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Mark Your Calendar: When Does Fallout 76 Season 12 End?

by Oliver Taylor
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Fallout 76 When Does Season 12 End

Fallout 76 Season 12, named “Rip Daring and the Cryptid Hunt,” is now live. It’s full of exciting quests and cool rewards. But players wonder, when will Season 12 end?

The exact end date for this season is not revealed yet. But, smart players know that being prepared is important. Looking at past seasons, which lasted about 3 months, Season 12 is likely to finish in late May or early June.

So, all you vault dwellers, it’s time to plan and get ready. Make sure you finish Season 12 and get all its rewards. Claim your victory in the wasteland before it’s too late!

Fallout 76 Season 12 Rewards

Get ready for great rewards in Fallout 76 Season 12! It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro at finding Cryptids or just starting out. This season offers lots of cool rewards.

Season 12’s theme is all about a big hunt. It’s packed with items that look like Cryptids. You can make your camp a mysterious place with unique things.

“The Cryptid theme of Season 12 lets players dive into Fallout 76’s exciting legends. The Cryptid items for your camp remind you of the strange creatures out there.”

In Season 12, you won’t only get to decorate your camp. As you move through the scoreboard, you’ll meet Steven Scarberry. He knows a lot about Cryptids and can help you. With Steven around, your adventures will be even more fun and informative.

Embrace the Cryptid-Themed Collection

At each scoreboard tier, you’ll find something special. There are cool outfits, protective gear, posters, and unique furniture. Something special waits for every collector.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can get:

Tier Reward
Tier 1 Cryptid Hunter Outfit
Tier 5 Cryptid Hunter Backpack
Tier 10 Cryptid Hunter Power Armor Paint
Tier 15 Steven Scarberry Companion
Tier 20 Mothman Nest C.A.M.P. Item Set

Enjoy the Cryptids’ stories as you earn these special rewards. Each one represents your hard work in Fallout 76.

Don’t forget, these Season 12 goodies won’t be around forever. So, join the hunt and claim your prize as soon as you can!

Fallout 76 Season 12 Scoreboard and Updates

To level up in Fallout 76 Season 12’s scoreboard, you need to beat challenges and score points. The system is tied closely to the Mutation Invasion update. This update brings new challenges and content. By joining events, completing daily quests, and doing other tasks, you collect score points. These help you win special rewards and go up the ranks.

The Mutation Invasion update is key to earning more scores. It pushes you to explore new areas, fight tough enemies, and conquer big hurdles. Each challenge you finish adds score points. Climbing up the scoreboard not only gets you cool rewards. It also shows off your skills and hard work in the game’s world.

The update’s tasks include fighting off mutated creatures, gathering resources, and solving puzzles. Each one is a chance for you to shine and learn more in the game. Taking on these challenges makes you feel like you’re growing and achieving. This is how you overcome the dangers in Fallout 76.

It’s important to keep up with the Mutation Invasion to do well in Season 12. Bethesda keeps the game fresh with regular updates. This means there’s always something new to do. Stay active in the game to get ahead in the scoreboard. There’s a lot of cool rewards waiting for you.


Fallout 76 Season 12, “Rip Daring and the Cryptid Hunt,” is a thrilling experience. It offers players the chance to go on a tough mission and get special rewards. Players need to plan their moves well to finish the season in time. This season’s content is exciting, but managing your time is key to success.

To make the most of Fallout 76, it’s important to keep up with Bethesda’s news. New updates and events can make the game even better. By staying informed and planning early, players can enjoy their time in Fallout 76 more.

So, get ready for the challenges of Season 12. Start your journey prepared for exciting fights and surprising treasures. Keep an eye out for updates to keep your adventure going. The wasteland is waiting for you to explore. Good luck and happy hunting!


When does Fallout 76 Season 12 end?

We don’t know the exact end date for Season 12 yet. However, it usually lasts about 3 months like the earlier ones. So, we think it will end around late May or early June.

What rewards can players earn in Fallout 76 Season 12?

Season 12 brings lots of new rewards. They are all about Cryptids, like cool C.A.M.P. items and a new friend, Steven Scarberry lite ally. You can get these rewards by reaching different tiers in the game.

How can players progress in Fallout 76 Season 12’s scoreboard?

You need to complete challenges and earn score points to move up the scoreboard. The Mutation Invasion update adds new game stuff. Doing events and daily quests helps you get score points. This way, you can unlock rewards and go up the ranks.

What should players do to ensure they complete Fallout 76 Season 12?

Make sure you’ve planned your final quests before it’s over. This way, you won’t miss out on any rewards or finishing the season. Keep an eye out for updates from Bethesda too. They’ll give you a heads-up on new stuff and events, making your Fallout 76 time better.

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