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Everything You Need to Know About the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 Card

by Marcin Wieclaw
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ufc fight pass invitational 4 card

Welcome to a thrilling world of intense matchups and electrifying fights! The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 card recently showcased amazing talent and athleticism. It featured a high-energy flyweight fight with UFC star Perez. Also, it showed the Brazilian jiu jitsu debut of the NCAA champion, Roman Bravo-Young. This event was packed with excitement.

The standout moment included a women’s bout with Helena Crevar and Emily Fernandez. These young stars in Brazilian jiu jitsu showed their amazing skills. They gave everyone a peek into the future of this sport. This is a really exciting time for fans of MMA and combat sports.

Get ready to watch the future of grappling take its place. The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 card really showed off some amazing fights. There were thrilling submissions and hard-fought decisions. Every fight was a showcase of these athletes’ skills and hard work.

There’s more to come as we explore the key fights and amazing results from the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 card. Join us as we uncover the excitement and adrenaline of the octagon. Get ready for an exciting journey through the world of MMA. Champs will rise and legends will be made.

Key Fights on the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 Card

The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 had fights that drew fans in and showed off top Brazilian jiu-jitsu talent. Let’s check out some highlight matches:

Cyborg Abreu vs. Nick Meregali

Cyborg Abreu battled Nick Meregali in a no-gi showdown. A seven-time no-gi champ versus the Pan IBJJF champion. It was a duel of pure skill.

Felipe Pena vs. Craig Jones

Felipe Pena and Craig Jones went to war in the main event. Pena, an ADCC world champ, against Jones, an IBJJF no-gi world champ. This battle was electrifying for everyone watching.

Glover Teixeira vs. Anthony Smith

A former UFC champ, Glover Teixeira, fought Anthony Smith in the co-main event. Skill and strength were on display as each fighter aimed for victory.

BJJ Submission-Only Absolute Tournament

A key part of the event was an eight-man Absolute tournament. The winner would walk away with a $30,000 prize. It attracted top-notch grapplers from around the globe.

Fighters Tournament Results
Cyborg Abreu Advanced to Semifinals
Nick Meregali Advanced to Semifinals
Felipe Pena Lost in Quarterfinals
Craig Jones Advanced to Finals
Glover Teixeira N/A
Anthony Smith N/A

The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 was a night filled with excitement and fierce competition. It highlighted the amazing talents and drive of the athletes. Both the main fights and the tournament were a celebration of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Results and Highlights from the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 Card

The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 card was full of surprises. It showcased top fighters’ skills and determination. The night saw thrilling wins, amazing submissions, and tough fights.

Craig Jones vs Felipe Pena

Craig Jones and Felipe Pena had a big fight. Jones won, showing his awesome skills. He proved he’s a top grappler with a quick escape during EBI overtime. This win put him at the top of the grappling scene.

Nicky Rodriguez’s Impressive Run

Nicky Rodriguez was unstoppable at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4. He beat tough opponents like Roberto Jimenez and Vagner Rocha. His drive and top-notch skills won him praise from fans and fighters.

Helena Crevar Submits Emily Fernandez

Helena Crevar and Emily Fernandez fought in an exciting women’s bout. Crevar won with a rear naked choke, showing her bright future in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Her win was a major highlight of the night.

Glover Teixeira vs Anthony Smith

Glover Teixeira and Anthony Smith showed their strength in a heavyweight match. Teixeira won by unanimous decision. This victory showed his experience and power in the octagon.

Dan Manasoiu and Nicholas Meregali’s Submissions

Dan Manasoiu and Nicholas Meregali wowed the crowd with their submissions. Their grappling skills were amazing. They showed how much talent the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 held.

UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4

The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 unforgettable event. It was packed with excitement and skill. The fighters left everything in the octagon, making it a night to remember for fans.

Fighter Result
Craig Jones Victory
Felipe Pena
Nicky Rodriguez Victory
Dan Manasoiu Submission
Helena Crevar Victory
Emily Fernandez
Glover Teixeira Victory
Anthony Smith
Nicholas Meregali Submission


The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 was a night we won’t forget. It showed us just how skilled Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters are. Fight after fight, we saw their skill, bravery, and passion. They won using smart moves and by fighting hard. This event proved how well these fighters know their sport.

Those who sign up for UFC Fight Pass get to watch live fights from around the world. They can also explore a huge collection of fights, with over 20,000 to choose from. This lets fans see the history of the UFC and enjoy its amazing fights. No matter if you’re new to the sport or a long-time fan, the UFC Fight Pass is the best way to watch.

This event was special for Roman Bravo-Young, a rising star. He debuted in Brazilian jiu jitsu on a big stage at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational. This was his chance to show the world his amazing skills. The final fight carried a $25,000 prize, making the competition even more exciting.


Who were the standout fighters on the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 card?

Roman Bravo-Young, UFC’s Perez, Helena Crevar, and Emily Fernandez impressed on the card.

What were the key fights on the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 card?

The critical bouts included Cyborg Abreu vs Nick Meregali and Felipe Pena vs Craig Jones. Glover Teixeira fought against Anthony Smith as well.

Who were the winners on the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 card?

Craig Jones won the main event. Nicky Rodriguez stood out. Glover Teixeira beat Anthony Smith. Helena Crevar submitted Emily Fernandez.

What does the UFC Fight Pass platform offer?

The UFC Fight Pass gives access to live events worldwide. It also has a fight library of over 20,000 bouts. You can watch Roman Bravo-Young’s BJJ debut there.

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