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Ranking the Best Boxers in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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best boxers in ufc 4

We gathered info from many sources to list the top boxers in UFC 4. These fighters are excellent at striking and are top-tier in the game. Keep reading to find out who the leading striking masters in UFC 4 are.

Top Boxers in UFC 4

In UFC 4, you’ll find a host of elite boxers. These fighters shine in their ability to strike effectively. They stand out with their distinct skills, be it power, speed, accuracy, or defense.

This is a rundown of UFC 4’s leading boxers, selected for their prowess and unique attributes:

Boxer Strengths
Alexander Gustafsson Reach and height advantage for landing combos and counterpunches
Conor McGregor Power, speed, and accuracy; a force to be reckoned with, especially in stand-up wars
Max Holloway Hand speed and combination punches for lightning-fast striking
Robbie Lawler Exceptional boxing skills and defensive abilities
Sean O’Malley Long reach, good footwork, and striking accuracy; a favorite among online players
Stephen Thompson Karate and kickboxing background translate into deadly accuracy in kicks and punches
Jose Aldo Punching power, speed, and accuracy; one of the most dangerous strikers in UFC 4
Anthony Johnson Knockout power; a deadly force in the light heavyweight division
TJ Dillashaw Solid punching power, speed, and accuracy; one of the best picks in the game
Valentina Shevchenko Balanced striking skills and precision; one of the most well-rounded fighters in the game

In UFC 4, these leading boxers add thrill and authenticity. Whether you prefer heavy hits, rapid combos, or accurate strikes, you’ll discover a boxer that matches your style. Entering the virtual octagon lets you witness the skill and intensity of UFC 4’s top boxers.

Step into the Virtual Octagon with the Best Boxers

Dive into the excitement of UFC 4 with top boxers at your command. Play for fun or enter online fights, these boxers will improve your game and ensure every strike is impactful.


In UFC 4, you’ll find some top-notch fighters from the world of mixed martial arts. These fighters are famous for their strong punches and kicks. They are fast, powerful, and very accurate when they fight.

Each fighter has their own special moves. This makes them unique and very strong in the game. They are known for their excellent fighting skills. This has made them popular and respected by fans in UFC 4.

The top fighters in UFC 4 stand out no matter what you like. They make the game thrilling to play. You can choose famous fighters like Conor McGregor to knock your opponents out.

Or, you might pick Max Holloway to throw quick punches. Valentina Shevchenko is another choice, well-known for her precise moves. With these fighters, you’ll have an exciting time in every fight.

Join UFC 4 and be amazed by these fighters’ talents. You can challenge them and see how well you do. Show off your skills in the game. Win matches to become the ultimate champion.

With the best fighters in UFC 4 on your team, victory will be yours. It’s time to take on the challenge of UFC 4. Are you ready for an exhilarating fight experience? Enjoy the game and show what you can do.


Who are the top boxers in UFC 4?

Top boxers in UFC 4 include Alexander Gustafsson, Conor McGregor, and Max Holloway. Also, Robbie Lawler, Sean O’Malley, Stephen Thompson, Jose Aldo, Anthony Johnson, TJ Dillashaw, and Valentina Shevchenko are top-notch.

What makes Alexander Gustafsson a top boxer in UFC 4?

Alexander Gustafsson’s long reach and height give him an edge. They help him hit hard and defend well.

Why is Conor McGregor considered one of the best boxers in UFC 4?

What makes Max Holloway stand out as a top boxer in UFC 4?

Max Holloway is quick with his fists and mixes up his strikes. This makes him great for players who like fast fighters.

What skills set Robbie Lawler apart as a top boxer in UFC 4?

Robbie Lawler is great at boxing and knows how to block hits. This makes him hard to beat.

Why is Sean O’Malley a favorite among online players in UFC 4?

Sean O’Malley has long arms, moves well, and hits his target often. This makes him popular with gamers.

What is Stephen Thompson known for in UFC 4?

Stephen Thompson uses his karate and kickboxing skills to land accurate hits. His strikes are deadly.

What makes Jose Aldo a dangerous striker in UFC 4?

Jose Aldo has strong punches and hits his mark with speed. This makes him among the most powerful strikers.

Why is Anthony Johnson considered a deadly force in UFC 4?

Anthony Johnson is feared for his ability to finish with one punch. He’s a true force in his division.

What makes TJ Dillashaw one of the best picks in UFC 4?

TJ Dillashaw has great power, moves fast, and hits his target accurately. He’s a top choice in the game.

Why is Valentina Shevchenko considered a well-rounded fighter in UFC 4?

Valentina Shevchenko has a good mix of strikes and precise hits. This makes her very well-rounded as a fighter.

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