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Cap Collector’s Guide: Where to Buy Caps in Fallout 76

by Julia Blackwood
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In Fallout 76’s post-apocalyptic world, Caps are key for trade and quick travel. You get them by doing quests, beating foes, looting, or selling your stuff. Having lots of Caps boosts your game experience. It lets you buy cool gear or trade with fellow players.

Wondering where to get Caps in Fallout 76? Here’s a few places to check out:

  • Vendors: Many vendors are out there in the wasteland, ready to trade with you. Check out what they have and sell some of your own items to get Caps.
  • CAMP Vending Machines: Put vending machines in your CAMP. Fill them with your items for sale. Others can buy from you even when you’re adventuring.
  • Selling Excess Items: If you’ve got stuff you don’t need, selling to vendors or other players is a good idea. What you see as junk might be someone else’s great find.
  • Cap Stashes: Find those hidden Cap stashes as you explore. They hold lots of Caps, a quick way to add to your funds.
  • Daily Missions and World Events: Take part in daily missions and events. They reward you with Caps and more, making it all worthwhile.

By using these ways, you can grow your Caps and improve trading in Fallout 76. Be smart and creative to build a big Cap stash. Next, we’ll look into some top methods to earn Caps in the game.

Best Ways to Farm Caps in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has many ways to get Caps, the game’s main money. By using these tips, players can get a lot of Caps fast. This lets them have fun in the game without worrying.

Sell Excess Items to Vendors

One easy way to get Caps is selling extra stuff to Vendors. Look for things like weapons, armour, or misc. items around the world. Then, go to places like Whitespring Resort or Sunnytop Station to sell them. Use the Hard Bargain perk to get more Caps for your items.

Set up CAMP Vending Machines

Use your CAMP to set up vending machines with good stuff in them. Put rare weapons, cool plans, or useful materials for sale. Others will see your spot on the map and might buy from you. You’ll earn Caps this way.

Farm and Sell Edibles and Drinks

Grow crops and gather meat and water to make food and drinks. You can sell these to Vendors or other players. Using the Green Thumb perk lets you gather more plants. You might also brew and sell drinks like Nuka-Cola for good money.

Hunt Down Cap Stashes

Cap stashes in places like Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 have lots of Caps. Check places like abandoned mine shafts to find them. Look out for hidden spots where Caps could be stashed. Searching well can bring you many Caps.

Participate in Daily Missions and World Events

Doing daily missions and world events is fun and helps you get Caps. These give Caps as rewards. Check your Pip-Boy for what’s available. Team up with others to tackle the tougher missions for more Caps.

Resell West Tek Weapons and Use the Cap Collector Perk

The West Tek Research Center is full of strong weapons. Beating tough enemies here can give you these weapons to sell. Use the Cap Collector perk to get more Caps for them. It’s a smart way to earn more.

Cap Farming Method Location Estimated Caps Per Hour
Selling Excess Items to Vendors Various settlements 500-1,000
Setting up CAMP Vending Machines Your own CAMP 1,000-2,000
Farming and Selling Edibles and Drinks Your own CAMP 500-1,000
Hunting Down Cap Stashes Various locations 500-1,500
Participating in Daily Missions and World Events Various locations 1,000-2,000
Reselling West Tek Weapons and Using the Cap Collector Perk West Tek Research Center 1,500-3,000

Use these methods to farm Caps in Fallout 76 more effectively. Try different ways to see what fits you best. Remember, staying determined and creative is important for making money in the game.

Tips for Making Caps Fast in Fallout 76

In the big world of Fallout 76, getting Caps is key to doing well. You might want to buy special weapons or earn a lot of money. Here are some tips to earn more Caps and be a top trader in the wasteland.

Enhance Your Charisma

Boosting your Charisma skill helps you make more Caps. Use the Hard Bargain Perk Card to get better deals. Also, take Grape Mentats to raise your Charisma for a short time and get even better prices.

Focus on One-Time Purchases

When you buy things, think about what will make you the most money back. Focus on buying things that you can resell for a higher price. Look for plans, blueprints, or unique items. These can bring you good Caps when you sell them.

Gamble at the Atlantic City Dice Table

Feeling lucky? Visit the Atlantic City Dice Table at the Lucky Mucker Casino. With smart bets, you could win a lot of Caps. But, always gamble smart and know when to stop to avoid losing too much.

Complete Main Quests

Doing main quests can also give you lots of Caps. It helps you earn money while enjoying the game. Plus, you get to know the game’s world better.

Equip Caps-Focused Perk Cards

Using certain Perk Cards can help you find more Caps. Cards like Cap Collector, Fortune Finder, and Hard Bargain are great. They boost your Caps and help you save on travel.

Remember these tips to earn Caps faster in Fallout 76. Make smart deals, aim for high-value items, and use the right Perk Cards. Then, watch your Caps pile grow. Happy trading!


In Fallout 76, Caps are key in the post-apocalyptic world economy. They help in trading for vital items. These items are crucial for players to live well and prosper. There are many tactics to earn Caps and support your journey.

Earning Caps fast is possible by selling extra items to vendors. These can be weapons, armour, or other items. Making use of CAMP Vending Machines attracts buyers. This means you can earn Caps even when you’re not online.

Profit can also come from growing and selling food and drinks. Collect resources, make them into consumables, and sell for a good amount. Good meals and drinks are valuable in a harsh world.

Don’t forget to look for hidden Caps in the landscape. Cap stashes contain a good amount of Caps. Daily missions and world events also offer Caps.

To earn more Caps, use special Perk Cards. Cards like Cap Collector, Hard Bargain, and Travel Agent help a lot. They make trading easier and save on costs.

To become a trading legend in Fallout 76, follow these tips. Combine smart farming, Perk Cards, and seizing good opportunities. This way, you can gather Caps and succeed in Appalachia’s wasteland.


How do I earn Caps in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76, players get Caps by doing lots of things. This includes finishing quests, defeating enemies, and searching stashes. Selling your items is another way. You can also get Caps from Vendors or through CAMP Vending Machines. Look out for Cap stashes, too. Don’t forget to join daily missions and world events for more chances!

What are some of the best locations to find Cap stashes in Fallout 76?

The best places for Cap stashes in Fallout 76 are known spots. These include Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06, Abandoned Mine Shaft 4, and Big B’s Rest Stop. Also, head to Eastern Regional Penitentiary for a good chance.

How can I make Caps quickly in Fallout 76?

To quickly make Caps in Fallout 76, boost your Charisma. Use Perk Cards like Hard Bargain and take items that help your Charisma, such as Grape Mentats. For spending, buy useful items once, avoiding overpriced collectibles and ammo. When buying, check out other players’ vending machines for better deals.

Also, consider the Atlantic City Dice Table and completing main quests for a solid Cap income.

Which Perk Cards can help me farm more Caps efficiently in Fallout 76?

Some Perk Cards really boost Cap farming in Fallout 76. These cards include Cap Collector, Fortune Finder, and Hard Bargain. Travel Agent is also great for this.

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