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Identifying the Best Fighter Type for Your UFC 4 Gameplay

by Marcin Wieclaw
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best fighter type in ufc 4

Welcome to UFC 4, a place where strategy is key and the Octagon is yours to conquer. If you’re new or already love the game, finding the right fighter type is crucial. We’ll look at the different styles in UFC 4, helping you pick what matches your gameplay.

UFC 4 is different from its older versions because it has a new system of archetypes. These pre-made styles are designed for different types of playing. It’s important to choose an archetype that fits how you like to play.

Do you prefer grappling, striking, or a mix of both? There is an archetype made just for you. Whether it’s the defensive focus of the Vanguard or the Powerhouse’s heavy hits, we’ll show you the top types in UFC 4.

If you love defensive tactics and the challenge of grappling, the Vanguard might be for you. But, if striking and outsmarting opponents are more your thing, consider the Powerhouse archetype.

Are you drawn to precision and counter-strikes? The Sniper archetype helps you surprise your rivals. Or, if you like to be on the attack with powerful strikes, check out the Razor based on Muay Thai.

Think about what playstyle suits you best. Consider your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you choose the best fighter type in UFC 4. Get ready to fight in the Octagon, use your skills, and let your chosen archetype lead you to win!

BJJ – Vanguard

In UFC 4, the Vanguard archetype is great for those who love grappling and stopping submissions. It boosts your skills for defending on the floor with abilities like “Nightmare” and “Craft.” Although not the best for stand-up fights, it’s perfect for controlling the ground and mastering submissions.

The Vanguard style fits perfectly with fans of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It lets you take down opponents smoothly, get into strong positions, and move from one submission to another. With this style, you can really show off your BJJ skills in the game.

Master the art of submission defense and become a force to be reckoned with on the ground.

This style is for players who enjoy playing strategically and mentally. By focusing on your grappling, you can stop your opponent’s moves and lead the match.

As a Vanguard, your secret weapon is submissions. You’ll have powerful chokes, locks, and ways to twist limbs. This means you could make your rival tap out or even hurt them badly.

Boxer – Powerhouse

The Powerhouse archetype in UFC 4 focuses on boxing and strong punches. It’s about becoming a powerful brawler. You’ll use fast punches to surprise and beat your rival. While it’s called Powerhouse, it doesn’t directly boost your strength. It helps you throw punches quicker and more accurately, thanks to perks like “Fast Hands.”

“The Powerhouse archetype in UFC 4 is the perfect choice for players who want to dominate the Octagon with their striking skills.”

This setup is great for those who love stand-up fighting. You aim to knock out opponents with quick, skilled boxing. To do well with the Powerhouse, you need to move your head well and have perfect timing.

This build is strong in striking but might struggle with great grapplers. Make sure to keep your distance. Use your boxing to stay safe from takedowns and clinches.

Benefits of Choosing the Powerhouse Archetype

  • Unleash devastating, lightning-fast punches on your opponents
  • Excel in stand-up fighting with precise boxing techniques
  • Counter your opponent’s moves with lightning-quick reflexes

Choosing the Powerhouse lets you throw a flurry of hard-hitting punches. You’ll stun opponents with your accurate and speedy punches. This can swiftly change the fight in your favour.

Powerhouse archetype

Pros Cons
  • Devastating punching power
  • Fast and accurate punch speed
  • High knockout potential
  • Slightly vulnerable to skilled grapplers
  • Less focus on defensive grappling techniques
  • Requires good head movement and timing

Kickboxer – Sniper

The Sniper in UFC 4 masters precision and counter-striking. They use a quick and accurate kick style, boosted by abilities like “Crazy Legs”. This makes them perfect for players who like to wait and find the right moment to attack. Their skill is in catching foes off-guard, making them slip up.

Choose the Sniper if you love to plan your moves and attack when the chance comes. With a focus on accurate strikes and counter-strikes, dominating the Octagon is within reach.

The Art of Counter-Striking

As a Sniper, you use your foe’s rush against them. Watch how they move to predict and counter their hits. Every countered attack lowers their spirits and gives you control.

“Timing beats speed, and precision beats power. A Sniper knows the fight’s pace, waiting for the perfect instant to attack. It’s about using your foe’s mistakes to your advantage.”

The Sniper path is for those willing to learn from their challenger and be patient. Waiting for the right moment to strike ensures you do the most with the least risk. Master counter-attacking to turn your foe’s strengths into their weaknesses.

Strategically Challenging Your Opponents

As a Sniper, your goal is to mix up your foe’s timing and cause errors. With carefully timed kicks, you make them rush, which puts you ahead. This keeps them off balance and readies them for your powerful moves.

Success as a Sniper hinges on patience and careful aim. Take your time, watch your foe, and strike when you’re most likely to hit. Use your counter-striking skill to take over every aspect of the fight and win.

Kickboxer – Razor

The Razor style in UFC 4 shows the powerful and intense world of Muay Thai. It focuses on strong kicks and knees. This style is great for those who love to overpower their rivals with ferocious strikes.

Razor comes with abilities like “Out the Gates” and “Crazy Legs.” These improve your kick speed and precision a lot. You can then land hits that really shake up your foes.

With Razor, every hit counts, whether it’s a high roundhouse kick or a knee strike. It’s all about hitting hard and not backing down. You aim to beat your opponents with a storm of forceful hits.

But Razor might face trouble against skilled grapplers. These fighters can take you to the ground. If you’re against someone strong in grappling, focus on defence and turning their moves back against them.

To make the most of Razor, use your aggression wisely. Let the strength of Muay Thai flow through you. Your goal is to amaze everyone with your incredible striking skills.

Choosing the Right Fighter Type for Your UFC 4 Gameplay

In UFC 4 gameplay, picking the right kind of fighter is key to winning. Each one has their own ups and downs in the Octagon. If you like to grapple and defend against submissions, the Vanguard is ideal. The Powerhouse is perfect for those who love strong punches. For those who enjoy counter-striking and accurate kicks, the Sniper is a great choice. And if you like to be aggressive with heavy strikes, go for the Razor.

Think about how you like to play and what you’re good at. UFC 4 is about choosing a fighter that matches your style and skills. So choose carefully and enter the Octagon with confidence. Good luck, and enjoy your UFC 4 experience with exciting wins and memories.


What is the Vanguard archetype in UFC 4?

The Vanguard archetype in UFC 4 boosts your grappling and submission defence. It’s great for players who enjoy a defensive style and like to win with submissions.

What is the Powerhouse archetype in UFC 4?

The Powerhouse archetype in UFC 4 focuses on delivery powerful punches. It’s ideal for stand-up fighting and enhancing your punch speed and accuracy. This style is for those who like striking, have sharp timing, and good head movement.

What is the Sniper archetype in UFC 4?

The Sniper archetype in UFC 4 is all about precision and countering. It pumps up your kick speed and accuracy, making it great for staying on your feet and catching your opponent with surprises.

What is the Razor archetype in UFC 4?

The Razor archetype in UFC 4 uses the power of Muay Thai, highlighting kicks, knees, and aggressive striking. It boosts the speed and precision of your big kicks, perfect for players who prefer to be aggressive, trade blows, and dominate their opponents.

How do I choose the right fighter type in UFC 4?

To pick the best fighter type in UFC 4, think about what you’re good at and how you want to play. Each type has its unique strengths and weaknesses, like being good at grappling or preferring to strike.

Think about if you like grappling, striking with powerful punches, countering with precision, or being aggressive. By knowing what style you enjoy, you can choose the fighter type that fits you in UFC 4.

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