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Conor McGregor’s Weight Class in UFC 4 Game

by Marcin Wieclaw
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what weight is conor mcgregor in ufc 4

Conor McGregor, the renowned mixed martial artist, has left an indelible mark in the world of UFC. His electrifying performances and charismatic personality have garnered him a massive fan following. McGregor’s influence extends to the virtual realm as well, with his inclusion in the popular UFC 4 game.

In UFC 4, McGregor can be found in two weight classes: lightweight and featherweight. As a lightweight, he ranks number 20 with an impressive overall rating of 4.5. But that’s not all. The game also introduces a special version of McGregor known as “Legacy” McGregor in the featherweight division. This version pays homage to McGregor’s memorable encounter with Dustin Poirier at UFC 178.

Throughout the updates in the game, McGregor’s ratings have seen changes in various attributes such as recovery, leg strength, punch speed, and head strength. This ensures that players can experience the evolution of McGregor’s skills and adapt their gameplay accordingly.

Whether you choose to fight as the lightning-fast “Legacy” McGregor in the featherweight division or conquer the octagon as McGregor the lightweight contender, UFC 4 offers an immersive gaming experience for fans of the charismatic Irish fighter. Strap in, put on your gloves, and step into the virtual world of UFC with Conor McGregor by your side.

Striking Skills in UFC 4

When it comes to striking skills in UFC 4, Conor McGregor stands out as one of the most impressive fighters. Known for his precision and power, McGregor possesses a deadly striking arsenal that makes him a force to be reckoned with inside the virtual octagon.

McGregor’s punch speed is rated at 98, showcasing his lightning-fast reflexes and ability to land quick, accurate strikes. His punch power is equally impressive, rated at 96, enabling him to deliver devastating blows that can knock out his opponents. With an accuracy rating of 99, McGregor rarely misses his targets, ensuring his strikes find their mark with pinpoint precision.

But it’s not just his punches that make McGregor a formidable striker in UFC 4. His kicks pack a serious punch as well, with a kick power rating of 93. From head kicks to leg kicks, McGregor’s kicks are known for their power and ability to inflict significant damage on his opponents.

McGregor’s striking abilities are further enhanced by his agility and footwork. His ability to move swiftly and fluidly around the octagon allows him to create angles and openings for his strikes, making it difficult for his opponents to anticipate and defend against his attacks.

Players looking to dominate their opponents with exceptional striking skills in UFC 4 often choose McGregor as their fighter of choice. With his impressive punch speed, power, accuracy, and devastating kicks, McGregor brings a lethal combination of skills to the game that can quickly dismantle even the toughest opponents.

Other Notable Strikers in UFC 4

UFC 4 showcases a diverse lineup of notable strikers, each with their own unique style and skills. One standout is Alexander Gustafsson, renowned for his epic battles inside the octagon. With exceptional footwork, accuracy, and movement, Gustafsson poses a formidable threat to his opponents.

Max Holloway is another top choice for those seeking lightning-fast strikers. Known for his incredible hand speed and masterful combination punches, Holloway’s striking abilities are unparalleled in UFC 4. His rapid-fire attacks can overwhelm even the most skilled opponents.

Robbie Lawler, a force to be reckoned with, thrives on his excellent boxing skills and defensive prowess. With the ability to weather storms and deliver devastating punches, Lawler provides a thrilling gameplay experience in UFC 4.

Stepping into the spotlight is Sean O’Malley, widely recognized as Sugar Sean. As a rising star, O’Malley’s deadly accuracy in both kicks and punches sets him apart from the competition. His dynamic fighting style and striking efficiency make him a formidable presence in the virtual octagon.

Stephen Thompson, known as Wonderboy, showcases lightning-fast kicks and punches that leave opponents dumbfounded. Gifted with exceptional striking abilities, Thompson dominates with a combination of precision, speed, and agility.

Other notable strikers in UFC 4 include Jose Aldo, Valentina Shevchenko, Alexander Volkanovski, and TJ Dillashaw. These fighters possess impressive ratings and offer diverse fighting styles, making them formidable opponents in the game.


What weight class is Conor McGregor in the UFC 4 game?

Conor McGregor is included in UFC 4 in both the lightweight and featherweight weight classes.

What is Conor McGregor’s overall rating as a lightweight in UFC 4?

Conor McGregor ranks at number 20 as a lightweight with an overall rating of 4.5.

Is there a special version of Conor McGregor in UFC 4?

Yes, a new version of McGregor called ‘Legacy’ McGregor was added in the game’s featherweight division. This version is an ode to his first outing against Dustin Poirier at UFC 178.

How have Conor McGregor’s ratings changed in UFC 4?

McGregor’s ratings in terms of recovery, leg strength, punch speed, and head strength have changed throughout the game’s updates.

What are Conor McGregor’s striking attributes in UFC 4?

McGregor has impressive striking skills with a punch speed rating of 98, punch power rating of 96, and accuracy rating of 99. His kicks also have a power rating of 93.

Who are some other notable strikers in UFC 4?

UFC 4 features other notable strikers such as Alexander Gustafsson, Max Holloway, Robbie Lawler, Sean O’Malley, Stephen Thompson, Jose Aldo, Valentina Shevchenko, Alexander Volkanovski, and TJ Dillashaw. Each of these fighters has their own unique strengths and attributes in striking.

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