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A Detailed Guide to UFC 4 Controls for Optimal Gameplay

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Welcome to our guide on UFC 4 controls. Whether new or experienced, learning the controls is vital for top gameplay. We will cover all the key moves and tactics, including striking and ground techniques.

Mastering each control is important in UFC 4. Every move and strategy helps you succeed. Our guide will show you how to perform strong strikes, win on the ground, and manage the clinch.

Ready to boost your stand-up skills? We’ll discuss UFC 4’s striking basics next. This will include movements and striking combo tips. You’ll soon be throwing powerful jabs and kicks to beat your rivals.

Don’t miss the next part, discussing stand-up tactics and combos in depth. Prepare to elevate your UFC 4 skills!

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Stand Up: Striking Fundamentals

Learning the striking controls in UFC 4 is crucial for beating your enemies in the game. We will look into key stand-up moves and strike combos to improve your play.

It’s vital to know how to strike in UFC 4. Move your fighter with the left stick. The right stick helps with dodging strikes by moving your head.

Changing stances can give you an edge in fights. Try out different stances to see what works best for you. Each stance has its own set of moves and ways to defend.

Now, we’ll explore strike combos. UFC 4 has many moves, such as jabs, hooks, kicks, and uppercuts. Mixing these together keeps your opponent on their toes.

Here are some cool move combos for you to try:

  1. 1-2-3: Begin with a jab, then a straight right, and finish with a hook, up high or to the body.
  2. Lead Uppercut – Rear Hook: Surprise your rival with a lead uppercut, then hit them hard with a rear hook.
  3. Lead Leg Kick – Rear Head Kick: Start with a leg kick, then go for a head kick for a nasty knockout.

Vary your moves and timing to stay ahead. A smart combo could win you the game.

“Timing beats speed, precision beats power.”

Prove your striking finesse, understand the UFC 4 controls, and unleash powerful moves to rule the octagon.

Ground: Grappling and Ground Techniques

In UFC 4, grappling and ground skills are key to winning. Knowing the UFC 4 grappling controls helps players beat their rivals on the mat. This guide will look deeply into this part of the game.


Being able to do takedowns in UFC 4 is crucial. It lets you control the fight by getting your opponent on the ground. Whether you do a double-leg takedown or a powerful slam, it starts a ground battle. Here, you can show your skills and dominate.

Transitions and Control

On the ground, players should know how to transition and keep control. Using the grappling controls well lets fighters move to better positions smoothly. They need to perform these moves perfectly. It helps them get the upper hand.

Submissions and Ground and Pound

Submissions can finish fights fast. Learning the submissions system lets you use different locks and chokes. This forces your rival to quit. And, ground and pound is great for landing big hits. Doing this well can lead to a knockout win.

Knowing the UFC 4 grappling controls fully lets you switch between moves easily. It helps you do takedowns well and control the ground. This skill is about timing and strategy. It’s what makes great ground players stand out.

UFC 4 grappling controls

Clinch and Cage Control

In UFC 4, your game changes when you understand clinching and cage control. By knowing the UFC 4 clinch controls and using smart cage control techniques, you’re ahead. We’ll explore how to use the clinch game to your advantage. This includes mastering dirty boxing.

In the clinch, use different positions and moves to take command. With UFC 4 clinch controls, you can use strikes and clinch breaks. This lets you control how the fight goes. Keep your foe vulnerable to set up powerful attacks.

Clinch Positions and Strikes

Knowing clinch positions is key in UFC 4. They show you what strikes and moves you can do. Below are major clinch stances in UFC 4:

Position Description
Muay Thai Clinch A position where you control your opponent’s head closely. You can deliver strong knees and hits.
Over-Under Clinch In this position, one of your arms wraps over the opponent’s shoulder. The other goes under their arm. This gives you control to perform takedowns or hits.
Double Underhooks It’s when both your arms are under your opponent’s. This position lets you control their upper body. It’s a good spot for takedowns or heavy hits.

Once you’re in a clinch, it’s time for dirty boxing. This method uses fast strikes, elbows, and sneaky tactics. By staying near and being accurate, you can weaken your rival. Remember to use the UFC 4 clinch controls well. This helps you keep your strong position and guide the fight.

Cage Control and Tactics

Getting how to use the cage is a must in clinch and cage control. The cage can help you or your opponent. It depends on who controls the octagon’s edge. With the right techniques, you can limit your rival’s moves. This makes it harder for them to respond to your attacks.

Here are some good cage control techniques:

  • Push your opponent against the cage to limit their space.
  • Use dirty boxing with short punches and elbows to keep them uneasy.
  • Capitalise on the cage to do takedowns or disrupt their balance. This opens up chances for more attacks or holds.

Using these tactics will help you keep control and up your victory odds.

Remember, mastering UFC 4 clinch controls and smart cage control techniques is pivotal. It’s about skill, plan, and timing. So, work hard, learn the controls well, and show off your moves and dirty boxing to win in the octagon.


In conclusion, getting the hang of UFC 4’s controls is key. This is to triumph in the game. We’ve offered a detailed look into how to strike, grapple, clinch, and work on the ground.

By mastering these, players can stand out. They’ll become champions in the UFC’s virtual octagon.

UFC 4 creates a real and deep fighting world. By knowing the controls well, players can pull off spot-on hits, handle ground fights well, and take control in clinch battles. These skills are vital for beating opponents and winning in the virtual octagon.

It’s your chance to get in the virtual octagon. To do so, learn deeply from the UFC 4 control guide. Putting in the work to understand and use the mechanics will improve your game. It will help you become the best.

This guide is useful, whether you’re experienced in UFC 4 or just starting. It will be your go-to source for getting better.


How do I perform a basic strike in UFC 4?

To throw a strike, hit the right button for the type of strike you want. For instance, use the Square button for a jab, Triangle for a hook, or Circle for a kick.

How do I switch stances in UFC 4?

Changing stances is easy. Just hold L1 and pick a stance with the face buttons. Press Square for orthodox stance or Circle for southpaw stance.

What are the different striking combinations in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, you can try various striking combos. Popular ones are jab-cross, hook-uppercut, and leg kick-hook-cross. Test different combos to see which fits your style best.

How do I perform a takedown in UFC 4?

To take someone down, hold R2 and press a button for your move. Like, use Square for a single-leg takedown or Triangle for a double-leg takedown.

How do I defend against submissions in UFC 4?

To stop a submission, watch for the mini-game’s instructions. Use the right stick to move as directed and follow the screen to dodge the submission.

What are dirty boxing techniques in UFC 4?

Dirty boxing is about using close-range hits and positions to control your foe. You can use elbows, knees, and clinches to overpower them near the cage.

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