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Uncovering Secrets: The Mystery of ‘What Slept Beneath’ in Fallout 76

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Fallout 76 What Slept Beneath

Welcome to the world of Fallout 76. Here, mysteries are waiting to be solved, and adventures call out to you. The latest update, Nuka-World on Tour, brings a fascinating side quest: “What Slept Beneath.” This quest leads you to an old mine shaft in the Ash Heap. You’re on a mission to discover the truth about a strange creature believed to live there.

This quest is perfect for Fallout 76 fans looking for exciting challenges and intriguing stories. It’s presented by Pete Myers, a mechanic with the Nuka-World on Tour. He tasks players with exploring an abandoned mineshaft to find proof of the creature. The mine is filled with ultracite crystals, and surprises await at every corner.

During your investigation, finding air filter parts can help. They are important for a carnival and change the dialogues you have with Pete Myers. By paying close attention and exploring thoroughly, you can solve the mystery. You will help the troupe get ready for a big event. So, are you up for the challenge of finding out what’s hidden in the mine?

Get ready for an amazing journey in Fallout 76. Dive into the captivating side quest, “What Slept Beneath.” Explore the abandoned mine, gather evidence, and help solve the monster mystery. The Nuka-World on Tour update adds new challenges and fun to Fallout 76. It’s an adventure not to be missed, especially for those who love to explore and uncover secrets.

Detailed Walkthrough of the ‘What Slept Beneath’ Quest

Get ready for an exciting journey in Fallout 76’s ‘What Slept Beneath’ quest. Follow this detailed guide to uncover the secrets of an abandoned mine.

Speak to Pete Myers to start the quest. He’s a mechanic in Nuka-World on Tour. Pete shares a scary story about a creature near an Ash Heap mine shaft.

Head to abandoned mine shaft 2 with curiosity burning in you. Be ready for whatever mystery waits inside.

Your goal is to find proof of the creature. Look for the ultracite crystals on a counter in the mine’s first pod level. These may shed light on the creature’s mystery.

If you’re smart (intelligence stat 6+), you’ll get more hints from a message. This can help a lot with your search.

In the dark mine, you’ll find important evidence. A holotape by Jack Woodhouse is vital. It’s on his body near the pod’s walls. This holotape is what Pete needs to know the truth.

“The creature’s existence is confirmed within the haunting echoes of Jack’s final moments.”

Once you find the holotape, go back to Pete. Giving him the holotape helps him and his friends prepare. They’re getting ready to face the mysterious creature.

With the holotape in hand, you’ve done your part. Go back to Pete. Help them get ready for what’s next in their mission.

Key Steps:

  1. Talk to Pete and accept the quest
  2. Head to abandoned mine shaft 2
  3. Investigate the mine shaft’s first level pods and interact with the ultracite crystals
  4. Search for the holotape recording on Jack Woodhouse’s corpse in the lower pod
  5. Return to Pete and hand over the holotape recording

Experience the Thrill of Discovery

The ‘What Slept Beneath’ quest is an exciting story in Fallout 76. It lets you explore the mystery in the abandoned mine. You help Pete find the truth, adding drama and intrigue to your adventures.

Optional Objective and Supplies for the Air Filters

Players also need to find a box of air filter parts for the carnival. This affects what Pete says at the end of the quest.

Visit the first floor of the pods in the abandoned mine shaft to find the air filter parts. They are in a metal box. These parts are crucial for the carnival to be safe and enjoyable.

Finding these air filter parts helps the carnival and changes the end conversation with Pete. If you find the parts, Pete will be happy and thank you. Without the parts, Pete will be worried and need a backup plan.

Dialogue Variations

The talk with Pete changes based on finding the air filter parts:

(With air filter parts)

Player: Hi Pete, I found the air filter parts for the carnival.

Pete: That’s fantastic news! We can keep the air clean now. Thanks for your help!

(Without air filter parts)

Player: Hi Pete, I couldn’t find any air filter parts for the carnival.

Pete: Oh no, that’s not good. We needed those. We’ll think of something else. Thanks for trying, though.

These choices show the players’ impact on the story and the carnival outcome.

Supplies for the Carnival

The air filter parts are crucial for the carnival’s air quality. They help keep the event pleasant for everyone, including the Nuka-World on Tour troupe.

Supplies Description
Air Filter Parts The necessary components to maintain proper air filtration at the carnival site.

Players become heroes by finding these air filter parts. They show they care about the carnival’s success and help it prosper.

Read on to know how the “What Slept Beneath” quest ends in Fallout 76.


The Fallout 76 side quest “What Slept Beneath” takes players on a thrilling journey. They explore an old mine to find clues about a strange creature. Their help is vital for Pete Myers and his team as they get ready for a big challenge.

This quest makes the world of Fallout 76 more interesting. It lets players see hidden secrets and feel like real investigators. Finding an important holotape and helping with the carnival gear make the adventure even better. Players learn a lot and get a great sense of achievement.

Start the “What Slept Beneath” quest in Fallout 76 to dive into a fascinating story. You’ll learn all about the mysterious creature and aid Pete Myers. Join him in an amazing journey through the Ash Heap. Get ready for thrills, risks, and a satisfying end to this tale.


How do I start the “What Slept Beneath” side quest in Fallout 76?

The Fallout 76 “What Slept Beneath” quest kicks off with the Nuka-World on Tour update. Pete Myers, a mechanic, gives you the lowdown about a strange creature near an old mineshaft. He asks you to check it out.

Where can I find evidence of the creature’s existence?

Go to the abandoned mine shaft 2 to find clues. Investigate the ultracite crystals on a counter in the mine’s first pod level. This action uncovers a crucial evidence piece of the creature’s existence.

How can I complete the optional objective of finding air filter parts?

For the optional task of searching for air filter parts, grab them from a metal box on the pods’ first floor. These parts are in the abandoned mine shaft. It changes how Pete reacts to you at quest’s end.

What happens after I collect the holotape recording?

Find the holotape and head back to Pete Myers to submit it. This helps the Nuka-World on Tour troupe get ready for any threats. Pete and the troupe then prepare for a possible big event with your help.

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