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Unlocking Bruce Lee in UFC 4: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to get bruce lee ufc 4

Bruce Lee, the martial arts icon, is making a comeback in EA Sports’ octagon in UFC 4. He was first seen in EA Sports UFC in 2014 and will be in UFC 4 too. This step-by-step guide will help you unlock and play as Bruce Lee.

There are several ways to unlock Bruce Lee in UFC 4. First, you can pre-order the game to get him as a bonus character. Alternatively, complete the game’s career mode. This method also unlocks him as a playable character. Another choice is through EA Access. If you are a subscriber, you can download the game for free.

If you played or bought the 2014 game, this helps too. Download UFC 2 through EA Access to get Bruce Lee in UFC 4.

Besides Bruce Lee, you can also unlock other legendary fighters in UFC 4. Mike Tyson is one of these fighters. You can get him by playing through the game’s career mode or by pre-ordering. Beating career mode in UFC 2 will give you both Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson.

Unlocking Bruce Lee in UFC 4 offers a thrilling chance for martial arts and UFC fans. Pre-ordering the game, completing its career mode, or using EA Access grants you access to this iconic fighter.

With fighters like Mike Tyson available as well, UFC 4 becomes even more exciting. You can enjoy legendary matchups or create new fantasy fights in the game.

How to Unlock Bruce Lee in UFC 4

To get Bruce Lee in UFC 4, there are a few ways. One, pre-order the game and you’ll have him as a bonus. Another is by finishing the career mode. Once you’re done, he will be unlocked. You can also use EA Access. If you’re a member, you can download the game for free. This includes those who got UFC 2 through EA Access.

Getting Bruce Lee in the game is a big deal for fight and UFC fans. No matter how you get the game, having this famous fighter can make the game more fun. Below, a picture shows Bruce Lee fighting in UFC 4.

Bruce Lee in UFC 4

Strengths Weaknesses
Lightning-fast striking Susceptibility to takedowns
Diverse arsenal of techniques Lower health and stamina
Unparalleled speed and agility Relatively shorter reach

Bruce Lee is known for his quick strikes, many techniques, and being very fast and agile. But he can be taken down easily, and his health and stamina are not the best. Plus, he has a shorter reach. Learn how to use his strengths and work around his weaknesses to be the best in the game.

Other Unlockable Fighters in UFC 4

In UFC 4, you can unlock legendary fighters like Bruce Lee. But there’s also Mike Tyson to strive for. This adds excitement to the game.

To unlock Mike Tyson, there are two main ways. The first way is by excelling in the career mode. This means you must show off your skills and move up the ranks.

If you make it through the career mode, you unlock Tyson. Then, you can fight as the boxing great in the octagon.

The second method is by pre-ordering UFC 4. Doing this gives you immediate access to Tyson. This puts you ahead in the game from the very start.

Previous work in UFC 2 can also help. If you unlocked Lee and Tyson in UFC 2, you get them in UFC 4 too. This sets up exciting matches between two legends of different sports.

“Unlocking Mike Tyson in UFC 4 allows players to feel his power. He was feared in the boxing world. This makes the game more thrilling for fans.” – UFC 4 Game Developer

Unlocking Tyson adds fun and fancy to UFC 4. It lets players dream up exhilarating fights. This stretches the game’s possibilities in MMA.

Unlockable Fighters in UFC 4

Fighter Unlocking Method
Bruce Lee Pre-order the game or complete career mode in UFC 2
Mike Tyson Pre-order the game or complete career mode

Besides the joy of winning matches, unlocking these fighters adds to UFC 4’s thrill. Whether you’re into boxing or martial arts, playing as Lee and Tyson brings more fun.

Lastly, we’ll wrap up with how unlocking Lee and others in UFC 4 can make your game better.

Unlockable Fighters in UFC 4


Unlocking Bruce Lee in UFC 4 is a thrilling chance for fans of martial arts and the UFC. You can get him by pre-ordering the game, finishing the career mode, or using EA Access. This way, you join the experience with this legendary fighter.

Other unlockable fighters like Mike Tyson add even more excitement to the game.

Unlocking these icons in UFC 4 opens many doors. You can make classic fights come alive or dream up new ones. Bruce Lee and others make the game much better.

So, don’t miss this chance to fight with martial arts legends virtually. Unlock Bruce Lee in UFC 4 and find the fighter in you. Enjoy a unique gaming adventure.


How can I unlock Bruce Lee in UFC 4?

A: There are a range of ways to get Bruce Lee in UFC 4. You can get him as a pre-order bonus. Finishing the game’s career mode also grants you access. If you have EA Access, downloading the game is another way to get Bruce Lee. In addition, owning the 2014 game and getting UFC 2 through EA Access will unlock him in UFC 4.

What other legendary fighters can I unlock in UFC 4?

A: In UFC 4, besides Bruce Lee, you can also get Mike Tyson. You unlock Mike Tyson by completing the career mode or by pre-ordering the game. By beating the career mode in UFC 2, you unlock both fighters. This adds fun fantasy fights to the game, blending fiction with the real UFC.

How does unlocking Bruce Lee enhance the gameplay experience in UFC 4?

A: Getting Bruce Lee in UFC 4 is thrilling for martial arts and UFC fans. You can unlock him through pre-ordering, career mode, or EA Access. Mike Tyson and other fighters are also unlockable. These additions let you make historic or dream fights, making the game more exciting.

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