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Mastering Leg Chokes in UFC 4: Techniques and Tips

by Marcin Wieclaw
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In UFC 4, mastering leg chokes is key in the grappling game. They can really give you an edge in the fight. We’ll look at the most common leg chokes and how to use them well.

Chokeholds are big in MMA and the UFC. They make opponents submit by cutting off air or blood flow. There are many chokeholds to learn, like Rear-Naked and Triangle Chokes. We’ll go through these chokes and how to apply them in the UFC.

We’re going to show you how to do several leg chokes in UFC 4. These include the Rear-Naked and Guillotine Chokes. You’ll learn step by step, from the right positions to how to adjust for best results. We’ll also give tips on getting these chokes just right.

Leg chokes are powerful in UFC 4. Knowing them well can help you win more fights. Practice the tips we share to be strong in leg chokes, and you’ll do great in the Octagon.

Introduction to BJJ Choke Submissions in UFC

BJJ choke submissions are now a big part of MMA, especially in the UFC. These moves make rivals give up, making them either pass out or signal they quit. In UFC, many types of BJJ choke submissions are used. These include the Rear-Naked Choke, Guillotine, Cross Collar, North-South, Neck Crank, Triangle, Arm Triangle, and Anaconda Chokes. Let’s look closely at each one and how they’re used in fights.

In the intense world of UFC, BJJ choke submissions give a key edge to fighters with skill. Using techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, they let fighters control their opponent, reducing their power to fight back. Techniques include the classic Rear-Naked Choke, the quick Guillotine Choke, and others that use skill and position to win battles. As we get into these BJJ chokes, UFC’s Octagon becomes a stage for genius and smart fighting. Knowing how to do these moves well can help fighters win with certainty. Improve your fight skills by mastering these chokes and become a force to reckon with in the UFC.

BJJ Choke Submissions in UFC: A Comprehensive Overview

Choke Submission Method
Rear-Naked Choke Apply forearm pressure across the opponent’s neck
Guillotine Choke Trap the opponent’s head beneath the forearm and secure the grip
Cross Collar Choke Utilize meticulous positioning and leverage to exploit vulnerabilities
North-South Choke Execute precise movements to disable the opponent’s defensive measures
Neck Crank Apply rotational force to the opponent’s neck, targeting ligaments and tendons
Triangle Choke Lock the opponent’s neck and arm in a triangular formation for submission
Arm Triangle Choke Secure the opponent’s neck and arm, restricting blood flow and breathing
Anaconda Choke Squeeze the opponent’s neck using a constricting grip, cutting off circulation

This detailed overview shows how BJJ choke submissions can change a fighter’s path. Each move is special, showing the finesse and versatility of BJJ. By adding these moves to their skill set, fighters are more likely to overcome challenges and win in the tough Octagon.

Mastering Leg Chokes: Techniques and Tips

To be unbeatable in UFC 4, learning leg chokes is key. These moves can change the game fast and lead to wins. We’ll show you the top leg chokes and how to use them well.

Rear-Naked Choke

The Rear-Naked Choke is a powerful move in MMA. Stand behind your opponent and lock your arms round their neck. Squeeze to cut off their blood flow. For success, you need the right grip, control, and pressure.

Guillotine Choke

The Guillotine Choke works whether you’re standing or on the ground. Put your arm around your opponent’s neck and clasp your hands. Use your weight and hip motion to tighten the grip. Done correctly, it can end a fight quickly.

North-South Choke

The North-South Choke is a smart trick to surprise your opponent. Get in the north-south position and trap their head between your arms. Press down while keeping a strong hold. It blocks their air, making them submit. You must get the timing and moves just right for this hold to work.

Triangle Choke

The Triangle Choke is both effective and cool to watch. Trap one of your opponent’s arms then wrap your legs round their neck. Close the hold by squeezing your legs. This move needs flexibility, timing, and knowing how to use your strength.

When learning these leg chokes, always think about safety and correct form. Train with skilled teachers and really grasp the technique. With hard work and a deep knowledge of leg chokes, you can beat anyone in UFC 4.


Learning leg chokes in UFC 4 is crucial for getting ahead of rivals. They’re powerful moves that can help you win. By studying these methods and practicing hard, you’ll be ready to use leg chokes confidently in your fights.

Doing well in UFC 4 requires steady effort to get better. Keep refining your skills and learning new ways to use leg chokes. The more you train, the easier these moves will be.

So, start using leg chokes in UFC 4. You’ll get better with each practice, improving your game and strategy. Stay determined and focused. Soon, you’ll see opponents giving in to your leg chokes. Make your mark in UFC 4 by dominating the fights.


What are leg chokes in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, leg chokes are about making your opponent tap out by limiting oxygen.

Why are leg chokes important in the grappling game of UFC 4?

Learning leg chokes in UFC 4 lets you get a big edge over others. It helps you control fights and raise your win chances.

Which BJJ choke submissions are commonly used in UFC?

The Rear-Naked Choke, Triangle, and others are BJJ chokes seen a lot in the UFC. They work well when done right.

Can you provide a step-by-step guide on how to apply leg chokes in UFC 4?

We offer a guide on applying leg chokes in UFC 4. It covers moves like the Guillotine and Triangle. You’ll learn the best positions and grips to make them work.

How can mastering leg chokes improve my grappling skills in UFC 4?

Getting good at leg chokes improves your grappling. It helps you control and submit foes, giving you a match-winning edge.

What is the importance of training and refining leg chokes in UFC 4?

Training hard on leg chokes is key for top grappling and submission skills. It boosts your performance and success chances in UFC 4.

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