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Guide to Orthodox Chokes in UFC 4: Securing Submissions

by Julia Blackwood
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orthodox chokes ufc 4

Welcome to our detailed guide on orthodox chokes in UFC 4. We’re excited to show you the world of submission techniques. You’ll get tips that are key for winning in the Octagon. This guide is perfect for both experienced players and those starting out. It will make you a pro at orthodox chokes, letting you beat your rivals.

UFC 4 has many submission moves, and mastering orthodox chokes is vital for any fighter. You can use these chokes in different situations. This includes flying submissions, back rear naked chokes, and more. To do them right, you must learn the game’s controls and moves.

We’ve gathered some top-notch resources to help you become a submission expert. The first one is a tutorial on UFC 4 submissions, with a focus on orthodox chokes. The second gives a detailed manual for beginners, explaining everything from controls to gameplay. Finally, the third source shares tips for career mode success. It will guide you in building the best striker fighter and aiming for GOAT status.

Stay with us for a close look at various orthodox chokes in UFC 4. We’ll also cover how to succeed in career mode. Our advice will prepare you to win through submissions and climb to the top of UFC 4. Let’s get started!

Learning Different Orthodox Chokes in UFC 4

In UFC 4, learning to do submission moves well is key for fighters. It helps them control their fights in the Octagon. One important move is the orthodox choke which makes foes give up fast. Moves like the flying triangle, back rear naked choke, and others can quickly turn a fight around.

To use these chokes in UFC 4, you must press certain buttons to do the right move. For example, a flying triangle needs LT + RB + Y. A back rear naked choke uses LT + RB + X or Y. Each move needs its own button presses. This lets players learn and use many kinds of submission holds.

“Mastering orthodox chokes can give you a big edge in UFC 4. They are cool to see and can surprise your rival fast.” – Joe Rogan, UFC Commentator

Players can try different chokes to see what fits them best. Whether you go for a flying omoplata or a back rear naked choke, you have lots of options.

Orthodox Chokes Mastery Table:

Orthodox Choke Button Combination Technique Description
Flying Triangle LT + RB + Y A high-flying submission that involves capturing your opponent’s head and arm with your legs, rendering them helpless in your grasp.
Back Rear Naked Choke LT + RB + X or Y A classic rear naked choke from the back position, which restricts the opponent’s blood flow and forces them to submit.
Standing Guillotine LT + RT + X or Y A standing chokehold that targets the opponent’s neck, exerting immense pressure and causing them to tap out.
Flying Omoplata LT + RB + X A spectacular aerial submission that involves using your opponent’s momentum against them, wrenching their shoulder joint and obtaining a dominant position.

Getting good at these chokes can really help in UFC 4. Keep practising your moves. Soon, you’ll make your rivals give up.

Tips for Success in UFC 4 Career Mode

In UFC 4 career mode, you get to build your own fighter. You will go on a journey to be the greatest of all time (GOAT). It’s smart to pick a striker-style fighter, like a kickboxer. This style usually works better, especially when you’re starting. You can use your fighter’s strong punches and kicks to win fights.

One important part of the game is meeting performance goals. These are big tasks you must achieve. They show how well you’re doing and get you noticed in the game’s MMA world. Things like getting a certain number of submissions or knockouts or winning titles in a row help you move up the ranks.

Don’t just focus on fighting. It’s also vital to grow your career earnings, pay-per-view (PPV) buys, and social media fans. These factors can make you very popular. They help in getting good deals with sponsors and earning more money. This is how you can really improve your fighter’s career.

Remember these tips so you can do well in UFC 4 career mode. Be a strong fighter and grab every chance to make your mark in the Octagon. Good luck on your path to becoming the top fighter in UFC 4!


What are the different orthodox chokes in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, you can use various orthodox chokes to get submissions. These include the flying triangle and back rear naked choke. There are also moves like the standing guillotine and flying omoplata.

How do I perform the orthodox chokes in UFC 4?

To use orthodox chokes in UFC 4, you need to press certain buttons. For instance, a flying triangle is done with LT + RB + Y. The back rear naked choke is done with LT + RB + X or Y. The game explains how to do each move so players can get better at submissions.

What tips can you give for success in UFC 4 career mode?

For UFC 4 career mode, making a striker like a kickboxer is a good idea. This type works well, especially starting out. It’s important to focus on goals like getting submissions, knockouts, or winning streaks.

Also, try to make money, get more fans, and build up on social media. These steps are vital for a successful career in the game.

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