Inuru: Polish Creator Lights Up OLED Tech

Discover the brilliance of OLED technology with Inuru’s advanced lighting solutions. As a leading developer in the field, Inuru is at the forefront of sustainable and innovative lighting solutions.

With a focus on OLED lighting, Inuru is revolutionizing the industry with its energy-efficient technology. The company’s commitment to smart lighting technology has led to groundbreaking developments that are transforming various sectors.

Powered by Inuru lighting, the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s enhancing medication management in the healthcare industry or creating engaging entertainment experiences, Inuru’s OLED labels are making a significant impact.

Recently, Inuru secured $10 million in funding to expand into new industries, further fueling its mission to provide advanced lighting solutions. Investors, including Aper Ventures and Adamed Technology, recognize the potential of Inuru’s innovative approach.

Moreover, Inuru’s dedication to pushing boundaries is evident in their latest creation – a game board enhanced with OLED lighting. This exciting product, expected to be available at Walmart, is projected to contribute to triple-digit revenue growth.

As Inuru continues to innovate and light up the world with OLED technology, the future of environmentally-friendly and affordable lighting solutions looks brighter than ever. Stay tuned for more updates on Inuru’s Dragon Factory and their mission to transform industries worldwide.

Ultra-Thin OLED Wristband Saves Lives with Medication Expiration Warnings

Two Polish scientists, Marcin Ratajczak and Patryk Barkowski, have created a life-saving ultra-thin wristband with an OLED screen. This innovative breakthrough is designed to warn people when their medication has expired, potentially saving up to 30,000 lives annually. The OLED screen can be placed on drug packaging to indicate when a medication has reached its expiration date. This wristband, developed by Inuru, is called the Elves wristband and employs organic LEDs to generate light. It has the potential to revolutionize the way medications are packaged and improve medication management for individuals.

This life-saving device addresses a critical concern in medication management – medication expiration. By providing a visual reminder of expiration dates directly on drug packaging, the OLED wristband ensures that individuals are aware of expired medication and can take the necessary steps to replace it. This simple yet powerful solution has the potential to save lives by preventing the improper use of expired medications that could lead to harmful or ineffective treatments.

EU Digital Ambassador Dr. Maciej Kawecki hails this invention as a pioneer in not only medication management but also in previewing future communication possibilities. The OLED screen technology used in the Elves wristband showcases the potential for interactive displays and information exchange in compact wearable devices. As the wristband gains traction for medication expiration warnings, it could pave the way for other applications and advancements in the field of wearable OLED technology.

Inuru’s commitment to advancing OLED technology extends beyond lighting solutions, and this ultra-thin OLED wristband represents another step towards their mission. By leveraging the power of OLED screens, Inuru continues to innovate and create sustainable and life-enhancing solutions. The combination of OLED technology and medication management in the form of the Elves wristband proves that OLEDs have the potential to revolutionize various industries and improve the lives of individuals.

Inuru’s Dragon Factory: Advancing Affordable Organic LED Technology

Inuru’s commitment to innovation and advanced manufacturing techniques is exemplified by the Dragon Factory in Wildau, Germany. This visionary facility is set to revolutionize the world of lighting with its affordable and environmentally-friendly organic LED (OLED) technology. By harnessing the power of OLEDs, Inuru aims to disrupt various industries and bring elegant, yet accessible lighting solutions to businesses and consumers alike.

The Dragon Factory focuses on producing paper-thin Surface Lighting based on Organic LED technology. These OLEDs offer a brilliant and cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting options and open up a world of possibilities for businesses seeking to create immersive and sustainable environments. With their slim profile and energy-efficient nature, OLEDs have the potential to transform industries and enhance the way we experience light.

Inuru’s expertise in additive manufacturing techniques enables the Dragon Factory to produce OLEDs in a highly efficient and affordable manner. By reducing the manufacturing costs associated with OLED technology, Inuru paves the way for wider adoption and integration of this innovative lighting solution. The Dragon Factory serves as a catalyst for driving change and pushing boundaries, enabling businesses and consumers to embrace a more sustainable and visually captivating future.

As Inuru advances organic LED technology through the Dragon Factory, it not only creates affordable lighting solutions, but also sets the stage for a new era of design possibilities and opportunities. With its dedication to disrupting industries and championing environmentally-friendly lighting options, Inuru is poised to illuminate the world with its Dragon Factory and redefine what’s possible in the realm of lighting.


What is Inuru’s goal with its interactive OLED labels?

Inuru aims to use its OLED labels to assist patients in medication management and improve adherence to prescribed guidelines, ultimately reducing healthcare expenses and fatalities caused by non-adherence to medication.

What industries is Inuru expanding into with its OLED labels?

Inuru is focusing on the medication and entertainment sectors, aiming to provide innovative solutions in these industries.

How is Inuru financing its operations and marketing?

Inuru has raised $10 million in funding from various investors, including Aper Ventures and Adamed Technology. The company is also exploring the possibility of an IPO to further finance its activities.

What product has Inuru introduced to contribute to revenue growth?

Inuru has introduced a game board enhanced with OLED lighting, which will be sold at Walmart and is expected to generate triple-digit revenue growth for the company.

How can Inuru’s OLED wristbands save lives?

Inuru’s ultra-thin OLED wristbands are designed to warn individuals when their medication has expired. This can potentially save up to 30,000 lives annually by preventing the improper use of drugs.

How are Inuru’s OLED wristbands beneficial for medication management?

The OLED screen on Inuru’s wristbands can be placed on drug packaging to indicate when a medication has reached its expiration date, allowing individuals to manage their medication more effectively.

What has the EU Digital Ambassador said about Inuru’s OLED wristbands?

EU Digital Ambassador Dr. Maciej Kawecki believes that Inuru’s OLED wristbands are a revolutionary breakthrough and could also offer potential communication possibilities in the future.

What is the Dragon Factory and what will it produce?

The Dragon Factory is being built by Inuru in Wildau, Germany, and it will produce paper-thin Surface Lighting based on Organic LED technology.

What are the advantages of Inuru’s organic LED (OLED) technology?

OLEDs are thinner and greener than traditional LEDs, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Inuru’s advanced manufacturing techniques allow for more efficient and cost-effective production of OLEDs compared to current lighting technologies.

How does Inuru plan to make OLED technology more accessible?

By reducing the cost of OLEDs, Inuru aims to make this innovative lighting technology more accessible to businesses and consumers, disrupting industries worldwide.

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