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The Evolving Role of Human Essay Writers in an AI-Dominated Landscape

by Marcin Wieclaw
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The Evolving Role of Human Essay Writers in an AI-Dominated Landscape

AI for content creation has proved itself extremely useful. Texts, art, advertisement, video – almost every content creation field experienced AI’s influence. Academic essay writing is not an exception. When people search for essayservice promo code, they will inevitably find something related to AI. Does that mean that human writing experts have become obsolete? Not necessary.

This article overviews AI’s influence on academic essay writing. It also overviews possible changes for human experts in the field.

How AI Has Conquered the World

The development of sufficient AI technology was a matter of time. In the past decade, we had a plethora of AI-assisted tools, such as:

  • Voice assistants;
  • Navigators;
  • Pattern recognition systems;
  • Car autopiloting.

All these bits contributed to the AI breakthrough that we see nowadays. The academic field is not an exception. The essay writing domain experiences AI influence, too.

Modern AI language models use natural language processing algorithms (NLP). These algorithms allow AI bots to recognize patterns in user’s prompts. As a result, AIs provide human-like responses. While still limited, AI chatbots can write coherent paragraphs for academic essays.

AI-written essays question the academic integrity of students who use them. Yet, the academic community cannot deny that they make essay writing quicker and more streamlined.

AIs can quickly and coherently create a thesis statement. They can also provide argumentation and support it with proof. An AI language model can provide unique answers if a user spends time tailoring the prompt. Still, despite all of these advancements, AI language models have yet topple human writers.

Why Human Touch Still Matters

AI technology is not the only element that has been evolving in recent years. Knowledge and writing techniques of human experts progressed as well. Yet, aside from sheer professionalism, human writers have a quality that no AI has yet – emotional intelligence.

Request an essay from EssayService or any coursework writing service, and you will receive a unique essay. Human writing experts know how to collect relevant data and analyze it. AIs can only rely on pre-uploaded data that become obsolete with time.

Secondly, human writing experts strictly follow the instructions. Customers’ explanations can be insufficient. Professional writers can fill the gap with their expertise and clarifications. An AI language model must receive clear instructions to avoid an unsolvable problem.

Thirdly, AIs cannot reference information correctly. This element is still one of the most significant drawbacks of AI writers. Artificial intelligence cannot gather, analyze, and reference relevant details. This disadvantage renders AI-written essays unreliable.

Human writers do not make such mistakes. Each human-written essay is a carefully crafted, original academic paper.

Finally, AIs lack personalization in their writing approach. Each AI-crafted essay is similar to the previous one. It is one of the reasons why AI essays have so high plagiarism scores. AIs operate in patterns, and their options are limited. Therefore, an AI language model can disclose a topic in limited ways.

Human experts, on the contrary, have an infinite amount of ways to describe a topic. Each writer who makes an essay contributes some personal experience to the paper. A human writer still imprints their emotions. This is true even for the strictest papers. Ultimately, human-written essays are original not only in terms of plagiarism but regarding topic disclosure as well.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/person-using-computer-keyboard-X_JsI_9Hl7o

Adaptability and New Ways of Essay Writing

Currently, there’s rivalry between human writers and AI language models. We can hear talks about AIs replacing humans more often. Yet, it will not be an issue for several more decades. Cooperation should be cultivated instead of antagonism between human writers and sophisticated AI language models.

Despite their limits, AIs can still greatly help with essay writing. AI language models can brainstorm ideas and provide outlines. AI language models can lack specific knowledge. Yet, they can give a general overview of the subject. Usually, it helps start writing a draft of your own.

AI language models also excel in reasonable argument construction. They can provide various options and alternative points of view. These, in turn, will help build a cohesive argumentative essay.

Finally, AI language models are excellent for active feedback. Whether it is grammar or style – an AI language model can share insights for improvement. Naturally, human writing experts can provide this service, too. Yet, AI language models make it more affordable and faster.

Human Writing Evolution

Despite having innate emotional intelligence and critical thinking, these qualities should not be considered given to humans. People must emphasize and develop these qualities in educational programs to preserve human supremacy in the AI language models.

Creative writing and critical thinking are the сritical components of human superiority over AI language models. A holistic approach to education is one of the methods to foster these qualities in future academic writers.

The ethical aspect of the issue should be viewed alongside practical application. A clear division between human and AI-created content should be created. This transparency will build trust between readers and writers. Besides, such an approach will emphasize the importance of human contribution to academic writing.

Transparency also contributes to awareness regarding AI’s susceptibility to manipulations. The AI language models warn users that chatbots can be incorrect in their replies. Yet, this warning could be more transparent regarding academic essay writing. AIs can provide inaccurate or misleading information in their replies when they do not know the correct answer. Knowing this limit and increasing awareness about it should be a part of the AI academic writing discourse.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/woman-in-blue-long-sleeve-shirt-using-macbook-pro-9yCYGgPe5Kg

Bottom Line

The AI technologies are constantly evolving. Emerged from enhanced assistants, AI language models now rival humans. Academic writing is another field where AIs demonstrate reasonable results. Yet, the human writing techniques and adaptation persist as well.

Despite rapid advancement, AIs still lack emotional intelligence and context understanding. These limitations allow people to remain superior. However, this superiority should not be taken for granted. Critical thinking and a holistic approach to education can foster future writer specialists.

AIs may be helpful, too. AI language models can become valuable assistants for human writing professionals if used scarcely.


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