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Navigating the Wastes: Cartography Tables in Fallout 76

by Lucas Grayson
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Cartography Table Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, Cartography Tables let players find secrets in Appalachia. These tables are a must for those exploring the wastelands.

They help find treasures by reading Treasure Maps. These maps show drawings of the treasure locations. Players use the drawings to find the exact spot in the game world.

There are six main areas where treasures can be found in Appalachia. Each region has its own set of treasure maps. Players need to search the right area to discover the treasure.

With the Cartography Table, players can find amazing items. These rewards will help them on their journey across the wastelands.

Finding Treasure in The Forest Region

The Forest region in Fallout 76 is full of hidden treasure. Follow clues from Treasure Maps for an exciting adventure. Let’s look at some key spots in The Forest where you can find these riches.

Treasure Map #4 – Anchor Farm

One map shows a biplane crash near a big tree close to a farmhouse. Go to Anchor Farm, found in the Forest’s central part, north of Vault 76. The treasure is in the backyard right by the downed plane.

Treasure Map #7 – Gauley Mine and Top of the World

Map #7 shows the Top of the World Ski Resort from afar. Head north to Gauley Mine and the resort. You’ll find the stash just beneath a billboard, ready to be found.

Treasure Map #8 – Railway Bridge

Map #8 leads you to where the railways cross a bridge beyond the Gauley Mine. Seek a grassy mound by the stream’s right side. The treasure lies there, waiting for a keen adventurer to discover it.

Treasure Map #10 – Greg’s Mine Supply

The last map, #10, pictures a river gorge with a house and bridge on one side. Look for the treasure on the left side of the gorge, near Greg’s Mine Supply. Find the riches by exploring this part.

Using the Cartography Table, players can follow the maps to search The Forest region. Look out for landmarks like crashed planes, billboards, and houses. Then, you’re all set for a successful treasure hunt. Good luck!

Uncovering Hidden Riches in Other Regions

Aside from The Forest, other places in Fallout 76 hold Treasure Maps. These maps guide you to secret riches. Come with us to the Toxic Valley, the Savage Divide, and the Black Mountain Ordnance Works. Let’s find these hidden treasures together.

Toxic Valley Treasure Map Locations

Treasure Map #4: This map shows a big crash site in the northeast of the Toxic Valley. The treasure sits on a ridge above the wreckage. It’s a place with a unique view. Go there to collect your prize.

Savage Divide Treasure Map Locations

Treasure Map #1: Head to the south of the Savage Divide. Look for a big, spiked tower nearby. The treasure is hidden under this tower. It’s at the Federal Disposal Field HZ-21. You’ll find riches there.

Treasure Map #2: Go to Solomon’s Pond in the heart of the Savage Divide. You’ll see a charming pond with a water tower in the background. The treasure is near this beauty spot, not far from the monorail and Spruce Knob.

Treasure Map #7: This map points to a cliff by the monorail in the Savage Divide. Go stand on this cliff to look for the hidden treasure. It’s a stunning place that holds a valuable reward.

Exploring Black Mountain Ordnance Works

The Black Mountain Ordnance Works was a key place for storage before the war. It’s full of treasures and secrets. Explore it to find valuable items. It’s a place full of mystery and adventure.

Now that you know where the treasure maps lead, you’re ready. Visit the Toxic Valley, Savage Divide, and Black Mountain Ordnance Works. Embark on a thrilling adventure to find hidden riches in Appalachia.

Region Treasure Map Treasure Location
Toxic Valley Treasure Map #4 Crashed Space Station, far northeast corner of the Toxic Valley
Savage Divide Treasure Map #1 Federal Disposal Field HZ-21, south of the Savage Divide
Savage Divide Treasure Map #2 Solomon’s Pond, south central part of the Savage Divide
Savage Divide Treasure Map #7 Jagged cliff overlooking the monorail line, lower half of the Savage Divide
Appalachia Black Mountain Ordnance Works Various locations within the facility

It’s time to be an explorer. Use the clues from the treasure maps. Find the hidden treasures across the Toxic Valley, the Savage Divide, and the Black Mountain Ordnance Works. Good luck on your quest for wealth.


Cartography Tables in Fallout 76 have changed how gamers explore Appalachia. They are must-have tools for finding treasures. By reading Treasure Maps with them, players can discover hidden riches.

They guide you through The Forest’s secrets, Toxic Valley’s dangers, and the Savage Divide’s challenges. These tables make every trip exciting. The rare items you find make it all worth it.

Get your pip-boy ready and start your journey in Fallout 76. With Cartography Tables, you’ll find the wasteland’s secrets. Uncover hidden treasures today in this thrilling game. Happy hunting!


What are Cartography Tables?

Cartography Tables are new in Fallout 76. They help players find secrets in Appalachia. You can discover these tables while exploring the wasteland. They are a must-have for any explorer.

What can Cartography Tables be used for?

They help decipher Treasure Maps. These maps lead to secret spots with hidden treasures. Landmarks and map clues help you find the exact treasure location.

Where can I find Treasure Maps?

Treasure Maps are scattered across Appalachia. Each map focuses on a specific area. You have to search in that region to find the treasure.

The maps cover regions like The Forest and The Mire. Specific locations include the Savage Divide and the Cranberry Bog.

What treasures can I find in The Forest region?

The Forest has many Treasure Maps that point to hidden gems. You can find these while exploring. They offer useful items to aid you.

For instance, map #4 shows a crashed biplane near a tree. Another, map #7, highlights the Top of the World ski area.

Are there Treasure Maps in other regions of Appalachia?

Yes, other areas of Appalachia hold Treasure Maps too. For example, the Toxic Valley has map #4. It leads to a crash site at the Crashed Space Station.

The Savage Divide hides treasures as well. There’s map #1 leading to the Federal Disposal Field HZ-21. And map #2 takes you to Solomon’s Pond.

Is there anything else to discover in Fallout 76?

Absolutely. The Black Mountain Ordnance Works, for example, is worth exploring. It’s just one of many locations filled with loot and rare items. Appalachia is waiting to be explored, offering many more secrets and treasures.

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