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Expand Your Vault: Merge Rooms in Fallout Shelter

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to merge rooms in fallout shelter

Welcome to Fallout Shelter, a post-apocalyptic simulation game where you can create and manage your own vault. In order to thrive in this harsh wasteland, you’ll need to expand your vault and increase its efficiency. One way to achieve this is by merging rooms. In this article, we will explore the benefits and strategies behind merging rooms in Fallout Shelter, allowing you to create a thriving vault that can withstand the challenges of the wasteland.

Room Overview

In the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout Shelter, rooms play a crucial role in the survival and prosperity of your vault. These rooms can be divided into two main categories: production rooms and training rooms. Understanding the different room types and their functions is essential for creating a thriving vault in Fallout Shelter.

Production Rooms

Production rooms in Fallout Shelter are responsible for generating essential resources like power, food, and water. These resources are vital for sustaining your dwellers and ensuring the smooth functioning of your vault. With a variety of production rooms available, each with its own unique benefits, you have the freedom to tailor your resource production to suit the needs of your vault.

  • Power Rooms: Power rooms generate electricity, which is necessary to keep your vault’s essential systems running smoothly. They require dwellers with high Strength (S) to operate efficiently.
  • Food Rooms: Food rooms are responsible for producing sustenance for your dwellers. They require dwellers with good Perception (P) to maximize food production.
  • Water Rooms: Water rooms ensure a steady supply of clean drinking water for your vault’s inhabitants. They require dwellers with high Endurance (E) to operate effectively.

Efficiently managing these production rooms is vital for the survival of your vault. Assigning dwellers with the appropriate S.P.E.C.I.A.L traits to each room will ensure optimal resource production and a well-functioning vault.

Training Rooms

While production rooms focus on resource generation, training rooms allow you to enhance the skills and abilities of your dwellers. Each training room corresponds to a specific SPECIAL (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck) stat and offers a unique opportunity for your dwellers to develop their abilities.

By assigning dwellers to training rooms, you can increase their proficiency in specific SPECIAL stats, making them more capable of handling various tasks within your vault. This ensures that your dwellers are well-rounded and prepared to face any challenges that come their way.

Here are the different training rooms available in Fallout Shelter:

  1. Strength Room: Improves dwellers’ Strength, which is ideal for tasks requiring physical force.
  2. Perception Room: Enhances dwellers’ Perception, improving their ability to detect threats and respond to emergencies.
  3. Endurance Room: Boosts dwellers’ Endurance, increasing their resistance to radiation and improving their overall health.
  4. Charisma Room: Develops dwellers’ Charisma, making them more persuasive and effective at managing and inspiring others.
  5. Intelligence Room: Improves dwellers’ Intelligence, enhancing their ability to research new technologies and produce advanced items.
  6. Agility Room: Increases dwellers’ Agility, making them faster and more adept at handling tasks that require speed and precision.
  7. Luck Room: Enhances dwellers’ Luck, increasing their chances of finding rare items and experiencing favorable outcomes.

Strategically utilizing these training rooms and improving your dwellers’ SPECIAL stats will ultimately contribute to the overall success and survival of your vault in Fallout Shelter.

In Fallout Shelter, the combination of production and training rooms is crucial for maintaining a balanced and efficient vault. While production rooms generate the necessary resources, training rooms empower your dwellers, making them more capable of handling various tasks and challenges. Remember, a well-rounded vault is a resilient vault.

Upgrading and Merging Rooms

Upgrading rooms in Fallout Shelter is an essential aspect of expanding and optimizing your vault. By improving the performance and resource output of each room, you can ensure the smooth operation of your vault and meet the needs of your dwellers more efficiently.

Each room in Fallout Shelter can be upgraded twice, leading to significant improvements in its functionality. Upgrades enhance the production rates and capacity of the rooms, allowing you to generate more resources and accommodate more dwellers.

Merging rooms is another powerful strategy for maximizing the potential of your vault. By placing identical rooms next to each other, you can combine their capabilities, creating larger, more efficient spaces.

When two rooms of the same type are merged, the output is doubled, and you can assign an additional 2 dwellers to work in the room. This increased capacity and productivity can make a substantial difference in your resource generation and overall vault management.

Furthermore, if you merge three rooms of the same type, the output is tripled, and you can assign up to 6 dwellers to the merged room. This provides an even greater boost to resource production and enables you to allocate more dwellers to the important tasks at hand.

The cost-effectiveness of upgrading and merging rooms in Fallout Shelter is worth noting. Upgrading merged rooms is more economical than upgrading individual rooms separately. By consolidating your efforts and focusing on merged rooms, you can make the most of your resources and progress more efficiently.

To illustrate the benefits of upgrading and merging rooms, consider the following table:

  1. Upgrade Level: Indicates the level of upgrades made to the room.
  2. Resource Output: Represents the amount of resources generated by the room.
  3. Dweller Capacity: Indicates the maximum number of dwellers that can be assigned to the room.
  4. Upgrade Cost: Shows the cost in resources and time required to upgrade the room.


Expanding your vault and merging rooms in Fallout Shelter is essential for achieving maximum efficiency and resource production. By meticulously planning and upgrading rooms, players can construct a well-organized vault capable of supporting a larger population of dwellers and generating abundant resources. The layout and placement of rooms are crucial factors to consider, as they directly impact the overall functionality of your vault.

A balanced combination of production rooms and training rooms is vital for the success of your Fallout Shelter vault. Production rooms, responsible for resource generation, should be supported by training rooms that enhance dwellers’ SPECIAL stats. Maintaining this equilibrium will ensure a steady supply of resources and a proficient workforce.

With the right strategy and careful consideration, players can create a thriving vault that thrives amidst the challenges of the wasteland. The fusion of rooms through merging enables increased dweller capacity and efficiency, leading to higher resource output. By upgrading merged rooms, players can further optimize performance at a lower cost compared to upgrading individual rooms.

In conclusion, expanding your Fallout Shelter vault by merging rooms and planning their layout is a fundamental aspect of success in the game. By strategically upgrading rooms, balancing production and training rooms, and maximizing the capacity of merged rooms, players can create a flourishing vault capable of withstanding the adversities of the post-apocalyptic world.


How do I expand my vault and merge rooms in Fallout Shelter?

To expand your vault and merge rooms in Fallout Shelter, you can place identical rooms next to each other. This allows you to merge the rooms, increasing dweller capacity and efficiency. When two rooms are merged, the output is doubled and an additional 2 dwellers can be assigned to the room. When three rooms are merged, the output is tripled and up to 6 dwellers can be assigned to the room.

What are the two categories of rooms in Fallout Shelter?

The rooms in Fallout Shelter can be divided into two categories: production rooms and training rooms. Production rooms are responsible for generating resources such as power, food, and water. Training rooms, on the other hand, are used to improve the dwellers’ SPECIAL stats through training.

How many room types are there in Fallout Shelter?

There are a total of 23 different room types in Fallout Shelter. Each room type has its own purpose and benefits, whether it’s generating resources or training dweller stats.

How many times can rooms be upgraded in Fallout Shelter?

Each room in Fallout Shelter can be upgraded up to two times. Upgrading rooms increases their performance and resource output, allowing for a more efficient vault.

Why is it important to consider the layout and placement of rooms?

The layout and placement of rooms in Fallout Shelter is crucial for maximizing their potential. By strategically placing rooms and considering their layout, you can create a well-functioning vault that can support a larger dweller population and generate more resources.

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