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Urban Camouflage: The Urban Scout Armor in Fallout 76

by Lucas Grayson
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Fallout 76 Urban Scout Armor

Welcome to the wasteland, adventurer! In the post-apocalyptic Fallout 76 world, staying alive is key. And the Urban Scout Armor is a brilliant choice. It offers great defence and a stylish look that fits right in with cities. This makes it perfect for anyone exploring the wasteland.

The Urban Scout Armor comes from pre-War military gear. The Enclave, a leading company, made it. It was made for easy wear and to hide in plain sight for Enclave agents. So, you get a light armour that’s really tough, with a one-of-a-kind urban camo look.

Characteristics of Urban Scout Armor

The Urban Scout Armor is a lightweight set that gives great protection in Fallout 76’s world. It’s made to boost your skills for surviving in urban areas. This makes moving through cities easier and safer for you.

Sturdy Protection

It’s known for its tough build, guarding you well from different attacks. It stops bullets and energy blasts thanks to its quality make and materials.

Armor Piece Level 40 Level 50
Chest Piece 50 ballistic and energy resistance 60 ballistic and energy resistance
Arms and Legs 21 ballistic and energy resistance 25 ballistic and energy resistance
Mask 0.1 weight and 50 value 0.1 weight and 50 value

The chest piece gives the best protection. Then, arms and legs. Lastly, the mask adds vital protection without weighing you down.

Obtaining the Urban Scout Armor

You can’t make the Urban Scout Armor. Instead, find it in the game, like from Legendary enemies. These unique items have special bonuses and are highly wanted by players seeking top gear.

Enhancing Your Armor

Though you can’t tinker with the armor directly, you can still make it better. Get many pieces to fix them up and make them last longer at an armor workbench. Or improve at vendors or through trades to find special properties for extra benefits.

“The Urban Scout Armor is a game-changer when it comes to urban combat. Its lightweight design and superior protection make it a must-have for any wasteland dweller venturing into dangerous urban environments.” – Wasteland Warrior

Compact, versatile, and effective, the Urban Scout Armor is perfect for those valuing agility and safety in Fallout 76. It will be your trusty friend, ensuring you thrive in tough spots like city ruins or combat zones.

Crafting and Modifications

In Fallout 76, you can’t craft the full Urban Scout Armor part from the mask. But, you can make the mask. It adds shrapnel and hazard protection. Plus, it looks good with its urban camo style. Crafting it needs the right materials at an armour workbench.

For the other parts, like legs and chest, you’d need to find them. You can buy these from the MODUS production terminal at The Whitespring Bunker. Or, get them as rewards from Enclave quests and events. This makes the hunt for new armor pieces exciting.

To boost your armor, you can add modifications. These help it perform better for your needs. You gain these mods by scrapping armor or buying them from the Whitespring Bunker. Mods like lighter builds or added pockets are available.

Modifications for Urban Scout Armor

Modification Materials Effect
Lighter Build Adhesive x2, Fiberglass x1 Reduces the weight of the armor piece
Pocketed Adhesive x2, Leather x4 Adds carrying capacity to the armor piece
Lead Lined Adhesive x3, Lead x2 Increases radiation resistance
Custom Paint Adhesive x2, Oil x1 Adds a unique paint job to the armor piece

These mods not only help the armor protect better but also let you show off your style. You could up its durability, space for carrying things, or radiation protection. Or just make it look unique. There’s something for every type of adventurer out there.


The Urban Scout Armor in Fallout 76 is a top pick for many. It shields well and looks cool with an urban camouflage style. Its strong build comes from post-War military work. This makes it a key aid for those adventuring in the perilous Fallout 76 world.

Players can’t make the Urban Scout Armor, but they can still get it. It’s available for purchase at places like the MODUS production terminal in The Whitespring Bunker. Or, they might earn it through Enclave quests and events.

What’s great is, the armor can be changed to fit how you play and what you like. Use parts from scrapping old ones or buy new mods at the Whitespring Bunker armory. This helps players tweak the armor’s abilities or appearances. You can make it lighter or add more pockets, for example.

In the end, the Urban Scout Armor is both practical and stylish, ideal for brave travelers. Its easy-to-find source, strong defense features, and ability to be customised, make it very popular in Fallout 76.


How can I obtain the Urban Scout Armor in Fallout 76?

To get Urban Scout Armor, buy non-legendary pieces from the MODUS production terminal in The Whitespring Bunker. Or, get them as rewards from Enclave quests and events.

Can I craft the Urban Scout Armor in Fallout 76?

No, you can’t craft the full Urban Scout Armor. But, you can craft the mask. The rest can be found from buying or earning in-game.

Where can I find modifications for the Urban Scout Armor?

To get modifications, scrap non-legendary pieces. You can also buy them from the Whitespring Bunker armory.

How can I apply modifications to the Urban Scout Armor?

Use an armor workbench to apply modifications. You can choose from different materials and upgrades. This lets you customise the armor to fit your style better.

What level variants of the Urban Scout Armor are available in Fallout 76?

You’ll find Urban Scout Armor in two types: at level 40 and level 50. Each has a bit different protection and resistance stats.

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