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Building the Ultimate Fighter in UFC 4: Top Strategies

by Marcin Wieclaw
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best ufc 4 build

Creating the best fighter in UFC 4 demands top build strategies. Winning means focusing on certain techniques and styles that set you above the rest in the octagon.

One key strategy is defending against leg kicks and then hitting back hard. This tactic weakens your foe, setting up chances for wins through takedowns or strikes. It transforms your fighter from average to dominant.

Knowing how to deal with spammers is also key. Picking a fighter with ratings under 89 helps. You can use this to see through their moves and respond, gaining a big advantage.

With these strategies, you can master UFC 4 and create a champion fighter. Whether you like an all-around fighter, a unique approach, or strong defence, there’s a strategy for you. Find what matches your style best.

Top Dog

The Top Dog archetype in UFC 4 is perfect for a balanced build. This type lets you shine in every part of the fight. You become a tough challenger in striking, grappling, or defence.

The Top Dog’s standout feature is its great blocking and counter moves in boxing. You can quickly figure out your opponent’s next move and hit them hard. This mix of attack and defence makes you strong all around.

Choosing the right moments to attack through smart defence is crucial for the Top Dog. Keep yourself safe from hits while watching for chances to hit back. This smart tactic keeps you in charge during fights.

“The Top Dog build in UFC 4 is like a Swiss army knife – versatile, adaptable, and ready for anything the octagon throws at you.”

Being versatile means you’re a powerful opponent, and the Top Dog lets you access your full strength. You can control fights by using sharp strikes or by staying safe with defence.

The Top Dog build at a glance:

Attribute Description
Balanced A well-rounded build that excels in all areas of the fight
Versatile Capable of adapting to any fighting style or opponent
Striking Effective with crisp boxing techniques and counters
Defense Utilizes intelligent shot selection and defensive skills

With the Top Dog build, you become a true threat in UFC 4. Versatility and balance are the keys to octagon success. Don’t overlook their power in your fights.


The Showboat build in UFC 4 is unique. It blends movement and exciting strikes to surprise your foes. This keeps them guessing.

It focuses on being quick and skilful. You can unleash spinning kicks and use your head movement for strong counters.

Choosing a taller body type works best with the Showboat build. It lets you use long-range attacks well. This gives you an edge over opponents.

“The Showboat build in UFC 4 is all about style and showmanship. It’s about dazzling your opponents with your agility and landing devastating strikes that leave them in awe.” – Coach Thompson, UFC Trainer

To become great at the Showboat build, learn how to move and strike with perfect timing. This allows you to surprise enemies with your attacks.

But Showboat isn’t just about cool moves. It takes hard work, patience, and a readiness to try new things in the ring.

Advantages of the Showboat Build

Opting for the Showboat archetype in UFC 4 brings many benefits. Here are a few:

  • Unique Play Style: Stand out with a fighting style that highlights movement and innovation.
  • Dynamic Strikes: Show your speed and land powerful hits that can finish a fight quickly.
  • Improved Reach: Choose a taller fighter to use your reach and hit safely from a distance.
  • Unpredictability: Being unpredictable with your moves and strikes is a strong suit of the Showboat style.

Let the Showboat archetype bring out your performance skills in UFC 4. Show your best, rule the ring, and beat all your challengers!

Advantages Disadvantages
Unique play style Limited effectiveness in close-quarters combat
Dynamic strikes Heightened vulnerability to takedowns
Improved reach Requires exceptional timing and footwork
Unpredictability May struggle against aggressive opponents


The Vanguard build in UFC 4 focuses on being strong defensively. This is great for players who want to play defensively. It helps master the technique of defensive combat.

This build is all about defending well. It lets you move faster when stepping back, so it’s easier to avoid getting hit. Plus, it’s tough for your opponent to grapple you because of your strong defence.

Getting knocked down won’t be a big problem for you with the Vanguard build. It helps you stand back up quickly. This way, you can fight back without taking too much damage. It gives you a chance to surprise your opponent.

Choosing the Vanguard archetype for your fighter is the first step. Then, focus on defending, choosing the right moments to act, and using your movement to dodge attacks. Pay close attention to what your opponent does. This will help you find moments to strike.

Always remember, in UFC 4, a good defence wins fights. The Vanguard build can make you a master at defensive combat. Your strong defence and sharp timing can make your opponents give up.

Pros Cons
Strong defensive capabilities Requires precision and timing
Faster movement on the backfoot Less emphasis on offense
Higher grapple defense Less power in strikes
Effective recovery from knockdowns Requires patience and strategy

defensive build


In UFC 4, striking a perfect offensive-defensive balance is key. The Razor archetype shows this mix well. It focuses on leg kicks and clinch moves. These help players deal big damage while being careful with their pace.

Choosing the Razor archetype is a must for this style. It boosts leg kick and clinch efficacy. This choice gives good leg kick defence and strong inside damage. Picking a shorter, stockier fighter can improve your close combat skills.

“The Razor archetype is all about calculated aggression,” explains Mark Thompson. “It lets players lead the fight and manage distance with well-thought-out moves. This method tires your opponent, opening chances for big hits or takedowns.”

The Razor strategy balances attacks and defence. Mixing your moves carefully is crucial. Using well-placed leg kicks, you can slow down your opponent. This makes them easier to hit or grapple.

Besides leg kicks, clinching is vital for the Razor approach. It lets you control the fight close up. This can lead to powerful hits, takedowns, or submissions. Becoming a clinch expert can give you a big edge, especially against long-range strikers.

Taking Advantage of the Razor Build:

To make the most of the Razor build, smart play is essential. Here’s what you should do:

  • Keep the right distance and control the fight speed.
  • Use leg kicks smartly to weaken your rival and slow them down.
  • Learn clinch tactics to control and prepare for strong hits or takedowns.
  • Wait for the perfect moment to strike. Use openings from leg kicks and clinching.
  • Pick the shorter, stockier fighter to excel at close-range combat.

By mastering these tactics, players using the Razor archetype can rule the UFC 4 arena.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Effective leg kicks
  • Strong clinchwork
  • Balanced offensive and defensive capabilities
  • High damage output at close range
  • Requires tactical mastery
  • May struggle against long-range strikers


Creating the ultimate UFC 4 fighter involves smart choices and knowing the different types of builds. You can pick the Top Dog with its balanced skills, the Showboat for powerful hits, the Vanguard for strong defence, or the Razor for an all-around game. Each one brings a special way to win.

Focus on your build’s strengths and really learn how to use them. Know your opponent, guess what they’ll do, and hit them at the right time. Being good at defence, hitting accurately, and knowing how to grapple are key. This makes you more likely to win in the fight.

But, beating everyone isn’t just about your fighter’s build. Your own skill and how you adapt in the game are just as vital. Keep practising, getting better at your moves, and aim for being the best in every match. Only by always getting better will you truly succeed in UFC 4.


What are some strategies for creating an unbeatable fighter in UFC 4?

Creating an unbeatable fighter in UFC 4 needs the best strategies. Focus on blocking or parrying leg kicks. Then, hit with stomach strikes. This weakens your rival for takedowns or ground fighting.

It’s key to know how to counter spammers. Picking characters rated under 89 can work in your favour.

What is the Top Dog build in UFC 4?

The Top Dog build in UFC 4 keeps you strong across all fight categories. It’s great for those who want to excel in boxing defence. By going for the Top Dog archetype, your defence and smart punches will make you a tough fighter.

How can I utilize the Showboat build in UFC 4?

The Showboat build in UFC 4 is lively and focused on unique strikes. This lets you use spinning kicks and strong counters. To play as a showboat, choose that archetype and aim for long-range strikes with a tall character.

What is the Vanguard build in UFC 4?

The Vanguard build in UFC 4 is for those who like to focus on defence. It gives you better movement away, strong grapple defence, and quick recovery if knocked down. To use this build, go for the Vanguard archetype. Concentrate on defence, timing, and counter-attacking.

How can I utilize the Razor build in UFC 4?

The Razor build in UFC 4 lets you dish out big damage at your own rhythm. It features leg kicks and clinch work. This gives you strong leg kick defence and power up close. Select the Razor archetype. Aim to fight from inside to deal the most damage.

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