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Navigating UFC 4 Controls on PS5: Your Ultimate Guide

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Welcome to the ultimate guide for UFC 4 on the PS5. This game is all about mixing martial arts and mastering its controls is crucial. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or just starting, we’ve got all you need to know. This guide will help you rule the Octagon.

UFC 4 for the PS5 brings a combat experience like no other. You’re able to customise the controls to match what feels best for you. By mastering striking, moving, grappling, and ground moves, you’ll pull off cool techniques smoothly.

We’ll take you through how to strike and grapple, key parts of the game. Learning striking moves lets you throw hard hits and kicks. Good head and body movement skills help you dodge hits, ready to attack. Grappling covers clinches, takedowns, and ground play. Knowing how to switch, reverse, and do submissions is a must to win on the ground.

With this guide and a lot of practice, you’ll soon be a UFC champ on the PS5. It’s time to start your training and get ready for the Octagon. Let’s do this and become a UFC superstar together!

Understanding UFC 4 Controls on PS5

The UFC 4 controls on PS5 make fights feel real and intense. You can change them to fit how you like to play. To do this, go to the gameplay settings menu.

To be good at UFC 4, you need to learn how to strike, move, grapple, and fight on the ground. Get to know the buttons and joysticks for each. This lets you use different moves and tactics in the game.

Knowing the controls well lets you fight better in the Octagon. You might like punching or grabbing your opponent. With good control, you can do what you want smoothly.

Here’s what you need to know about UFC 4 on the PS5:

Striking Controls

You can throw punches, kicks, and elbows in UFC 4. Use different button combos for a variety of strikes.

  • Basic Strikes: Tap buttons to throw jabs, hooks, and kicks.
  • Advanced Strikes: Combine moves to do powerful combos.
  • Movement: Move the left joystick to dodge and approach your opponent.
  • Head Movement: Use controls to slip and avoid hits.

Grappling Controls

Grabs and holds are key in UFC 4. Learn how to clinch, take down, and fight on the ground.

  • Clinches: Get in close and aim to strike hard or take your opponent down.
  • Takedowns: Press buttons at the right moment to bring your opponent to the mat.
  • Ground Techniques: Control the fight on the ground with strikes and submissions.
  • Transitions and Reversals: Change your position to get the upper hand and stop your opponent’s moves.

Learning the controls for striking and grappling in UFC 4 helps you craft your own style. Tinker with the settings to uncover new moves. This will make you very strong in the Octagon.

Now you know more about UFC 4 on PS5. It’s time to fight against top players. Keep practicing and improving to rule the UFC world.

Mastering Striking and Grappling in UFC 4 on PS5

In UFC 4, you must know how to strike and grapple to win. Both are important for success in the game. We’ll look at each of these to make you strong in UFC 4 on the PS5.

Mastering Striking Controls

Understanding striking controls is key to landing powerful hits in UFC 4. Good movement and head movement help you dodge attacks and land yours. Remember, timing and accuracy are crucial.

Combine punches, kicks, and elbows in stunning ways. Practice with different combos to unleash your fighting skills.

Try various techniques like jabs, hooks, and kicks. Know each move’s strengths to beat your opponent.

Mastering Grappling Controls

Knowing grappling controls is vital for ground fighting in UFC 4. These controls include clinches, takedowns, and ground moves. Grappling well lets you control the fight close up.

Learn how to transition between moves and positions. This allows you to get on top of your opponent. Reversals are also important to turn a bad situation to your advantage.

Submissions can end a fight quickly. Learn how to do them effectively. Anticipate your opponent’s moves to win more often.

Getting good at both striking and grappling will take time and effort. Learn the controls well, improve your reflexes, and create your fighting style.

UFC 4 Striking and Grappling Controls


This ultimate guide helps you master UFC 4 controls on the PS5. You’ll become ready to conquer any opponent in the Octagon. Just practice and get to know the controls well to boost your skills. This is your path to becoming a UFC superstar.

Being new or experienced, learning the controls makes the game more fun. Prepare to step into the Octagon and show off your fighting talents in UFC 4 on the PS5.


How can I access the control settings in UFC 4 on the PS5 console?

To get to the control settings in UFC 4 on the PS5, start by heading to the gameplay settings. This is where you can adjust the controls to fit what works best for you.

What are the different control inputs for striking in UFC 4 on the PS5?

In UFC 4 on the PS5, striking involves pressing buttons and moving the joystick. Learn how to use these controls to throw hard punches and kicks at your enemies.

How do I execute different moves and techniques in UFC 4 on the PS5?

Using various button combinations and joystick moves, you can perform lots of moves in UFC 4 on the PS5. This includes striking, moving around, grappling, and fighting on the ground. Keep practising to get good at these moves.

What are the grappling controls in UFC 4 on the PS5?

The grappling controls in UFC 4 on the PS5 cover clinching, taking your opponent to the ground, and ground fighting. Knowing how to switch positions, counter moves, and apply submissions is key to winning on the mat.

Why is mastering the striking and grappling controls important in UFC 4 on the PS5?

Being great at striking and grappling controls in UFC 4 on the PS5 means you can hit hard, defend well, and control fights on the ground. It’s vital to mix skill with great timing for victory in the Octagon.

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