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Planning Ahead: The Fallout 76 Calendar for 2023

by Julia Blackwood
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Fallout 76 2023 Calendar

Get ready for the Fallout 76 2023 calendar! It’s packed with new content and events. This roadmap by Bethesda shows upcoming adventures in the post-apocalyptic world.

In 2023, players can look forward to updates like Mutation Invasion, Once in a Blue Moon, Atlantic City, and Nuka-World on Tour. These bring new places, groups, creatures, stories, and rewards. It’s a chance to dive deeper into the game’s rich world.

But wait, there’s more! The calendar also promises special events, daily challenges, and tweaks to the game’s core features. This ensures a regular stream of new experiences and fun in the wasteland.

One big event is the release of Expeditions: The Pitt. It moves the action beyond West Virginia for the first time. This means a fresh adventure awaits everyone.

Having the 2023 calendar means you’re prepared. You can map out your journey in Fallout 76. It’s all about staying on top of what’s new in the game’s ever-changing world.

What to Expect in 2024

Bethesda won’t publish a detailed 2024 plan. But, they share a Community Calendar with updates and events. In Spring 2024, a big upgrade called ‘Atlantic City – America’s Playground’ will launch. It brings a new mission and stories, and you might meet the legendary Jersey Devil.

By heading south into Shenandoah Virginia, Fallout 76 offers new quests and factions. Plus, there are more seasonal events and rewards to grab.

We don’t know everything about 2024 yet. But, it sounds like it’ll be a thrilling year to journey through Fallout 76’s Wasteland.

Spring 2024 Updates
Expansion: Atlantic City – America’s Playground

Main Features:

  • New mission
  • Story-driven quests
  • Encounters with the legendary Jersey Devil
Map Expansion: Shenandoah Virginia

Main Features:

  • New questline
  • Introduction of new factions
  • Rewards

As Bethesda keeps growing, there will be more news and fun on the Fallout 76 Community Calendar.

Celebrating the Holidays in Fallout 76

The Holiday Scorched event in Fallout 76 is loved by players. It takes the wastelands and adds holiday cheer. Players can enjoy lots of fun activities and really feel the holiday spirit.

The Festive Scorched Enemies and Their Presents

In this event, players find special Scorched foes looking festive. These enemies wear holiday gear like Santa hats and tinsel. By defeating them, players might get presents full of cool items like rare weapons, armour, and holiday themed items.

Timing and Duration

The fun starts in mid-December and goes on till early January. This gives plenty of time for players to get into holiday spirits. The event ends with a bang, closing the game’s holiday season.

Double XP and Other Festive Activities

Bethesda also brings double XP and Score events for more fun. Players get to level up quicker and earn better rewards. It’s a great way to progress in the game and still enjoy the season’s festivities.

A Full Calendar of Festivities

Fallout 76 goes all out for the holidays. There are special Twitch events with performances, caroling, and prizes. It’s a time for the community to unite and have fun in the game world.

“The Holiday Scorched event in Fallout 76 truly captures the festive spirit and brings warmth to the desolate wastelands. It’s a time of joy, camaraderie, and exciting adventures.”

– Fallout 76 player

The holiday celebrations in Fallout 76 are special for players. They get to fight festive enemies and get cool holiday surprises. With double XP and more, players feel the holiday vibe while exploring the game’s world.

Key Features of the Holiday Scorched Event: Benefits Duration
Festive Scorched Enemies Special holiday items and rare rewards Mid-December to early January
Double XP and Score Events Increased experience points and accelerated progression Throughout the holiday season
Twitch Events Performances, caroling streams, and exciting giveaways Various dates during the holiday season


The Fallout 76 calendar for 2023 looked ahead to a future full of excitement. It included thrilling updates and captivating events. Players were eager to explore new locations, complete challenging quests, and meet interesting factions.

They were excited about the seasonal events too. These gave everyone a chance to celebrate in the game world together. It made the experience even more immersive.

Bethesda has shared some exciting details about Spring 2024 updates. These will take players to Atlantic City and Shenandoah Virginia. The expansions will grow the map and bring new storylines. This will offer thrilling adventures for everyone.

While we wait for the full 2024 roadmap, we know the future of Fallout 76 looks bright. It’s filled with exciting possibilities for all players. The game continues to evolve and engage its community.

The Fallout 76 community is crucial to the game’s success. Its dedicated players, fans, and community engagement help the game grow. Bethesda’s ongoing support and updates keep the game vibrant and immersive.

Fallout 76’s world keeps evolving, with new updates and a strong community. It’s a prime example of how the gaming community can influence and shape a game. Here, exploring, joining events, and interacting with others are key. Fallout 76 offers an immersive, growing gaming experience.


What does the Fallout 76 calendar for 2023 include?

The 2023 calendar for Fallout 76 has a lot in store. It brings new features like Mutation Invasion and Once in a Blue Moon. Players will also explore Atlantic City and enjoy Nuka-World on Tour.

New missions and creatures await you. There are also fresh rewards to earn. Look forward to seasonal events and daily quests. Plus, there will be big updates to current features, which everyone can enjoy.

One exciting addition is Expeditions: The Pitt. It’s the first time players will venture outside West Virginia in this release.

Are there any updates planned for 2024 in Fallout 76?

Indeed, Fallout 76 has plans for 2024. Spring brings an expansion in Atlantic City, titled ‘Atlantic City – America’s Playground.’ This update includes a new mission and story quests. Players will also encounter the legendary Jersey Devil.

In addition, a major update expands the map southward to Shenandoah Virginia. It will introduce new factions and rewards, along with a fresh questline. More updates for 2024 will be shared later on.

What is the Holiday Scorched event in Fallout 76?

The Holiday Scorched event is a favourite in Fallout 76. It runs during the holiday season. Players join in festive activities across the wastelands.

In this event, you hunt down special Scorched enemies. You can collect their presents, filled with unique holiday items. The event usually takes place from mid-December to early January.

There are also double XP and Score events. They give players more experience points and rewards for a limited time. This makes the holiday season in Fallout 76 full of cheer.

What can I expect from celebrating the holidays in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76, celebrating the holidays is special. The Holiday Scorched event lets players join fun activities and gather unique items. You can also enjoy double XP and Score events, getting more rewards and points.

Bethesda holds special events on Twitch. These include performances and giveaways. They really bring the holiday spirit to the game.

What can I expect from Fallout 76 in terms of updates and events?

Fallout 76 stays fresh with regular updates and events. Players can expect new locations, quests, factions, and rewards. The game’s roadmap shows upcoming releases, promising ongoing excitement for fans.

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