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Master Settlements: How to Assign Settlers Fallout 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to assign settlers fallout 4

If you’re an avid player of Fallout 4, you know that settlement building and resource management are essential elements of the game. The ability to assign settlers to various tasks plays a crucial role in creating thriving settlements. To help you maximize your settlement’s productivity and efficiency, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on how to assign settlers in Fallout 4.

Creating a network of supply lines is the key to effective settlement building and resource management. By establishing these connections, you can ensure the sharing of resources among your settlements, allowing for optimal utilization of your workshop inventory. This guide will provide you with the necessary information to master settlement building and assign settlers in Fallout 4.

In the following sections, we will delve into the intricacies of supply lines, understanding how they work, and how to establish and manage them effectively. We will also address the limitations and unknown aspects of supply lines in the game, ensuring you have a complete understanding of the mechanics involved.

So, if you’re ready to take your settlement building skills to the next level and optimize your resource management in Fallout 4, let’s dive right in!

Understanding Supply Lines in Fallout 4

Supply lines in Fallout 4 are a vital component for creating interconnected settlements and facilitating the sharing of resources. By establishing supply lines between settlements, you can access items stored in the workshop inventory from any location within the network. This includes resources collected by settlers and scrap materials, enabling efficient resource management across your settlements.

It’s important to note that while resources for crafting are shared through supply lines, actual items cannot be directly accessed from the inventory selection. The inventory is only for crafting purposes, and items must be physically retrieved from their original settlement stations.

Chaining supply lines together enables you to extend the network and pool resources from combined workshop inventories. This consolidated inventory provides a significant advantage in crafting, as all settlements connected to the supply line network share the same pool of resources, allowing for smoother settlement development.

To unlock settlements in Fallout 4, you need to complete Minuteman faction quests. Once settlements are unlocked, it is advisable to establish a supply line for each settlement in your network to ensure efficient resource distribution.

To establish supply lines, settlers can be assigned as provisioners. Provisioners will travel between settlements, ensuring the continuous flow of resources. These provisioners are not stationary in the settlements; instead, they travel alongside pack brahmin, connecting different locations within the settlement network.

The PipBoy map provides a comprehensive view of your supply line network, displaying the connections between settlements and allowing for easy management and monitoring of the resource sharing system.

Here’s a visual representation of a sample supply line network:

Settlement Name Connected Settlements
Sanctuary Hills Abernathy Farm, Red Rocket Truck Stop, Starlight Drive-In
Abernathy Farm Sanctuary Hills, Red Rocket Truck Stop, Tenpines Bluff
Red Rocket Truck Stop Sanctuary Hills, Abernathy Farm, Finch Farm, Hangman’s Alley
Starlight Drive-In Sanctuary Hills, County Crossing, Covenant

By establishing and effectively managing supply lines, you can streamline resource distribution, maximize settlement productivity, and ensure the efficient development of your settlements in Fallout 4.

Establishing and Managing Supply Lines

To create supply lines in Fallout 4 and optimize your settlement’s resource management, unlocking the Local Leader tier 1 perk is essential. This perk requires a Charisma level of 6 and grants access to the supply line command in your settlement’s workshop mode. By selecting a settler and assigning them to a supply line, you can effortlessly establish a connection between two settlements.

The settler you assign to a supply line takes on the role of a provisioner, responsible for traveling between their home settlement and the assigned location. It’s important to note that provisioners don’t stay in the settlement but journey with a pack brahmin companion. The supply line is established instantaneously upon assignment, enabling you to delve into crafting in the workshop mode without any delay.

When assigning settlers to supply lines, it’s worth mentioning that any random “Settler” NPCs can be assigned, while named NPCs must remain in their designated home settlement. To fully reap the benefits of supply lines, consider sending extra settlers to connected settlements and constructing a Recruitment Radio Tower to attract new settlers.

However, it’s important to be aware of certain limitations and unknown information surrounding supply lines in Fallout 4. The game doesn’t provide clear guidance on how surplus food or water is shared between settlement inventories. Placing food or water in a supply line may not enhance happiness in connected settlements. To tackle this, it’s advisable to establish dedicated food and water resources in each settlement. Additionally, it’s crucial to note that weapons, armor, or ammunition items aren’t shared on the supply line network, necessitating a visit to the original settlement station where the items are stored to retrieve them.


How can I assign settlers in Fallout 4?

To assign settlers, you need to unlock the Local Leader tier 1 perk with a Charisma level of 6. Once unlocked, enter workshop mode and select a settler. Use the assign command to assign them to a specific task or location.

What is the purpose of supply lines in Fallout 4?

Supply lines connect settlements and allow the sharing of resources. By establishing supply lines, you can access items stored in the workshop inventory from any location in the network.

How do I establish a supply line?

To establish a supply line, unlock the Local Leader perk, access workshop mode, and select a settler. Assign them to a supply line, and they will become a provisioner, traveling between settlements to ensure the flow of resources.

Can named NPCs be assigned to supply lines?

No, named NPCs must remain in their home settlements. However, random “Settler” NPCs can be assigned to supply lines.

Are all resources shared in the supply line network?

Resources for crafting are shared, but actual items cannot be found in the inventory selection. Food, water, weapons, armor, and ammo items are not shared on the supply line network.

How can I optimize the benefits of supply lines?

Send extra settlers to connected settlements and build a Recruitment Radio Tower to attract new settlers. Additionally, it is advisable to build dedicated food and water resources in each settlement.

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