts may initially seem insignificant, consider the cumulative effect over time – your earnings will grow rapidly.

Eye Chests are another lucrative discovery you should keep an eye out for. These chests, distinguished by their distinctive large eyeball design, are scattered throughout the Hogwarts Legacy world. By casting the Disillusionment Charm and uncovering these eye chests, players can earn a handsome reward of 500 Galleons. With the potential for such a significant boost in your Galleon count, embracing the challenge of finding and unlocking these chests is a worthwhile endeavor.

So, on your journey through Hogwarts Legacy, make sure to search every encampment, vanquish your foes, and open those eye chests. Your dedication to exploring every nook and cranny will pay off handsomely, enriching your Galleon cache and allowing you to fully embrace the magical experiences that await you. Keep an eye out for those eye chests and revel in the satisfaction of your well-earned rewards.


How can I earn Galleons quickly in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are several ways to earn Galleons quickly in Hogwarts Legacy. One method is by capturing and selling beasts to the Brood and Peck shop for 120 Galleons each. Another way is to sell unwanted gear to shopkeepers, with different rarities selling for varying amounts of Galleons. Additionally, exploring encampments and opening Eye Chests can also provide a significant boost in Galleon earnings.

Where can I find beasts to capture and sell?

Beasts can be found in various locations in Hogwarts Legacy. One recommended spot is the two Puffskein dens near the Collector’s Cave Floo Flame, located west of Hogsmeade. These dens offer a profitable opportunity to capture and sell beasts while also helping them find safer environments.

How do I sell unwanted gear for Galleons?

To sell unwanted gear for Galleons, visit any shopkeeper in Hogwarts Legacy. Simply interact with them and select the gear you wish to sell. The selling price will depend on the rarity of the gear, with green gear selling for 60 Galleons, blue gear for 90 Galleons, purple gear for 150 Galleons, and gold gear for 200 Galleons. This allows you to clear inventory space and make money while retaining the appearance of sold gear under the Outfit Appearance menu.

How can exploring encampments and opening Eye Chests help me earn Galleons?

While exploring the game world in Hogwarts Legacy, it is recommended to stop at every encampment and base you come across. After defeating all the enemies, you can collect the loot and search for chests or containers. Although the individual sums may seem small, over time, these earnings can accumulate quickly. Additionally, keep an eye out for Eye Chests, which can be found throughout the game. By casting the Disillusionment Charm and opening these chests, you can receive 500 Galleons, providing a significant boost in your Galleon earnings.

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