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How to Master Crane Kicks in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Crane kicks in UFC 4 are powerful strikes. They can change the fight if you use them well. To do this, you need skill, timing, and to be aware of what’s happening. This guide will help you learn the art of crane kicks. It will give you the knowledge and skills to be a great striker in the game.

In UFC 4, crane kicks can end fights. But, you must use them wisely. They’re strong kicks but can make you tired and open to being hit if not careful.

To do a crane kick, follow these moves: ^LB^ + ^A^ or ^B^ for a powerful kick. Use ^LT^ + ^A^ or ^B^ for a body kick. And just ^A^ or ^B^ for kicks aimed at the legs. These attacks can really hurt your opponent.

Don’t just use crane kicks, though. Throw different strikes too. This will keep your opponent guessing. Mixing up your attacks makes you a tougher enemy.

Timing with crane kicks is crucial. Wait for the perfect moment to strike. This makes your kicks more powerful and less risky for you.

Watch your stamina. Crane kicks use a lot of it. Missing them can tire you out quickly. Don’t use them too much, so you have energy for the whole fight.

Crane kicks can leave you open to being hit back. Be ready to either block or dodge attacks after you kick. This will keep you safer.

Know your opponent well. Watch how they react to your kicks. Don’t become predictable. This will help you hit them without getting hit back.

Mastering crane kicks takes skill and the right approach. With these tips, you can be a strong fighter in UFC 4. So, get in there, show off your martial arts skills, and win with the crane kick.

Tips for Effective Crane Kicks in UFC 4

To master crane kicks in UFC 4, you need more than just the right moves. For better crane kicks and to win the striking game, try these tips:

  1. Mix up your strikes: Don’t just use crane kicks. Mix in different strikes too. This keeps your opponent guessing. It makes it easier to land powerful crane kicks. Use jabs, hooks, and uppercuts with your kicks. It makes your attacks varied and sets up perfect moments for crane kicks.
  2. Timing is key: Being patient when using a crane kick is important. Aim for the right time to strike. This saves your energy and stops you from getting hit back. Look for chances when your opponent’s guard is down. Then, a crane kick can be very effective.
  3. Manage your stamina: Crane kicks can be very strong but they use up a lot of energy. Watch your stamina and don’t use crane kicks too often. Missing a kick makes you tired and weak. Use your kicks carefully and save energy for when you really need it.
  4. Utilize strike vulnerability: Crane kicks are powerful but they leave you open to getting hit back. If you use a crane kick, be ready to defend. Dodge or block your opponent’s strikes. This will keep you safe from their counters.
  5. Study your opponent: Knowing what your opponent likes to do can help you win. Watch how they react. Change your kicks to surprise them. Being unpredictable makes it harder for your opponent to defend or counter your kicks.

Example of Effective Crane Kicks in Action:

“The battle between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz showed how good crane kicks can be in UFC 4. McGregor used crane kicks smartly. He mixed them with other strikes to keep Diaz defending. This strategy helped McGregor win decisively. It showed just how effective crane kicks can be in the UFC 4.”

Follow these tips, and you can master crane kicks in UFC 4. It’s not just about the kicks. It’s about how you use them to get ahead. So, get into the fight, practice hard, and discover the power of crane kicks!

The Impact of Crane Kicks in UFC 4

In UFC 4, crane kicks play a big role in the game. They can deal a lot of damage and might end a fight if done right. But, using them has its downsides, mainly on stamina.

Using crane kicks takes a lot of your stamina. If you’re not careful, you could be in trouble. And missing a kick affects how much stamina you have. So, using them well is key.

Thus, it’s best to use crane kicks wisely and well. Doing so can really boost how you play the game. It’s all about strategy in UFC 4, including when to use these kicks.


What are crane kicks in UFC 4?

Crane kicks in UFC 4 are high-power strikes that can end fights. They involve special kicking moves in the game.

How do I perform crane kicks in UFC 4?

For a crane kick, use ^LB^ + ^A^ or ^B^. Use ^LT^ + ^A^ or ^B^ for a body kick. For leg kicks, press ^A or ^B^.

What should I consider when using crane kicks in UFC 4?

Use crane kicks carefully. Using them too often can tire you out. It also makes you open to getting hit back. It’s best to mix up your moves, time your kicks well, save your energy, and understand your opponent.

Do advanced crane kicks have any drawbacks?

Yes, advanced kicks bring risks. Kicks like the lead 360 tornado and jumping switch kicks could lead to takedowns. So, be careful when you use them.

How do cage strikes affect my crane kicks?

Cage strikes can be a game-changer in UFC 4. Use these strikes when your opponent is close to the cage.

What is the impact of crane kicks in UFC 4 gameplay?

Crane kicks are key moves that deal a lot of damage. They might end the fight if you hit your opponent right. But, they use up a lot of your energy. If you miss, it will also reduce your energy level a lot.

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