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Unveil the Journey: How Many Chapters in Tekken 7

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how many chapters in tekken 7

Welcome to the world of Tekken 7, where the epic battles unfold and the legacy of the Mishima clan continues. If you’re ready for an immersive gaming experience like no other, then buckle up and prepare to embark on a journey filled with action, drama, and unforgettable moments. In this article, we will delve into the captivating story mode of Tekken 7, exploring the number of chapters and the excitement that awaits you. So, grab your controller and get ready to dive into the heart-pounding world of Tekken 7.

The story mode in Tekken 7 is divided into two parts that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The first part, known as The Mishima Saga, takes you on a thrilling ride through the long-standing rivalry between Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima. Prepare to witness their clash of wills and the personal vendetta against the powerful Mishima Zaibatsu. As the story progresses, you’ll have the opportunity to take control of various characters and experience the conflict from different perspectives.

So, how many chapters are there in Tekken 7’s story mode? Brace yourself for a total of 15 chapters that will immerse you in an intricate narrative filled with twists and turns. Each chapter presents new challenges and revelations, keeping you hooked until the very end.

In addition to The Mishima Saga, Tekken 7 also features Character Episodes that shed light on the backstories of different characters in the game. These episodes contribute to the expansive lore of Tekken, adding depth and intrigue to the overall story.

Whether you’re a die-hard Tekken fan or new to the series, the chapters in Tekken 7 are sure to captivate your imagination and leave you craving for more. Prepare yourself for an epic adventure that will test your skills, unravel secrets, and pave the way for legendary battles. The world of Tekken awaits, so jump in and uncover the thrilling chapters that await you.

Gameplay and Mechanics in Tekken 7

Tekken 7, the latest installment in the renowned fighting game series, stays true to its roots by retaining the core gameplay mechanics that have made it a fan favorite. The game’s controls are designed to be intuitive, with buttons assigned to different limbs, allowing players to execute various moves and combos with ease.

However, Tekken 7 also introduces exciting new features that enhance the gameplay experience. One notable addition is the inclusion of Rage Drives and Rage Arts. These mechanics add a strategic element to battles and can play a crucial role in turning the tide in matches.

Rage Drives are unblockable combos that break through an opponent’s defense, providing an opportunity to deal significant damage. They require precise timing and execution, making them a powerful tool for players who can master them.

On the other hand, Rage Arts are cinematic super moves that can be unleashed when a character’s health is low. These visually stunning attacks can deal devastating damage to opponents and potentially secure a victory. However, they require careful decision-making as they leave the player vulnerable if they miss.

In addition to these new mechanics, Tekken 7 incorporates the use of weapons and introduces quick time events (QTEs) in certain scenes. These elements provide dynamic and engaging gameplay moments that further immerse players in the action.

Overall, the gameplay in Tekken 7 strikes a balance between accessibility for newcomers and depth for veterans. Whether you’re a casual player looking for an enjoyable fighting game experience or a competitive player seeking to master complex mechanics, Tekken 7 offers something for everyone.

Modes in Tekken 7

Tekken 7 offers a variety of modes for players to dive into the thrilling world of combat. Whether you’re a solo player seeking an immersive narrative experience or someone who enjoys testing your skills against others online, Tekken 7 has something for everyone. Let’s explore some of the exciting modes that await you:

Story Mode: Unveil the Epic Saga

Enter the captivating world of The Mishima Saga and Character Episodes. Experience an immersive narrative as you follow the ongoing battle between Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima, and uncover the deep-seated vendetta that drives their conflict. With 15 gripping chapters, Tekken 7 offers a truly epic storytelling experience that will leave you craving for more.

Arcade Mode: Embrace the Classic Thrills

Step into the traditional Tekken arcade experience with Arcade Mode. Fight your way through five challenging stages as you face formidable opponents and prove your skills against the roster of iconic Tekken characters. While it may not have the same depth as previous iterations, Arcade Mode still delivers the classic thrills you know and love.

Ranked Matches and Tournaments: Test Your Skills

Ready to take your fighting prowess to the next level? Engage in intense online battles through Ranked Matches and Tournaments. Put your skills to the test as you compete against other players from around the world. Show off your mastery of Tekken 7 and strive for the top of the leaderboards. Keep in mind that occasional issues with online functionality have been reported, but don’t let that deter you from the exhilarating competitive experience.

Treasure Battle: Seek Riches Through Battle

Embark on an offline adventure in Treasure Battle mode. Battle against AI opponents with random battle conditions and earn precious rewards as you emerge victorious. With each battle, you’ll inch closer to unlocking unique treasures and customizations for your fighters. Play strategically, overcome challenges, and amass your wealth one battle at a time.

Practice Mode, Combo Challenges, and Character Customization: Refine Your Skills

Become a true Tekken master by utilizing the various training tools available to you. Practice Mode allows you to hone your techniques, learn new moves, and perfect your combos. Take on the Combo Challenges to test your execution and discover advanced combos for each character. And don’t forget to personalize your fighters with the extensive Character Customization options, creating a unique identity that reflects your style.

With these diverse modes, Tekken 7 offers hours of engaging gameplay and thrilling challenges. Dive into the immersive story, unleash your skills in intense online battles, seek treasures offline, and refine your techniques to become a true Tekken warrior. The world of Tekken 7 awaits, so step into the ring and unleash your fighting spirit.


Tekken 7 is a gaming masterpiece that offers players an unforgettable journey filled with excitement and immersive storytelling. With 15 captivating chapters in The Mishima Saga, players can dive deep into the ongoing battle between Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima, experiencing the personal vendetta that drives their conflict. Furthermore, the additional Character Episodes provide valuable insights into the rich lore of Tekken 7, allowing players to unravel the complex backstories of their favorite characters.

The gameplay mechanics in Tekken 7 are a true testament to the series’ legacy. The introduction of Rage Drives and Rage Arts brings a new level of depth and strategy to battles, empowering players to unleash powerful unblockable combos and cinematic super moves that can turn the tide of any fight. These features create intense and adrenaline-pumping moments, keeping players hooked from start to finish.

With an array of modes to choose from, Tekken 7 caters to both single-player and multiplayer preferences. Whether you prefer to embark on a solo adventure in the immersive Story Mode or challenge your skills against other players in Ranked Matches and Tournaments, Tekken 7 offers something for everyone. Although there may be limitations in certain modes, the overall experience is undeniably satisfying for both newcomers and long-time fans of the series.

So, take the plunge into the world of Tekken 7 and uncover the epic narrative that awaits. Engage in heart-pounding battles, explore captivating storylines, and immerse yourself in the thrilling universe of Tekken 7. It’s time to embrace your inner warrior and conquer the world of fighting games like never before.


How many chapters are there in the story mode of Tekken 7?

There are a total of 15 chapters in the story mode of Tekken 7.

What are the two parts of the story mode in Tekken 7?

The story mode in Tekken 7 is divided into two parts: The Mishima Saga and Character Episodes.

What is The Mishima Saga in Tekken 7?

The Mishima Saga follows the ongoing battle between Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima, with a personal vendetta against the Mishima Zaibatsu.

What are Character Episodes in Tekken 7?

Character Episodes in Tekken 7 delve into the backstories of various characters in the game, providing additional insight into the Tekken lore.

What gameplay mechanics does Tekken 7 introduce?

Tekken 7 introduces new gameplay mechanics such as Rage Drives and Rage Arts.

What are Rage Drives in Tekken 7?

Rage Drives in Tekken 7 are unblockable combos that break through an opponent’s defense.

What are Rage Arts in Tekken 7?

Rage Arts in Tekken 7 are powerful cinematic super moves that can turn the tide of a battle.

What modes are available in Tekken 7?

Tekken 7 offers a variety of modes including Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Ranked Matches, Tournaments, Treasure Battle, Practice mode, Combo Challenges, and Character Customization.

What is the Treasure Battle mode in Tekken 7?

Treasure Battle is an offline mode in Tekken 7 where players can earn rewards through battles with random battle conditions.

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