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Exploring the Best Stances in UFC 4 for Maximum Efficiency

by Marcin Wieclaw
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best ufc 4 stances

In UFC 4, choosing the right stance is key to how you fight. The stance you pick affects your fighter’s position relative to the opponent. It also impacts your ability to attack, grapple, and defend. Players can customise their character, picking from various pre-set stances inspired by real fighters. Each stance brings special perks and suits different player styles. This article will dive into the best stances in UFC 4 for top performance and who they benefit most.

The Best Stances in UFC 4 for Strikers

In UFC 4, the Andrei Arlovski stance is highly effective for strikers. It’s used by top fighters like Justin Gaethje. This stance mixes striking and grappling, making it great for playing in different ways. It’s good at surprising opponents, shifting between striking and grappling. This can catch them off guard, leading to smart takedowns. It’s a big help against weaker grapplers or late in a fight, possibly turning the match in your favour.

If you’re a striker looking for a versatile stance that offers the best of both worlds, the Andrei Arlovski stance in UFC 4 is your key to success.

By learning and using this stance well, you can outsmart your opponents. The way it moves from striking to grappling can keep them unsure and you ahead. It’s most surprising when used at unexpected times. This could be when the fight is nearly over or against someone not so good at grappling.

If becoming a UFC 4 champion is your goal, the Andrei Arlovski stance is a vital move to learn. It mixes striking and grappling strategically. This mix could put you in control, helping you win fights in the Octagon.

Notable Fighters who excel with the Andrei Arlovski stance:

  • Andrei Arlovski
  • Justin Gaethje
  • Insert name of notable fighter who utilizes this stance

Below, check out our detailed look at the Andrei Arlovski stance. It shows what makes it great for strikers:

Andrei Arlovski Stance Advantages
Effective striking technique Explosive striking power with punches and kicks
Grappling proficiency Strategic takedowns and grappling maneuvers
Element of surprise Smooth transitions from striking to grappling
Unpredictability Catches opponents off guard

The Best Stances in UFC 4 for Boxers

Boxers in UFC 4 can greatly improve using the Nate Diaz stance. This stance makes them stand tall. It helps with moving their head and feet. This makes it easier to avoid hits. It’s great if you like fighting on your feet, using accurate hits and quick dodges.

The Nate Diaz stance is based on the famous boxer Nate Diaz. He’s known for great boxing and never giving up. By using his stance, you can aim to fight like Diaz. You can beat opponents with fast punches and hard-to-catch footwork.

The Advantages of the Nate Diaz Stance

This stance has many benefits especially for boxers:

  • Enhanced Head Movement: The tall posture helps boxers dodge punches. This makes it simple to avoid hits and then hit back.
  • Improved Footwork: This stance is good for balancing and where you put your feet. It helps boxers move fast around the ring. You can find the best angles to strike and keep safe from attacks.
  • Increased Striking Precision: It helps boxers keep the right distance. This allows for more accurate strikes. You can hit your opponent hard without getting hit back.
  • Optimized Defensive Capabilities: The Nate Diaz stance makes it easier to block strikes. You use your head and feet well to not get hit hard. This makes you a hard target to hit.

Using the Nate Diaz stance is a chance to make your skills better. You become harder to hit. This can lead to more wins in UFC 4’s fighting ring.

Now, let’s see how the Nate Diaz stance looks like in the game:

best UFC 4 stances


Getting your stances right in UFC 4 is crucial for doing your best. It doesn’t matter if you love to hit, grab, or just stand and fight, there’s a stance to match your style.

For those who enjoy striking, try the Andrei Arlovski and Alistair Overeem stances. They mix punching and grabbing well. These stances give you many ways to win, using both power hits and close-up tactics.

Boxers will like the Nate Diaz and Jon Jones stances. They focus on fast, accurate hits and quick footwork. With these stances, you can avoid hits and then land your own strong punches.

Don’t be afraid to try different stances to see what works best for you. The right stance can bring you big wins. Pick your stance, get in the Octagon, and prove yourself to the world in UFC 4!


How do stances impact a fighter’s style and strategy in UFC 4?

A fighter’s stance in UFC 4 shows how they stand against their rival. It affects how they hit, hold, and protect themselves.

Can players customize their character’s stance in UFC 4?

Yes, players may choose from various pre-set stances in UFC 4. These are inspired by real fighters, allowing for character customisation.

Are there advantages to each stance in UFC 4?

Each stance in UFC 4 brings its unique benefits to the fight. It caters to the needs of different gamers.

Which stance is recommended for strikers in UFC 4?

The Andrei Arlovski stance, used by Justin Gaethje, works well for strikers. It blends striking and grappling moves effectively.

What boxing stance is recommended in UFC 4?

The Nate Diaz stance is great for boxers. It supports a tall stance, improving head motion and steps.

How crucial is choosing the right stance in UFC 4?

Choosing the perfect stance in UFC 4 is vital for top performance. It matches your preferred fighting method and offers success tools.

What stances are best for strikers in UFC 4?

The Andrei Arlovski and Alistair Overeem stances are top picks for strikers. They offer both striking and grappling abilities.

What stances are recommended for boxers in UFC 4?

The Nate Diaz and Jon Jones stances are perfect for boxers. They provide the essential tools for accurate hits and agile footwork.

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