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Crafting Characters: Using a Character Builder in Fallout 4

by Julia Blackwood
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Character Builder Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, crafting characters is a key part of playing. It can make your game more fun. You can create the perfect post-apocalyptic hero who moves through the wasteland skillfully. But, figuring it all out on your own can be hard.

A character builder tool can help a lot. It makes it easier to build your ideal character setup. This tool gives you a clear way to pick attributes, perks, and see your character grow.

Are you new or experienced in the game? A character builder is great for both. It helps you decide the best way to use your character’s skills. This lets you play the game your way.

Using the builder can be both easy and fun. You choose skills that are good for things like making items, being very strong, or being sneaky. There are many ways to play, and it’s all up to you.

Why be okay when you could be amazing? By using the builder, you can make your character truly stand out. Step into the game world knowing you’re ready for anything, thanks to your well-planned character.

Ready for your journey in the wasteland? Let’s look at how to make a character that suits you best. There’s a perfect character build waiting for everyone, no matter your experience level.

The Crafter Build: Crafting the Best Stuff in the Wasteland

The Crafter build is perfect for players who love creating and customising in Fallout 4. By putting your points into Strength, Charisma, and Intelligence, you get lots of crafting perks. These let you make amazing weapons, armour, and settlements.

You’ll get perks like Armorer, Blacksmith, and Gun Nut. These help you improve your gear and make use of your weapons’ full power. The crafting system in Fallout 4 means you can match your gear to the way you play. Whether you like fighting from afar, up close, or by being sneaky.

As a Crafter, you can change simple weapons into powerful tools of destruction. Your focus on the details and making the best gear leads to amazing combinations and powerful impacts.

“Crafting is my true passion in Fallout 4. With The Crafter build, I can turn scraps into masterpieces, transforming the wasteland into my personal workshop.” – Alan, Vault Dweller

One of the best perks for The Crafter build is Local Leader. This vital perk lets you set up trading booths and make supply lines between settlements. This creates a resource network and helps you earn caps.

Let’s look at the crafting perks for The Crafter build in detail:

Perk Description
Armorer Unlock advanced armor modifications, improving protection and resistance.
Blacksmith Master the art of weapon crafting, allowing the creation of more powerful melee weapons.
Gun Nut Unlock a vast array of weapon modifications, turning guns into deadly custom creations.
Local Leader Establish trading posts, unlock supply lines, and develop settlements into thriving communities.

The Crafter build might not be the best in every skill, such as agility and luck. But, its focus on crafting means you’ll be the best at making and using gear. Choose The Crafter build to stand out in the wasteland with your unique items.

The Brute Build: Unleashing Raw Power in the Wasteland

Do you like using lots of force in Fallout 4? Then, The Brute build is for you. It focuses on strength and endurance. This lets you deal more damage and take on more hits.

This style might not be quick or clever but it’s all about power. It suits players who want to hit hard and win fights with might.

Take command with your unmatched strength. Battering enemies as a Brute is a thrilling, powerful feeling. Arm yourself and conquer with your sheer might.

“With a high strength attribute and perks that increase weapon damage, The Brute build is a force to be reckoned with in Fallout 4.” – Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide

The Power of Strength

Strength is crucial for The Brute in Fallout 4. It helps you carry more and hit harder. Plus, you’ll deal massive melee and heavy weapon damage.

Make the most of these perks:

  • Big Leagues: Deal increased damage with melee weapons, obliterating enemies in close combat.
  • Heavy Gunner: Increase damage and accuracy with heavy weapons, turning foes into scrap metal.
  • Rooted: Gain damage resistance when standing still, making you an unmovable and unstoppable force.

Surviving Against All Odds

Endurance is key for The Brute. Boosting endurance helps you take more hits and last longer in battles.

Arm yourself with these perks to boost your staying power:

  • Toughness: Increase your overall damage resistance, reducing the impact of enemy attacks.
  • Adamantium Skeleton: Reduce limb damage, preventing injuries from hindering your combat effectiveness.
  • Life Giver: Gain increased maximum health, ensuring you remain standing even in the direst situations.

The Brute makes you a true force to be reckoned with. It allows you to overcome any challenge. So, charge ahead with your immense strength and become a hero in the wasteland.

The Ninja Build: Silent and Deadly in the Wasteland

Love playing sneakily? The Ninja build is perfect for you. It’s all about moving fast and killing quietly. This way, you can take down foes without them ever knowing. Even though you won’t be the strongest, your agility and luck will keep you hidden. And there’s nothing scarier than a Ninja in the dark.

Enhancing Stealth: The Agility Advantage

For The Ninja, agility is top priority. It lets you sneak, move softly, and stay steady in combat. By boosting your agility, you get perks that make you even sneakier.

Agility Perk Description
Sneak Increases your chances of remaining undetected while sneaking.
Commando Improves your automatic weapon accuracy and damage.
Ninja Provides bonuses to melee and unarmed sneak attacks.

These perks help you master stealth. You can kill quietly, without others noticing. And with high luck, your critical hits will be devastating.

“Stealth is the weapon of choice for The Ninja build. By utilizing your agility and sneak skills, you can become an unstoppable force in the wasteland.” – Fallout Pro Gaming Magazine

The Power of Sneak Attacks

Strike from the shadows with sneak attacks. As a Ninja, catching your enemy unaware makes all the difference. You’ll deal more damage and have a better chance of success.

How much extra damage you do depends on your agility, perks, and what weapons you choose. Melee and unarmed weapons paired with the Ninja build are deadly. You can take out enemies quietly and efficiently.

Don’t forget about Blacksmith and Night Person. They boost your sneak and offer cool benefits. Blacksmith makes your melee weapons better. At night, Night Person makes you even more effective.

With The Ninja build, you are a ghost. You disappear enemies with ease, all thanks to your agility and the right perks. You will be a force to remember in the wasteland.


Building a character in Fallout 4 can really make the game more fun. You can create a character that’s good at crafting, fighting hard, or sneaking around. Each type has its own benefits and ways to play. By picking the right skills and perks, you can be great at making things, powerful in fights, or sneaky in your actions.

Try out different character types to see what fits you best. It can change how you play and enjoy the game. So, make your Fallout 4 hero and jump into the post-apocalyptic world.


What is a character builder in Fallout 4?

A character builder lets players shape their ideal in-game character. They can choose where to put their attribute points and pick specific perks. This helps in tailoring the character to their personal gaming style.

How can a character builder enhance my Fallout 4 experience?

Creating your character with a builder can make the game more exciting. It means focusing your character’s strengths. For example, on crafting, fighting, or sneaking. With the right build, you’ll feel more powerful and skilled in the game.

What are some popular character builds in Fallout 4?

There are many popular builds. The Crafter is good for making and customising items. The Brute is all about hitting hard and being tough. The Ninja is perfect for sneaking around and acting quickly.

Which attributes should I focus on for The Crafter build?

For The Crafter, it’s best to focus on Strength, Charisma, and Intelligence. These will help you craft better weapons and more. You’ll become a master craftsman in the game.

What advantages does The Brute build offer?

The Brute build gives you high damage and toughness in fights. If you pick Strength and Endurance, you’ll be really strong. This means you can deal out big hits and take a beating too.

What playstyle does The Ninja build encourage?

The Ninja build favours sneaky and fast actions. A mix of Agility and Luck means you’re quick and deadly. You’ll be able to attack quietly and skillfully, taking out foes before they know what hit them.

Can I try different character builds in Fallout 4?

Absolutely! Fallout 4 is all about trying different builds. Don’t fear experimenting. The character builder is your tool to customise your character however you like. Play around with attributes and perks to find your favourite style.

How do I find the character builder in Fallout 4?

To access the character builder, look in the game’s main menu. You can also find it when starting a new game or making a new character. Keep an eye out for sections that let you choose attributes and perks.

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