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Shelter Solutions: Canopy Tents in Fallout 76

by Oliver Taylor
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Canopy Tent Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, players can choose from various shelter options to make the game more fun. The Canopy Tent, available since the Once in a Blue Moon update, is a favourite. To get it, complete the Beasts of Burden event. This lets players make their own tents at their C.A.M.P. or workshop.

The Canopy Tent is easy to carry, weighing just 0.25 units. Its small size and adaptability fit any situation in Fallout 76. It’s perfect for quick cover during fights or as a snug place to rest in the wild.

Choosing a good spot for your Canopy Tent matters a lot. The game’s world is full of beautiful views and places with tactical benefits. Place your tent wisely to have a safe spot away from the game’s dangers.

The Survival Tent in Fallout 76

The Survival Tent is for Fallout 1st members in Fallout 76. It’s like a second C.A.M.P. but portable. It offers a stash box, sleeping bag, cooking station, and scrapbox. Some tents even have extra features like musical instruments or tinker’s workbenches.

Survival Tent placement or moving is done through the Favorites wheel. It’s a mobile fast travel spot for members in Appalachia. This tent is only accessible by Fallout 1st subscribers. It allows players to have their camp anywhere, with all needed facilities, for easy playing.

“The Survival Tent allowed me to explore the vast wasteland of Appalachia without the worry of finding shelter. It’s a game-changer for Fallout 76 players.” – Survivor123

The Survival Tent offers protection in tough moments or a place for peaceful rests. It’s great for tough quests or unexplored regions.

Key Features of the Survival Tent

  • Stash Box: Safely keep your precious items safe.
  • Sleeping Bag: Rest before your next adventure.
  • Cooking Station: Fill your stomach and heal up.
  • Scrapbox: Sort your crafting stuff for easy use.
  • Additional Features: Some tents have musical instruments for calm tunes or workbenches for crafting needs.

Fallout 1st members get the perk of a moving campsite with essential services. This is a huge gameplay advantage, benefitting solo fighters and groups alike in Fallout 76.

Creative Shelter Solutions in Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, players are getting really creative with their shelters. They’re making unique designs that really stand out. These designs make the game more interesting and fun to play. Here are a few awesome examples:

“Prax’s Hobby Shop” – A Comic/Cosplay Wonderland

“Prax’s Hobby Shop” is one amazing shelter design. It looks like a shop from a comic book or a cosplay event inside. The player has filled it with geeky items. There’s an old man Settler selling items behind the counter.

The shelter has an enclave-themed bunker that’s full of mystery. It has a tripwire, a secure door, and a long, dark hallway. There’s an Enclave Officer dummy, a security desk with a turret, and a locked computer. This bunker adds a whole new level of immersion to the experience.

A Vault of Wonders – Showcasing Rare and Collectible Items

One player has turned their shelter into a vault for their rare and collectible items. This vault is not just for storage. It shows off rare weapons, outfits, and other valuable finds.

Every item in the vault tells a story. It’s a place where visitors can learn more about the game’s fascinating lore. The shelter is a window into the rich history of Fallout 76.

These shelter designs are a testament to the creativity in the Fallout 76 community. They show how players create unique experiences within the game. From role-playing to displaying rare items, these shelters are more than just places to stay. They’re places to remember.

Shelter Name Description
Prax’s Hobby Shop A comic/cosplay-style shop with an Enclave-themed bunker
Vault of Wonders A showcase of rare and collectible items in a vault-like setting


In Fallout 76, there are two main shelters to choose from: the Canopy Tent and the Survival Tent. The Canopy Tent is available to all players who have the update Once in a Blue Moon. It lets players build their own shelter with unique features. The Survival Tent, on the other hand, is for members of Fallout 1st. It gives them a camp they can move around, plus extra benefits and a fast travel point.

These options suit different players, offering a wide range of styles and functions. You can have a basic shelter or get creative with your space. Both the Canopy Tent and Survival Tent let players show off their personality in the game.

The Fallout 76 community has highlighted its talent through incredible shelter designs. Building themed shops or vault-like rooms, players dive deep into the game’s world. These designs enhance the fun and can even display rare items. So, whether you’re looking for tips on shelters or trying to pick the perfect one, remember the Canopy Tent and Survival Tent are just the start.

Unleash your creativity in the wasteland. Build a shelter that shows who you are and what you dream of. The game’s shelters are all about making it your own.


How can I unlock the Canopy Tent in Fallout 76?

To unlock the Canopy Tent, do the Beasts of Burden event. This is in the Once in a Blue Moon update.

What can I do with the Canopy Tent in Fallout 76?

With the Canopy Tent, you have a place to work. It can be made at your C.A.M.P. or workshop. It doesn’t weigh much – only 0.25 units.

What is the Survival Tent in Fallout 76?

The Survival Tent is like a camp you can move around. It’s for Fallout 1st members. It acts like a second C.A.M.P. and has a stash box and more.

It offers a sleeping bag, cooking station, and usually a scrapbox.

You can even add things like a musical instrument or a workbench.

How do I place and use the Survival Tent in Fallout 76?

Only members of Fallout 1st can use the Survival Tent. To put it down, open the Favorites wheel. Besides being a moving camp, it’s also a place for quick travel in Appalachia.

Can I customize my shelter in Fallout 76?

Yes, you can make your shelter unique in Fallout 76. Players have made some amazing designs. You can put rare items on display. Or create spaces with a theme.

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