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Brigitte Overwatch Guide: Tips & Strategies

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Brigitte, the versatile Tank/Support hybrid hero in Overwatch. Whether you’re new to playing Brigitte or looking to enhance your skills, this guide is packed with valuable tips, strategies, and insights to help you master this powerful hero. From understanding her abilities to countering her opponents, we’ve got you covered! So, let’s dive in and explore the exciting world of Brigitte in Overwatch.

Brigitte possesses an intriguing skill set that allows her to excel in different scenarios. Her abilities include the aggressive Rocket Flail, durable Barrier Shield, healing Inspire, versatile Repair Pack, disruptive Whip Shot, stunning Shield Bash, and game-changing Rally. With this toolkit, Brigitte can provide both offensive and defensive support while dominating close-range combat.

When it comes to gameplay, Brigitte thrives in active engagement and aggressive playstyle. She works best in dive and brawl compositions, making her a force to be reckoned with on capture and push maps. As you navigate the battlefield, remember that Brigitte’s strength lies in her close-quarters prowess and the ability to sustain her team with healing and armor.

However, Brigitte also faces challenges. While she excels against enemy DPS and healers, she can be countered by high-mobility heroes and those with long-range firepower. Understanding these matchups and adapting your playstyle accordingly is crucial to ensure Brigitte’s effectiveness in the game.

Stay tuned for the following sections, where we will delve deeper into Brigitte’s abilities, provide tips and tricks for playing her, and explore her advantages and counters. Whether you’re a Brigitte enthusiast or looking to expand your hero pool, this guide will enhance your knowledge and skills in mastering Brigitte in the ever-evolving Overwatch meta.

Brigitte’s Abilities in Overwatch 2

Brigitte, the Tank/Support hybrid hero in Overwatch 2, possesses a formidable set of abilities that make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Let’s delve into each of her distinctive skills:

Rocket Flail

Brigitte wields a Rocket Flail, a melee weapon with extended range capable of striking multiple enemies at once. This versatile flail empowers her to deal devastating damage to foes in close-quarters combat.

Barrier Shield

With her Barrier Shield, Brigitte can deploy a frontal energy barrier that absorbs a finite amount of damage. This shield acts as a protective shield not only for herself but also for her teammates, allowing them to advance and hold ground more securely.


Brigitte’s Inspire is a passive ability that triggers when she connects with her Rocket Flail, granting gradual healing to allies within a substantial 20-meter radius. By strategically engaging with enemies, she can provide continuous healing support to her team and turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Repair Pack

Equipped with a Repair Pack, Brigitte can mend the wounds of her allies or bestow them with additional armor. She can toss these packs to heal her teammates or reinforce their defenses when they are already at full health, making her an invaluable asset in sustaining her team’s frontline.

Whip Shot

Brigitte’s Whip Shot allows her to hurl her flail at distant targets, dealing damage and pushing them back. This long-distance precision attack disrupts enemy positioning, provides crowd control, and gives her team a tactical advantage.

Shield Bash

When Brigitte’s Barrier Shield is activated, she gains the ability to perform a Shield Bash, dashing forward and stunning an enemy upon impact. This swift offensive maneuver enables her to disrupt enemy plays, interrupt abilities, and create openings for her teammates to capitalize on.


Brigitte’s ultimate ability, Rally, grants her and nearby allies extra armor and health for a limited time. Rally bolsters her team’s resilience, enabling them to withstand enemy assaults and push forward with renewed vigor.

Brigitte’s diverse set of abilities allows her to excel in close-quarters combat, provide healing and armor support, disrupt enemy tactics, and bolster her team’s defenses. With this unique skillset, she is a formidable hero capable of making a significant impact in Overwatch 2’s team-based battles.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Brigitte in Overwatch

When playing Brigitte, it is important to actively engage with the enemy and consistently deal damage to keep her healing up. Prioritize healing allies who are low on health or outside of Inspire’s radius. Use Repair Pack to provide additional healing or armor to allies when needed. Utilize Whip Shot to disrupt enemy positioning and push them away from your team. Shield Bash can be used defensively to block incoming damage or offensively to stun enemies. Use Rally strategically to provide extra armor and health to your team before team fights. Focus on targeting DPS and enemy healers, but be cautious of high-mobility DPS and long-range damage dealers. Don’t forget to disrupt the enemy and use your abilities to protect your team.

Brigitte’s unique abilities make her a versatile hero in Overwatch. By following these strategies and mastering her playstyle, you can become a strong asset to your team and make a significant impact in each match. So go ahead, execute your brigitte tricks and dominate the battlefield as the mighty Brigitte!

Advantages and Counters for Brigitte in Overwatch

Brigitte in Overwatch offers several advantages that make her a valuable hero on the battlefield. With her unique abilities, such as healing, armor, and protection, she plays a crucial role in supporting her team. Brigitte excels in close-range combat, making her a formidable force on the frontline. Her ability to provide healing and armor to allies allows her team to sustain longer fights and withstand enemy attacks.

However, Brigitte does have weaknesses that can be exploited by certain heroes. High-mobility DPS heroes are her primary counters, as they can easily evade her attacks and outmaneuver her on the battlefield. Heroes like Tracer, Genji, and Doomfist can quickly close the gap and overwhelm her, making it challenging for Brigitte to effectively use her defensive abilities.

In addition, heroes with long-range firepower can pose a significant threat to Brigitte. Hanzo, Bastion, Junkrat, Pharah, and Sombra can easily break through her shields and render her abilities less effective. These heroes can engage Brigitte from a distance, minimizing her impact in close-quarters combat.

Understanding hero matchups is crucial for Brigitte players to overcome her weaknesses and maximize her effectiveness. Identifying heroes that can counter Brigitte and adjusting strategies accordingly is vital. By carefully selecting engagements and staying mindful of the enemy team composition, Brigitte players can mitigate her weaknesses and ensure she remains a valuable asset to the team.


What is Brigitte’s role in Overwatch?

Brigitte is a Tank/Support hybrid hero in Overwatch, excelling in close-range combat and providing healing and armor to her allies.

What are Brigitte’s abilities?

Brigitte’s abilities include Rocket Flail, Barrier Shield, Inspire (passive healing), Repair Pack, Whip Shot, Shield Bash, and Rally (ultimate).

How should I play Brigitte in Overwatch?

When playing Brigitte, it is important to actively engage with the enemy, consistently deal damage to maintain healing, prioritize healing low-health allies, use Repair Pack strategically, disrupt enemy positioning with Whip Shot, and protect your team using Shield Bash and Rally.

Who does Brigitte counter in Overwatch?

Brigitte has advantages against DPS and enemy healers but can be countered by high-mobility DPS and heroes with ranged firepower. Her strong matchups include close-range combatants and squishy supports.

Who counters Brigitte in Overwatch?

Brigitte is weaker against high-mobility DPS heroes and those with long-range damage output, such as Hanzo, Bastion, Junkrat, Pharah, and Sombra.

How can Overwatch 2 enhance Brigitte’s abilities?

In Overwatch 2, Brigitte’s abilities remain the same, but her Rocket Flail has an extended range to hit multiple enemies, and Rally provides extra armor and health to Brigitte and her nearby allies for a limited time.


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