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Tallest Fighters in UFC 4: Advantages and Tactics

by Lucas Grayson
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tallest ufc fighter in ufc 4

Being taller in the UFC can give fighters some key benefits. For instance, it means they can reach further in a fight. This is great for landing punches or kicking their opponent from a safer distance.

Fighters with more height find it easier to try takedowns. They’re also better at stopping an opponent from taking them down. This extra leverage comes in handy in a close-quarters fight.

In grappling, a taller fighter might have an upper hand. They can use their height to keep their opponent under control. Knowing these perks can shape smart strategies for fighters in UFC 4.

Average Heights in the Men’s Division of UFC 4

The men’s division in UFC 4 has eight weight classes, each with its own average height. Knowing these heights is key for success in UFC 4. This helps you plan better. Now, let’s dive into each weight class’s average height:

Weight Class Average Height
Flyweight 5 feet 5 inches
Bantamweight 5 feet 6 inches
Featherweight 5 feet 8 inches
Lightweight 5 feet 10 inches
Welterweight 5 feet 11 inches
Middleweight 6 feet 0 inches
Light Heavyweight 6 feet 2 inches
Heavyweight 6 feet 4 inches

The heavier the weight class, the taller the fighters, on average. Heavyweights are the tallest, with an average of 6 feet 4 inches. This is important for choosing fighters and making strategies in UFC 4.

Knowing the average heights helps you understand each weight class’s benefits. It lets you make strategies that use your fighter’s height well in the virtual Octagon. Next, we’ll look at the average heights in the women’s division of UFC 4. Stay with us to find out.

Average Heights in the Women’s Division of UFC 4

In UFC 4, women’s heights follow a similar trend to men’s. Knowing the average height per weight class helps pick the best strategy and fighters in the game.

In the lightest class, the flyweight division, fighters are around 5 feet 2 inches tall. Their key weapons include speed and precision, making them tough to beat.

Next up, the bantamweights stand around 5 feet 4 inches tall. They balance speed with power. Their extra height aids them in dealing heavy hits and moving around the ring effectively.

Featherweights are slightly taller, averaging 5 feet 5 inches. They’re known for their athleticism and strength. Their height gives them an edge in both striking and grappling.

Knowing these height averages helps UFC 4 players. It shows the strengths of each class. This knowledge is crucial for making smart fighter picks and planning strategies.

Armed with this insight, gamers can craft strategies that exploit each class’s strengths. Be it improving striking accuracy, setting up solid defences, or grabbing grappling opportunities, understanding heights lays a firm groundwork for winning in UFC 4.

Next, we’ll highlight the main points about heights in UFC 4’s men’s and women’s divisions. We’ll see how this data can boost gameplay strategies and results.


In UFC 4, a fighter’s height is really important for their strategy. A taller fighter has a longer reach. This lets them hit and grab their opponent easier. It’s a big deal in the Octagon where a single move can change everything.

Being taller also helps in stopping a takedown or doing one. Taller fighters can keep their opponent at a distance. This makes their moves in a fight more effective.

Knowing the heights of fighters in each group helps in picking the best one. It’s about using your height well and having the right plan. With the right height and tactics, anyone can win in UFC 4.


What advantages does height provide in UFC 4?

Being taller in UFC 4 lets you hit your opponent from further away in a fight. It also makes it easier to tackle them and handle close combat better.

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