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Discovering the Best Boxers in UFC 4

by Lucas Grayson
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Welcome to the thrilling world of UFC 4. Here, the strongest fighters battle in the octagon. Choosing the best boxer is key to your win. Whether you like powerful grapplers or sharp strikers, we’ve got the top 10 fighters for you in UFC 4.

When picking a fighter, think about perks, stats, and what you like. The best boxers in UFC 4 have a wide array of skills and strengths.

Let’s start with Khabib Nurmagomedov, a wrestling expert. If you enjoy grappling, he’s your man. Then there’s Daniel Cormier, great at both striking and grappling. His power and takedowns make him a true threat.

Interested in striking? Robert Whittaker is known as “The Reaper” for a reason. His powerful strikes will surprise your foes. For fast, intense strikes, choose Petr Yan. He’s a top striker in the game.

Now, meet Zhang Weili, UFC’s first Chinese champion. She’s a formidable striker with excellent skills. Valentina Shevchenko is a 5* fighter with lethal striking and defense against submissions. Max Holloway pressures opponents with his rapid punches and top-notch fitness.

Amanda Nunes rules with her heavy punches and skills in two divisions. Jon Jones is acclaimed worldwide for his striking, ground skills, and takedowns. Finally, Kamaru Usman dominates with his powerful strikes, takedowns, and control.

These fighters give a glimpse of the high-speed, thrilling action in UFC 4. The game is full of top fighters, each with their unique style. So, choose your fighter, train well, and aim for victory in this ultimate fighting experience.

The Top Ranked Fighters in UFC 4

In UFC 4, the best fighters really stand out. EA Sports ranks them highly so they reflect real life. They dominate with their amazing skills in the game.

Tony Ferguson – The Submission Specialist

Tony Ferguson is quick with his fists and top-notch on the ground. His star rating shows he’s great at both striking and grappling. He’s tough to beat in any fight.

Kamaru Usman – The Dominant Champion

Kamaru Usman is a big name in UFC 4, with a lot of power. His expertise on the ground and striking makes him a danger. His star rating proves he’s a dominant force.

Brian Ortega – Rising Star

Brian Ortega’s star recently rose thanks to his better stand-up skills. Fans love his improved performance. His new star rating shows he’s ready to take on more challenges.

George St-Pierre – The Legend

George St-Pierre, a UFC legend, shines in UFC 4. His skills in stand-up and on the ground make him a complete fighter. He’s exceptional in every area of the game.

Stipe Miocic – The Knockout Artist

Stipe Miocic is a heavyweight champ known for his knockout power. His star rating shows his skill at powerful strikes and takedown defence. He’s a top choice for many fighters.

Zhang Weili – The Striking Sensation

Zhang Weili is a champion fast with her fists and skilled at grappling. She’s great at both standing and on the ground. A top fighter in her category.

Henry Cejudo – The Olympic Medalist

Henry Cejudo is a standout with his Olympic Gold Medal. He has a strong, all-around game. He can do well in any fighting situation.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk – The Kickboxing Champion

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is deadly with her kickboxing skills and great movement. Her star rating mirrors her dominance in fights. She’s a force to reckon with.

Valentina Shevchenko – The Complete Fighter

Valentina Shevchenko is a skilled fighter with a full set of fighting techniques. She’s strong at striking and grappling. She’s tough to beat in a fight.

Jon Jones – The GOAT

Jon Jones is known as the greatest of all time (GOAT) for his striking and takedown skills. His high star rating shows he’s a master in UFC 4. He can really take on his opponents.

Israel Adesanya – The Rising Star

Israel Adesanya is gaining fame with his excellent striking skills. His unique and technical style stands out in UFC 4.

In UFC 4, choose from these top-tier fighters. Tony Ferguson, with his submission moves, or Stipe Miocic who’s a knockout expert. There’s a wide range of top fighters for everyone.


Selecting the best boxers in UFC 4 needs careful thought. Look at their skills, bonuses, and what you like. The game has a big variety of fighters, each with special styles. You can pick Khabib’s grappling, Cormier’s all-round moves, or Whittaker’s striking.

In UFC 4, the star rating system shows real fighter skills. This helps players choose wisely. Do you like grappling, striking, or both? The game has a roster that makes fighting exciting. Test different styles and have fun.

Step into UFC 4’s world and be who you want to be. With the best fighters to choose from, you can show your skills. No matter if you like fighting on the ground or with strikes, UFC 4 makes it thrilling. It keeps you entertained for hours. Start your UFC 4 adventure today!


How do I choose the best boxer in UFC 4?

When picking a fighter in UFC 4, think about a few things. Look at their perks and how good they are at striking and grappling. Your own fighting style matters too.

Who are the top ranked fighters in UFC 4?

The top ten in UFC 4 are very strong and have different skills.

What makes Khabib Nurmagomedov a formidable grappler in UFC 4?

Khabib Nurmagomedov is great at wrestling and taking opponents down. This makes him a top grappler in the game.

What skills does Daniel Cormier excel in UFC 4?

Daniel Cormier is great at both striking and grappling. He has high stats in punch speed, power, and doing takedowns.

What makes Robert Whittaker a strong character in UFC 4?

Robert Whittaker is known as “The Reaper”. He’s excellent at striking, with powerful punches and kicks.

Why is Petr Yan a strong striker in UFC 4?

Petr Yan puts a lot of pressure on with his strikes. He’s fast with his punches and kicks, making him a strong striker.

What makes Zhang Weili a menacing striker in UFC 4?

Zhang Weili is the first Chinese champion in UFC history. She’s very strong at adding up her boxing with kickboxing moves.

What skills does Valentina Shevchenko have in UFC 4?

Valentina Shevchenko is a top-rated fighter in UFC 4. She’s great at striking and stopping submissions.

What makes Max Holloway an exceptional pressure fighter in UFC 4?

Max Holloway is really good at pressuring opponents. He has great punch speed, accuracy, and can go a long time fighting.

What skills does Amanda Nunes have in UFC 4?

Amanda Nunes has strong punches and all-around skills. She has been a champion in two different divisions.

What skills make Jon Jones one of the best fighters in UFC 4?

Jon Jones is among the world’s best fighters. He’s great at striking, takedowns, and his skills on the ground.

How does Kamaru Usman dominate in UFC 4?

Kamaru Usman has a very strong game. He’s good at punching hard, takedowns, and controlling a fight up close.

How does the star rating system work in UFC 4?

EA’s UFC 4 uses star ratings to judge the fighters in the game.

Are the top ten fighters in UFC 4 the best characters to choose from?

The top ten fighters in UFC 4 are very close to their real-life versions. They’re seen as the best picks in the game.

What skills does Tony Ferguson possess in UFC 4?

Tony Ferguson is very skilled with fast hands and top-notch submission moves.

Why is Kamaru Usman a powerful fighter in UFC 4?

Kamaru Usman is a very strong fighter. He’s good on the ground and can knock out his opponents.

Has Brian Ortega received a star rating boost in UFC 4?

Brian Ortega got a higher star rating. This happened after he showed his stand-up fighting has improved.

What skills does George St-Pierre have in UFC 4?

George St-Pierre is a legendary fighter. He’s excellent in both stand-up and ground techniques.

What makes Stipe Miocic a dangerous character in UFC 4?

Stipe Miocic, the heavyweight champion, is known for his power to knock opponents out and stopping takedowns.

How does Zhang Weili perform in UFC 4?

Zhang Weili, the women’s strawweight champion, is quick and skilled at striking. She’s also good at grappling.

What skills does Henry Cejudo possess in UFC 4?

Henry Cejudo, a former Olympic Gold Medalist, is very versatile. He doesn’t have any clear weaknesses.

What makes Joanna Jedrzejczyk a dangerous kickboxer in UFC 4?

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is skilled in kickboxing. She’s got great striking and moves well in fights.

What skills does Valentina Shevchenko have in UFC 4?

Valentina Shevchenko is the women’s flyweight champion. She’s a master of the sport and has a strong all-round game.

Why is Jon Jones considered the GOAT in UFC 4?

Jon Jones is called the GOAT because he’s a master of both striking and taking fighters down.

What makes Israel Adesanya a rising star in UFC 4?

Israel Adesanya, the star on the UFC 4 cover, shines with his amazing striking moves.

How do I select the best boxers in UFC 4?

To find the best boxers, think about their skills, perks, and what you like. These factors help you choose well.

Are there fighters in UFC 4 to suit every player’s preferred style?

In UFC 4, you can find fighters for every style. This includes grappling, striking, or a mix of both.

What does the star rating system in UFC 4 represent?

The star rating system shows how good fighters are, based on their real skills. It helps players know who to pick.

Does UFC 4 offer a diverse roster of fighters?

Yes, UFC 4 has a wide range of fighters. This lets players enjoy and face the challenge of different fight styles.

Can I find a fighter in UFC 4 to suit my preferences and playstyle?

Yes, whether you like Khabib’s grappling or Israel Adesanya’s striking, there’s a fighter in UFC 4 just right for you.

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