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Ranking the Best Boxers in UFC 4: A Fighter’s Guide

by Marcin Wieclaw
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best boxer in ufc 4

Ready to jump into the Octagon in UFC 4 and flex your boxing skills? The game has a lot of skilled fighters, making it hard to pick the best one. This guide will help you choose the top boxers in UFC 4, guiding you to become the champion.

In UFC 4, you’ll find boxers of all shapes and sizes, from light heavyweights to featherweights. Each boxer has their own unique style. You might like someone who hits fast or prefers a boxer who’s great at defence.

Let’s explore the best boxers in UFC 4. We’ll look at what sets them apart and makes them the ones to beat in the game’s Octagon.

Alexander Gustafsson – A Towering Presence in UFC 4

Alexander Gustafsson stands out in UFC 4. He’s known for tough fights in the Octagon. His long reach and tall height are a big advantage. Players can choose him to fight greats like Jon Jones.

Gustafsson is quick, strong, and accurate in UFC 4. This gives players the chance to create powerful moves. His fast punches help win against opponents easily.

Are you new or experienced in UFC 4? Gustafsson is a top pick in the light heavyweight class. Get ready to use his amazing skills in the game. Feel the excitement of winning with him.

Conor McGregor – The Notorious Strikes in UFC 4

Conor McGregor is a leading name in mixed martial arts. He shows off his excellent striking abilities in the UFC 4 game. Despite not being in the top ten, McGregor’s quickness, strength, and precision are impressive.

He uses fast kicks and powerful counterpunches to hurt his enemies. McGregor’s skill comes from years of hard work and experience.

But, his stamina is a weak point if fights last long. Even though McGregor is a great striker, he might tire out in lengthy fights. This could give his rivals a chance to win.

Yet, in UFC 4, McGregor is a standout in striking from a standing position. Players using his attacks well can do very well against their in-game rivals.

Conor McGregor in UFC 4

Conor McGregor’s Striking Attributes in UFC 4

Attribute Score
Speed 9/10
Power 8/10
Accuracy 8/10
Endurance 6/10

McGregor shines in speed, power, and accuracy in UFC 4. Yet, watching his stamina is key for doing well from start to finish.

Max Holloway – The Featherweight Phenom in UFC 4

Max Holloway stands out in the UFC, shining in UFC 4. His speed and power in the featherweight division are impressive.

Known for his quick hands and combos, Holloway poses a huge threat. He’s top-rated in speed, accuracy, and footwork, making him a sharp striker.

His lightning-fast punches catch opponents off guard easily. Plus, his footwork is exceptional, keeping him in a winning position. This mastery boosts both his attack and defence.

Holloway’s toughness is another key strength. He can absorb hard hits and keep going. His recovery skills and stamina let him fight fiercely from start to finish.

“Holloway’s hand speed and combination punches make him a formidable striker, but it’s his ability to absorb punishment and keep coming forward that sets him apart.”

If you love thrilling fights or aim to rule the featherweight scene in UFC 4, Holloway is your guy. His talents and grit set him apart. He’s on his way to being a true UFC icon.

Max Holloway’s UFC 4 Stats

Attribute Rating
Punch Speed 97
Accuracy 95
Footwork 90
Chin 95
Recovery 92
Cardio 93

Robbie Lawler – The UFC’s Boxing Veterans

Robbie Lawler is a former UFC welterweight champion known for his top boxing skills. In UFC 4, his powerful punches, speed, and accuracy set him apart. He can land hits that are hard to come back from. But he’s not just about attacking. Lawler uses clever moves to avoid hits and stop his rivals’ moves.

In UFC 4, Lawler is seen as one of the leading welterweights. His golden use of boxing lets players copy his style. This can lead to clearing the game with foes. Lawler’s moves let you fight your way, be it aggressive or careful, helping you win fights in the game.

The Achievements of Robbie Lawler

Lawler’s UFC journey has seen great highs, proving his extraordinary skill and dedication. He has earned some big wins, including the UFC welterweight title. Lawler’s fights have also won praise, winning him several Fight of the Year awards. And his powerful strikes have taken down many strong foes.

All this makes Lawler a big name in the UFC and shows he’s one of the top fighters in UFC 4.

Robbie Lawler’s Boxing Style

Lawler’s way in boxing mixes smart moves with power, catching enemies off guard. His well-timed and strong attacks make him hard to beat. Lawler’s switch between attack and defend helps players find and use weak spots against their rivals.

“Lawler’s boxing skills are unmatched. He’s a true master of the sweet science, and his power and precision mix stands him out from other fighters.” – UFC 4 commentator

Robbie Lawler’s Stats in UFC 4

Attribute Rating
Punching Power 9/10
Punching Speed 8/10
Punching Accuracy 8/10
Head Movement 9/10
Blocking 9/10

Lawler’s skills shine in UFC 4, as seen in the table. He is top-notch in punching and avoiding hits. This rating makes him stand as a prime welterweight in the game.


The top boxers in UFC 4 mix speed, power, and accuracy with great defensive skills. This makes them tough to beat in the game’s Octagon. Each fighter shows off their own style and skills. For instance, Alexander Gustafsson is known for his height, and Conor McGregor for his precise strikes. This variety makes playing UFC 4 exciting and realistic.

Looking for someone fast like Max Holloway? He’s your best pick. His quick hands and combinations give him the edge as a striker. But if you enjoy watching skilled boxers, Robbie Lawler is a good choice. His powerful punches and defense are hard to match.

In UFC 4, you can find your favourite fighter no matter what you like. Maybe you’re into rankings or just looking for great strikers. Try out different fighters and see which one fits your style. Then, with your chosen fighter, show your skills in the Octagon. Dominate your opponents with the best UFC 4 has to offer.


Who are the best boxers in UFC 4?

The top boxers in UFC 4 are Alexander Gustafsson, Conor McGregor, Max Holloway, and Robbie Lawler.

What makes Alexander Gustafsson a top boxer in UFC 4?

Alexander Gustafsson shines in the Octagon with his exceptional reach and height. He’s fast and powerful with precise punches. This all makes him a strong competitor in UFC 4.

What are Conor McGregor’s strengths as a boxer in UFC 4?

Conor McGregor stands out as a boxer in UFC 4. He’s quick and hits hard, with precise kicks and counterpunches. Yet, he might struggle in longer fights due to lower stamina.

What makes Max Holloway a standout boxer in UFC 4?

Max Holloway is known for his lightning-fast hands and accurate punch combinations. His footwork, toughness, and stamina set him apart, making him a force to be reckoned with in UFC 4.

What makes Robbie Lawler a dangerous boxer in UFC 4?

Robbie Lawler is a formidable opponent in UFC 4. He is strong with fast and precise punches. His defence, head movement, and blocking make him a tough challenge.

Which boxer should I choose in UFC 4?

Your choice of boxer in UFC 4 should match your playing style and liking. Try out different fighters to see who fits you best.

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