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Exploring Fighter Archetypes in UFC 4: Choosing Your Style

by Oliver Taylor
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UFC 4 has added archetypes, changing how fighters can be built. It lets players pick a style that matches their strengths. This means saying no to manually picking perks and tweaking attributes. Instead, you choose an archetype and excel in the Octagon.

Ready to explore UFC 4’s fighter archetypes? We’ll look at the options and find the perfect style for you.

BJJ Vanguard – Mastering the Ground Game

The BJJ Vanguard archetype in UFC 4 is all about grappling. It aims for control on the ground and stopping submission moves. It’s perfect for those great at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and love ground fighting.

With perks such as Nightmare and Craft, it helps defend against submissions. These make it hard for rivals to force a submission win. Players get better at stopping these moves and can move on the ground with ease.

But, it’s not so strong in standing strikes. So, those picking this style need to deal with starting while standing. To make up for this, they can use perks like Taekwondo. These help defend well, avoid hits, and set up takedowns.

Mastering the BJJ Vanguard needs careful thinking about the ground game. It’s all about control, defense, and moving correctly. These are key parts of succeeding with this style.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that leverages technique and leverage to allow a smaller opponent to overcome a larger adversary in combat.

Gaining victory with the BJJ Vanguard involves great skill in grappling. It lets players stop attacks and switch the fight with their own submissions. This style needs patience and the ability to guess what the opponent will do. In the end, it shows the strength of a focused ground game.

Key Characteristics of the BJJ Vanguard Archetype:

  • Specializes in grappling and submission defense.
  • Utilizes defensive perks like Nightmare and Craft.
  • Possesses weaker stand-up striking abilities.
  • Requires a strategic mindset and knowledge of BJJ techniques.
  • Suitable for players who enjoy ground fighting and tactical gameplay.

Boxer Powerhouse – Dominating with Knockout Power

The Boxer Powerhouse archetype in UFC 4 is all about explosive knockout punches. These fighters are experts in striking, using their fists to take down their rivals. They combine natural skills with intense training to overpower their foes.

In UFC 4, there’s no direct perk to boost punching power. However, the Boxer Powerhouse uses key perks to heighten their overall performance. For instance, Fast Hands ups the speed and accuracy of their strikes. This makes it hard for opponents to counter their moves, giving them a significant edge.

Moreover, perks like Bulldog and To Your Feet are also crucial for a Boxer Powerhouse. They improve blocking, sways, and getting up from the ground. These are essential for a striker to stay in control and reduce harm during the fight.

Boxer Powerhouses are famous for their stunning knockout wins. Their exact combos and extraordinary power set the Octagon on fire. But, they might struggle against grapplers. To stay on top, these fighters must have a strong defense and takedown skills.

The Boxer Powerhouse is perfect for gamers who live for the knockout moment. With their swift punches and match-ending ability, they represent the core of UFC 4’s striking game.

Kickboxer Sniper – Precision Strikes and Counters

The Kickboxer Sniper archetype in UFC 4 focuses on precise strikes. It’s about countering your opponent’s moves with expertly timed kicks. Perks like Crazy Legs and Frontal Assault enhance the speed and power of your blows.

Playing as a Kickboxer Sniper means being patient. You let your opponent come close, but you don’t get hit. With perfect timing, you strike back, catching them off guard. This leaves them open to your counters.

If you like outsmarting opponents more than being aggressive, this archetype fits you. It’s all about timing, careful watching, and quick decisions in the middle of a fight.

Mastering the Kickboxer Sniper style turns you into an Octagon sniper. You strike with accuracy, making your opponents wonder how they got hit.

Notable Perks for the Kickboxer Sniper Archetype

Perk Description
Crazy Legs Enhances the speed and accuracy of kicks
Frontal Assault Boosts the power and effectiveness of strikes
Safe Distance Increases the range of strikes, allowing you to maintain distance from opponents
Counter Puncher Improves counter-striking abilities and defensive techniques

Balanced Virtuoso – Mastering Striking and Grappling

The Balanced Virtuoso archetype in UFC 4 combines striking and grappling moves. It focuses on being versatile and adaptable. This lets players show off their skills in different parts of the game.

It has perks like Steel Checks and Frontal Assault. These help the player land strong kicks, knees, and takedowns. They also counter opponents who try to target their legs. This way, players can keep their opponents guessing, not knowing what move is coming next.

The key benefit of the Balanced Virtuoso is its mix of fighting styles at different ranges. This makes opponents have to keep changing their tactics. So, fighters using this archetype make their opponents’ options fewer, giving them a strategic advantage.

The Balanced Virtuoso lets players move easily from stand-up striking to grappling. This skill in both areas makes it hard for opponents to plan ahead. It makes the Balanced Virtuoso a strong presence in the Octagon.

This archetype is perfect for players who like a dynamic and complete way to play. It is for those who want to play smart, using their opponents’ weak points while using their strengths. With this, players can truly become experts in striking and grappling, making their opponents fear them.

If you like to land powerful strikes or do great takedowns, the Balanced Virtuoso in UFC 4 is for you. It lets you shine in every game aspect. Embrace its versatility, learn the moves, and dominate the Octagon.


UFC 4 brings in a new system called archetypes. This system makes the game more interesting. It lets players pick a fighting style that suits them, be it wrestling, punching, countering hits, or a bit of everything.

Each type has its own good points and bad points. This makes the game fair and fun. Now, players can really get into the fight and show off their best moves.

Are you best on the ground, with a punch that can end a fight, great at countering, or a mix of it all? UFC 4 has something for everyone. Discover your fighting style, get better, and feel the excitement of winning against tough rivals in UFC 4.


Can I create my own custom character in UFC 4?

Yes, you can create a custom character in UFC 4. There’s a new system for this. You get to pick from different styles. Each style has its own good and bad points. This lets you make your character suit how you play best.

What archetypes are available in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, you can choose from several archetypes. These include BJJ Vanguard, Boxer Powerhouse, Kickboxer Sniper, Kickboxer Razor, and Balanced Virtuoso. Types range from strong in grappling to sharp in striking. Some focus on hitting precise shots, and others are good all-round fighters.

What is the BJJ Vanguard archetype?

The BJJ Vanguard type is about grappling and avoiding submissions. It makes it hard for opponents to get a hold of you. Yet, it might not be as good in standing fights. Players picking this need to work on their start-up strategy.

What is the Boxer Powerhouse archetype?

If you like knocking out opponents, try the Boxer Powerhouse. It’s all about hit hard and hit fast. This type makes your punches stronger and more accurate. It also helps you defend and get back up if you’re brought down.

What is the Kickboxer Sniper archetype?

Looking to fight defensively and strike decisively? The Kickboxer Sniper is your choice. It’s great at accurate kicks and counters. Players aiming to surprise their enemies will enjoy this strategic option.

What is the Balanced Virtuoso archetype?

This type mixes striking and grappling. It boosts your kicks, knees, and takedowns. It also punishes those who focus too much on your legs. It’s a great choice if you like to keep your opponent guessing in a fight.

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