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Reviewing the Results of UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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ufc fight pass invitational 4 results

The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 was an amazing event for fans. It highlighted the best fighters worldwide. They showed off their skills in exciting matches, leading to memorable moments for everyone watching.

The main event featured Craig Jones facing off against Felipe Pena. Their grappling techniques were impressive. Ultimately, Jones won by decision, showing his high-level skills.

Another exciting match was Glover Teixeira versus Anthony Smith. Teixeira’s experience helped him win with a unanimous decision. Both fighters showed their toughness and skill during the fight.

Nicholas Meregali and Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu’s match was intense as well. Meregali’s armbar in overtime secured his win. This showed how critical precision is in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The results from UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 show fighters’ hard work and determination. Each fight was a display of their effort to achieve victory. Fans can expect more great events with superb performances in MMA’s future.

Standout Moments from the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4

Besides the main event, the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 had truly standout scenes. These moments highlighted the amazing skills and drive of the athletes. They etched a lasting memory in the minds of fans and competitors.

A Draw of Epic Proportions – Roman Bravo-Young vs Alex Perez

One memorable scene was the battle between Roman Bravo-Young and Alex Perez. They showed incredible energy and skill. The fight resulted in a draw, proving how talented and competitive they are.

Helena Crevar’s Sublime Submission – Helena Crevar vs Emily Fernandez

Helena Crevar’s battle with Emily Fernandez was another highlight. Crevar won with a perfect submission, showing her skills. This victory surely upped her game in martial arts’ world.

Victory by Points – Nicky Rodriguez vs Roberto Jimenez

In the Absolute Tournament, Nicky Rodriguez amazed everyone. He showed his might and quickness against Roberto Jimenez. Winning by points, he left a mark with his strong performance.

The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 had many exciting moments. Roman Bravo-Young, Alex Perez, Helena Crevar, Emily Fernandez, Nicky Rodriguez, and Roberto Jimenez performed brilliantly. They energized the fans and made a lasting impression on MMA.


The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 was full of excitement and kept fans glued to their seats. Fighters like Craig Jones, Glover Teixeira, and Nicholas Meregali amazed everyone with their victories. Jones showed his skill by beating Felipe Pena and made fans recognise him as a top athlete.

Teixeira’s win over Anthony Smith highlighted his place in the light heavyweight division. Meregali beat Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu with an outstanding submission, proving his mastery in grappling. These achievements were very impressive.

However, the event wasn’t just about wins. The draw between Roman Bravo-Young and Alex Perez was intense. Both fighters showed their strong will and excellent techniques. Helena Crevar’s win with a rear-naked choke and Nicky Rodriguez’s victory in the Absolute Tournament also stood out. They demonstrated great skills and determination.

In the end, the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 was a big hit. It gave fans exciting fights and great displays of talent. This event solidified the competitors’ skills and made everyone look forward to more. It showed why mixed martial arts is so thrilling and proved the UFC is all about unforgettable moments.


Who won the main event at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4?

Craig Jones won against Felipe Pena by Decision. He had the fastest escape time in overtime.

Did Glover Teixeira win his match at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4?

Yes, Glover Teixeira won over Anthony Smith with a unanimous decision.

How did Nicholas Meregali secure his win at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4?

Nicholas Meregali won with a submission against Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu. He used an armbar in overtime.

What was the outcome of the match between Roman Bravo-Young and Alex Perez?

The match between Roman Bravo-Young and Alex Perez ended in a draw. It showed their equal skill and effort.

How did Helena Crevar secure her victory at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4?

Helena Crevar beat Emily Fernandez with a rear naked choke submission. She showed great skill.

Did Nicky Rodriguez win his match at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4?

Yes, Nicky Rodriguez defeated Roberto Jimenez in a match. He won by points in the Absolute Tournament.

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