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Uncover Places to Spend Stamps in Fallout 76

by Marcin Wieclaw
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where to spend stamps fallout 76

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 76, where survival and exploration go hand in hand. With the introduction of the new currency – Stamps – in the recent Pitt update, players now have an exciting opportunity to expand their crafting arsenal with rare plans. In this article, we will guide you on where to spend your hard-earned Stamps in Fallout 76, ensuring you make the most of this valuable resource.

Fallout 76 offers two ways to obtain Stamps: Expeditions and the Scoreboard. Expeditions provide an excellent opportunity to earn 1 to 10 Stamps, depending on your performance. Higher-level players can initiate an Expedition mission at the renowned Whitespring resort or join fellow survivors on their Expeditions. By completing Expedition challenges in the Pitt and achieving success in side quests, you will be rewarded with Stamps to further your crafting ambitions.

The second method for acquiring Stamps is by diligently checking the Scoreboard. Keep an eye on your progression and achievements as the Scoreboard occasionally provides Stamps as rewards. This additional avenue gives you the chance to bolster your Stamp collection and unlock more plans to enhance your gameplay.

Now that you have collected a substantial number of Stamps, it’s time to embark on a shopping spree! The Whitespring resort is home to the esteemed merchant Giuseppe, who can satisfy your desire for rare plans. Located near the Nuka Cola vendor at the Whitespring Refuge, Giuseppe’s Curios is the place where you can exchange your Stamps for coveted crafting blueprints. Consult Giuseppe, peruse his extensive selection of Notes, and unlock a world of new possibilities for your character’s progression.

By knowing where to spend your Stamps in Fallout 76, you can elevate your crafting abilities and take on increasingly challenging quests and encounters. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your gameplay experience and stand out among your fellow wasteland wanderers. Unleash the power of Stamps and forge your own unique path in the world of Fallout 76!

How to Get Stamps in Fallout 76

Looking to get your hands on Stamps in Fallout 76? Look no further! In this section, we’ll explore the two main ways to obtain Stamps in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey, read on to discover how to bolster your Stamps collection.

Participating in Expeditions

One of the most rewarding methods to acquire Stamps is through participating in Expeditions. These missions can be initiated by higher-level players at the Whitespring resort or by joining others’ Expeditions. By taking on Expedition challenges at the Pitt, you can earn a varying number of Stamps based on your performance and the completion of side quests.

Keep in mind that each player is limited to starting one Expedition each day. However, there is no restriction on how many times you can join fellow players’ Expeditions. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to embark on thrilling adventures and secure those precious Stamps!

The Scoreboard

Another way to obtain Stamps in Fallout 76 is through the Scoreboard. While participating in in-game events and challenges, keep an eye out for occasional Stamps rewards. These can be collected from the Scoreboard, providing you with an additional chance to bolster your Stamps collection.

Now that you know the two main avenues to obtain Stamps, it’s time to start your quest and secure these valuable collectibles. Enhance your gameplay experience in Fallout 76 by investing your time in Expeditions and keeping a close watch on the Scoreboard!

How to Use Stamps in Fallout 76

Once you have accumulated Stamps in Fallout 76, you can use them to purchase rare plans at the Whitespring resort. These plans unlock new crafting blueprints that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. One of the primary locations to spend your hard-earned Stamps is at Giuseppe’s Curios, a shop run by a merchant named Giuseppe. Giuseppe specializes in selling Pitt plans, which offer unique and valuable blueprints for crafting.

Giuseppe’s Curios is conveniently located near the Nuka Cola vendor at the Whitespring Refuge, making it easily accessible for players looking to trade their Stamps for rare plans. Approach Giuseppe and strike up a conversation to explore the fantastic range of blueprints available for purchase. Each plan offers new possibilities for crafting, allowing you to create powerful weapons, valuable items, and helpful gear to aid you in your adventures.

By investing your Stamps in Giuseppe’s plans, you can unlock a world of potential in Fallout 76. Discover new recipes, unlock powerful modifications, and become a master craftsman in the wasteland. Expand your arsenal, improve your base, and gain an edge over your adversaries by utilizing the unique blueprints offered by Giuseppe’s Curios.

Why Spend Stamps at Giuseppe’s Curios?

“Giuseppe’s Curios is a treasure trove of rare plans. Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire these valuable blueprints and unlock the true potential of your crafting abilities.” – Vault Dweller Magazine

Table: Benefits of Spending Stamps at Giuseppe’s Curios

Benefits Description
Unique Blueprints Giuseppe offers a wide selection of exclusive plans that cannot be found elsewhere. Expand your crafting repertoire with these rare and powerful blueprints.
Improved Arsenal Unlock new weapon plans to wield formidable firearms and devastating melee weapons. Gain a significant advantage in combat and overcome even the toughest adversaries.
Enhanced Base Building Discover plans for unique structures, furniture, and utilities to create an impressive and functional base. Personalize your sanctuary in the wasteland and make it a true reflection of your survivor identity.
Profitable Trading Some of Giuseppe’s plans can be highly sought after by other players. Acquiring these rare blueprints allows you to engage in profitable trades and build your wealth in the wasteland.

With Stamps in hand, the world of crafting in Fallout 76 opens up before you. Visit Giuseppe’s Curios at the Whitespring resort today and unleash the full potential of your crafting skills. Embrace the art of creation and leave your mark on the post-apocalyptic landscape.


In conclusion, Stamps serve as a valuable currency in Fallout 76, allowing players to acquire rare plans at Giuseppe’s shop. While obtaining Stamps may require some effort and grinding, there are specific methods to amass this currency.

Participating in Expeditions is one effective way to obtain Stamps. By undertaking Expedition missions at the Pitt or joining other players’ Expeditions, Fallout 76 players have the opportunity to earn 1 to 10 Stamps based on their performance. Completing side quests within Expeditions also contributes to the number of Stamps earned.

Another avenue to acquire Stamps is through the Scoreboard. While Stamps are occasionally rewarded to players when checking the Scoreboard, it’s important to note that this method is less reliable than participating in Expeditions.

By knowing where to spend Stamps, players can widen their crafting options and enhance their gameplay experience in Fallout 76. Giuseppe’s Curios, located near the Nuka Cola vendor at the Whitespring Refuge, offers a variety of Pitt plans in exchange for Stamps. By visiting Giuseppe’s shop and purchasing his Notes, players can gain access to new crafting blueprints and further enrich their adventures in the wasteland.


How can I get Stamps in Fallout 76?

There are two main ways to get Stamps in Fallout 76. You can obtain Stamps by participating in Expeditions or by collecting them from the Scoreboard.

How do Expeditions work in Fallout 76?

Expeditions in Fallout 76 allow higher-level players to start a mission at Whitespring resort or join another player’s Expedition. By completing Expedition challenges at the Pitt, players can earn 1 to 10 Stamps depending on their performance and the completion of side quests.

Can I join other players’ Expeditions in Fallout 76?

Yes, you can join other players’ Expeditions in Fallout 76. Each player can start one Expedition per day, but there is no limit to how many times they can join other players’ Expeditions.

Where can I spend Stamps in Fallout 76?

You can spend Stamps at Giuseppe’s Curios, a shop located near the Nuka Cola vendor at the Whitespring Refuge. Giuseppe sells Pitt plans in exchange for Stamps, and players can purchase his Notes to learn new crafting blueprints.

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