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Guide to Escaping Submissions in UFC 4: Techniques and Tips

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to escape submissions in ufc 4

In UFC 4, knowing how to escape submissions is key. It’s important if you’re playing against the AI or friends. You need to defend well to win. This guide shares the skills and know-how needed in UFC 4.

There are many submission moves in UFC 4. You can use joint, choke, strike, chain, flying submissions, and slams. Each one needs a different escape method. Knowing how each type works helps you defend better.

Escaping submissions in UFC 4 takes quick reflexes and knowing when to move. Learn the game to get better at avoiding holds. Use the following tips and strategies for a stronger defense:

Anticipate the submission: Watch your opponent closely. Anticipating their next move helps you escape early.

Use the right controls: Try out different control options. Find what control scheme you are comfortable with. Know the button combos to escape submissions.

Defend early: Start defending as soon as you see the submission coming. Don’t let them fully lock it in.

Stay calm and patient: It’s vital to keep your cool. Stay patient and make your moves carefully. Avoid rushing, which might cause you to slip up.

Study your opponent’s tendencies: Notice what submissions your opponent likes. This can help you predict their next move and escape.

With effort, you can excel at escaping submissions in UFC 4. It’s more than just fast reactions. Understand the game and strategy to improve. Use these tips to boost your skills. Then, you can rule the fighting cage.

Different Types of Submissions in UFC 4

UFC 4 shows off many submission moves to help players win fights. Learning these moves is vital to being strong in the octagon. We’ll explore the submission techniques in UFC 4.

Joint Submissions

  • Armbar
  • Kimura Lock
  • Leg Lock
  • Ankle Lock

Choke Submissions

  • Rear Naked Choke
  • Guillotine Choke
  • Triangle Choke

Submission Strikes

Some fighters can use strikes with submissions. This makes their attacks more powerful.

Submission Chains

In UFC 4, skilled fighters can use many submissions one after the other. This makes their opponents constantly defend.

Flying Submissions

For the bold, UFC 4 lets fighters try flying submissions. They surprise their opponents with jumps and aerial moves.

Submission Slams

There are also submission slams. This lets fighters break free from a hold by slaming their enemy down.

Each submission in UFC 4 is unique and challenging. You need to learn how to escape from each one. In the next part, we’ll look at how to avoid submissions and gain the upper hand in UFC 4.

Techniques and Tips to Escape Submissions in UFC 4

To escape submissions in UFC 4, quick reflexes, strategic timing, and deep game knowledge are key. Here’s how to boost your submission defence and win every bout:

1. Stay calm and focused: Stay steady when faced with a submission. Getting anxious can cloud your decisions and make your opponent’s job easier. Focus on a clear path to get out.

2. Master the mini-game: Learning the submission mini-game is crucial in UFC 4. Know the controls and perfect your timing for a higher chance of breaking out. Time your moves right to escape.

3. Predict your opponent’s moves: Watch your opponent’s habits carefully to know when they’ll try a submission. This knowledge will help you counter their moves effectively. Adapt your defence by studying your opponents.

4. Build up your ground game: Boost your skills on the ground to better avoid submissions. Focus on grappling, transitions, and knowing where you are on the mat. This makes you strong when submissions are your way.

Adopting these strategies will toughen your submission game in UFC 4. Dedication and practice will make you a worthy challenger against any submission attempt.


How important is it to know how to escape submissions in UFC 4?

Escaping submissions is key in UFC 4. It helps a lot, whether you’re playing against the computer or your friends. It can really change the fight’s outcome.

What are the different types of submissions in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, you can do lots of submission moves. There are joint submissions, chokes, submission strikes, chains, flying and slamming moves.

Do different types of submissions require different approaches to escaping?

Absolutely. Every type of submission in UFC 4 needs a special way to get out of it. Understanding each one and how they work is vital to stop them.

What do I need to successfully escape submissions in UFC 4?

You need fast reflexes, the right timing, and knowledge of the game. These things will make you better at stopping submissions.

How can I improve my submission defense in UFC 4?

Here are tips to up your submission defense in UFC 4:

– Work on being quick and well-timed

– Understand how each submission works

– Make good plans to stop different moves

– Watch and learn from pros

– Use training modes a lot to play against the computer

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