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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Perks in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Welcome to the ultimate guide for perks in UFC 4. If you love gaming, you know how important perks are. They give you an edge in every fight. Whether you enjoy striking, grappling, or working on submissions, the right perks are key.

Perks in UFC 4 are all about boosting your fighter’s skills. They help with striking, grappling, stamina, and how quickly your fighter can recover. Knowing your fighter’s perks is crucial for your game plan.

To see what perks your fighter has, just press the right buttons on your console. This info is key for making your fighter’s strengths work for you.

This guide looks into the top perks for offence, defence, and grappling in UFC 4. Do you want to make powerful hits, defend well, or rule the ground game? We’ve got advice for you.

Let’s jump into finding the perks that will level up your UFC 4 play!

Best Offensive Perks in UFC 4

Winning in UFC 4 means having the best offensive perks. These perks up your striking, letting you throw strong kicks and punches. Here are some top offensive perks:


Crafty boosts your defense in ground fighting. It doesn’t just make you better at strikes. A solid defense is key to controlling the fight and stopping your rival’s moves.

Crazy Legs

For those who love their kicks, Crazy Legs is essential. It makes your roundhouse and switch kicks faster and more accurate. This means you can surprise your foes with rapid, hard hits.

Laser Focus

Laser Focus is perfect if you like to box. It makes your straight, superman, and spinning punches quicker and more precise. Using it, you can break through your rival’s guard with spot-on strikes.

Fast Hands

Want to punch hard and fast? You need Fast Hands. It enhances your hooks, uppercuts, and overhands. This lets you throw quick, accurate strikes that your rival won’t see coming.

Pick these offensive perks, and you’ll boost your strikes, kicks, and punches. The right setup will make you a tough opponent in the Octagon.

Perk Description
Crafty Improves submission defense in bottom positions.
Crazy Legs Enhances the speed and accuracy of roundhouse kicks and switch kicks.
Laser Focus Increases the accuracy and speed of straight, superman, and spinning punches.
Fast Hands Boosts the speed and accuracy of hooks, uppercuts, and overhands.

Best Defensive Perks in UFC 4

Defensive perks are key for a fighter to handle their opponent’s hits and keep their energy. Choosing the right perks improves a fighter’s ability to block strikes and defend against submissions. It can also help them recover quickly. Here are some top defensive perks in UFC 4:

1. Marathoner

Marathoner is a great perk for using less stamina when moving. It’s perfect for all kinds of fighters. They can keep up their stamina while dodging or getting close to their opponent. Marathoner boosts stamina for defence and counterattacks.

2. Out The Gates

Out The Gates lowers stamina use for strikes in the first two rounds. It’s great for fighters who throw big punches and kicks early. With more stamina, they can keep up the pace and use their opponents’ weaknesses to win fast.

3. Higher Altitude

Higher Altitude reduces stamina use for strikes in later rounds. It suits fighters who like to tire out their rivals. With more stamina saved, they can keep up a strong attack. This strategy lets them wear down their opponents and win with their unrelenting force.

4. Weathering Storms

Weathering Storms makes blocking and swaying more effective. It helps fighters defend better against hits. They can turn their opponents’ attacks against them. This perk means fighters can rely on their defence to frustrate their opponents and take control of the fight.

Choosing the right defensive perks can help players greatly. With perks like Marathoner, Out The Gates, Higher Altitude, and Weathering Storms, fighters can handle stamina better. They can also boost their ability to block, defend submissions, and keep a strong defence during the match.

defensive perks

Best Perks for Submission Specialists in UFC 4

If you love submissions in UFC 4, certain perks can boost your game. These perks improve your defense and help you perform powerful moves.

The Crafty perk is key for defense on the ground. It improves your ability to stop your opponent’s submissions. This is essential for Jiu-Jitsu experts.

Grinder is also important. It cuts down on how much stamina you use in close combat. It makes it easier to apply submissions like the standing guillotine. With Grinder, you can tire out your opponent and win through your skill in grappling.

Consider using the Work Horse perk too. It lowers the stamina you use when fighting on the ground. This means you can keep control and maintain pressure. That’s vital for submission experts.

Lastly, Wrestle Clinic is a top perk for submission specialists. It makes you better at stopping your opponent’s moves on the ground. This helps you keep control, frustrate your opponent, and prove you’re a submission pro.

For those who focus on Jiu-Jitsu and love submissions, these perks are a must in UFC 4. They’ll make your defense stronger, improve your grappling, and help you win in the octagon.


What are perks in UFC 4?

Perks in UFC 4 boost a fighter’s abilities in the cage. They match up with the fighter’s overall skill. This can change how the game feels and plays.

How can players access a fighter’s stats and perks?

To see a fighter’s stats and perks, gamers just need to hit some buttons. This lets players check out their fighter’s advantages. It helps them plan their winning strategy.

What are the offensive perks in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, offensive perks make a fighter better at striking. For instance, Crafty improves fighting off submission on the ground. Crazy Legs boosts the power and accuracy of certain kicks. Laser Focus makes punches faster and straighter. These are great for those who love to strike in the game.

What are the defensive perks in UFC 4?

Defensive perks in UFC 4 help with staying power and keeping the opponent at bay. Fast Hands makes your powerful punches quicker and more precise. Marathoner makes you use less energy when you move. Weathering Storms helps block attacks more effectively. These are perfect for fighters who want to last longer in matches and block heavy hits.

Which are the best perks for submission specialists in UFC 4?

For those good at submission moves in UFC 4, certain perks can really help. Grinder makes clinch work and submissions easier, with less stamina used. The Work Horse cuts your stamina use during ground fights. The Wrestle Clinic improves your ground defences. These are key perks for Jiu-Jitsu masters and anyone focusing on submissions.

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