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A Gamer’s Guide to Unlocking Bruce Lee in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to unlock bruce lee ufc 4

Welcome to our gamer’s guide on how to get Bruce Lee in UFC 4. If you’re a fan of the martial arts legend, you’ll love having him in the game. Now, you can see him fight alongside stars like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

If you didn’t pre-order, don’t worry. You can still get Bruce Lee by playing the career mode. This mode lets you start as an amateur and climb to the top. It’s every virtual fighter’s dream.

In UFC 4, there’s also a social media feature. You can use it to boost your fighter’s fame and make rivals. This makes the game even more fun. Plus, unlocking Bruce Lee gives you a big reason to focus on the career mode. You’ll really learn how to play and dominate the game.

So, put on your gear, and enter the Octagon. It’s your chance to be like Bruce Lee in UFC 4. Show the world what you’ve got in mixed martial arts!

Tips for Mastering UFC 4 and Unlocking Bruce Lee

To be a UFC 4 expert, you need to practice a lot. With these hints, you can get Bruce Lee and make your fighter unbeatable:

1. Utilize Available Resources

Use the practice modes and guides in UFC 4. They will make you better at the game. You will feel more sure in the octagon.

2. Learn the Mechanics

Knowing the game’s basics is key. Learn to avoid takedowns, get out of tight spots, and turn the tide. This lets you beat your rivals easier.

3. Embrace the Revamped Submission System

In UFC 4, they’ve updated the submission system. It’s now easier and you have more control. Getting good with this can win you a lot of fights.

4. Master the Striking System

The game lets you use lots of different strikes. You can go for quick hits or strong punches. Try out various combos to surprise your foes and land big hits.

5. Customize Your Experience

Change the game settings to fit your style. Pick your fights, arenas, and set the game difficulty. This makes your UFC 4 experience just right for you.

6. Engage in Online Blitz Battles

Try out the Blitz Battles online. They’re new and full of surprises. It’s a great way to test your skills and have fun online.

Follow these pointers and go all-in on UFC 4 for success. You’ll not only get to play as Bruce Lee but also stand out in the octagon.

Creating the Ultimate Fighter and Final Thoughts

UFC 4’s create a fighter feature lets you build a unique character. You can choose from many outfits and masks. This is your chance to be bold. Imagine and craft your dream fighter.

To level up in UFC 4, work on key attributes and plans. Boost areas like your kick strength, stamina, and health levels. Building these skills will make your fighter better and lead to more wins.

To be a UFC champion, you need a smart game plan. Focus on improving your ability to hit hard. Moves like Vicious Kicks and Swinging For the Fence can be strong choices. They help you fight better and harder.

Use your kicks well in fights. Time them carefully to deal big damage. Learn about fighting up close and on the ground. These skills can change the outcome of your matches.

Getting good at kicking can end fights quicker. This means you could win by KO or TKO more often. Aim to be a kicking master and beat your opponents easier.

Unlocking Bruce Lee in UFC 4 is a great goal. It needs time and dedication. Creating your ultimate fighter and planning well can lead to a fun and engaging game experience.


How can I unlock Bruce Lee as a playable character in UFC 4?

You can get Bruce Lee by preordering the game or finishing the career mode.

What other DLC fighters are available in UFC 4?

Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua are also available as DLC fighters.

What does the revamped career mode in UFC 4 offer?

The new career mode is immersive. It lets you start from an amateur and climb up to Dana White’s Contender series. You can use social media to boost your fighter’s image and create rivalries.

Are there practice modes and resources available in UFC 4?

Yes, you can practice with different modes and use training manuals to get better.

Have the submission and striking systems been improved in UFC 4?

Yes, both the submission and striking systems have been upgraded for better gameplay. They let you do more dynamic moves.

Can I customize fights and characters in UFC 4?

Customisation is a major feature. You can change fights, pick arenas, and make your fighter unique with costumes and masks.

Are there online multiplayer modes in UFC 4?

Yes, there are online Blitz Battles. They bring unique rules to change up the standard online play.

What attributes and gameplans should I focus on while leveling up in UFC 4?

Focus on kick power, kick speed, stamina, chin, and body health. For striking, consider Vicious Kicks, Relentless Assault, Swinging For the Fence, Targeted Cruelty.

Are kicks effective in fights?

Kicks can be very powerful in UFC 4 if used well.

How long does a 40-fight career typically take in UFC 4?

Fight time varies. But, better kicking stats can shorten fights and increase your chance of winning by KO or TKO.

Is unlocking Bruce Lee a rewarding experience in UFC 4?

Unlocking Bruce Lee is rewarding for players aiming to master the game.

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